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(located at port 4000)

Incarna Ascends

Welcome to The Final Challenge. May your visit here be... Interesting.
The Chat Room [Exits: none]
You are lounging in a quiet cosy parlour, warmed by a gentle magical fire which twinkles happily in a warm fireplace. There are no doors out. Clearly the owner of this room needs none.
A small white fountain gushes forth here.
Cordir gives greetings to all Immortals present.
who 1 5
4 players.
Hum [ Wa: 4 ] Chichi a sexy little warrior
Hum [ Ma: 1 ] Aeon the Girl
Hum [ Sh: 3 ] Spike you will die sniper wait a littile wile haha!
Gno [ Th: 5 ] Vladamir Kostenko, Of the Russian Gnomes
Who Balance:
Hum [ .Attendant. ] Cordir An-Shalach, Ebon Weaver serving Balance.
Hel [ Ma: 4 Ra: 9 ] Tech likes the balance of the stars
Elf [ Wa: 6 Cl:10 ] Morien, 'shinig sun' { Balance }
Hel [ . . Th:29. .] Nyx: Shadow of Balance.
Tokugawa tells Cordir, ' Hi Cordir'
You ftell, 'Greetings, Balance'.
You gossip, 'Greetings, all!'.
Nyx ftells, 'Greetings, m'lady'.
Hornblower gossips (in elven), 'hello cordir'.
Guy tells you (in common), 'hello'.
Bliss gossips (in common), 'Hi, Cordir'.
Asia tells you, 'hi Cordir'
Sniper tells you (in common), 'hi cordir'.
Tech ftells, 'Could I get a cure in Toku's temple'.
You tell Nyx, 'how fare you, My Shadow?'.
Law gossips (in common), 'hi '.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'I fare well. :) And you?'.
Darkflame gossips (in common), 'I bad recalled into a carion crawler with the money I was going to use to multi'.
You tell Nyx, 'I am well... how fare your efforts towards your Final Ascention?'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'They go well. :) (ooc: 25k)'.
You tell Nyx, '*smiles* Good'.
You tell Nyx, 'Spells needed?'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'Toku just invised me. If you have enough for a bless?'.
< 150ma(150) NH HL > c bless nyx
Law gossips (in common), 'don't you need 25k for multiclass??'.
Nyx tells you (in common), '*grin*'.
Guy gossips (in common), 'yup'.
Sniper gossips (in common), 'can someone pick the east gate on mg'.
Darkflame gossips (in common), 'and I was almost there'.
Morien gossips (in elven), 'yes'.
Heckyl tells you (in common), 'HUG!'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'A bless and a protective spell maybe?'.
Darkflame gossips (in common), 'I was going to get the rest from merrick'.
Someone has restored you.
### Cordir has been given the position of Demigod by Tynian
< 200ma(200) NH HL >
Kith gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir!'.
Gman gossips (in common), 'gratz'.
Admire gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir'.
Thor gossips (in common), 'YAY!!!'.
Doc gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir!'.
UuKrul gossips (in common), 'NICE JOB CORDIR!'.
Chronic tells you (in common), 'GRATZ!'.
Cordir tells the Immortals present, 'umm.... wow! That was sudden!'
Law gossips (in common), 'gratz'.
Guy gossips (in common), 'is it tue the more exp u lose the more u need to leve; up for every level?'.
Maimer shouts (in common), 'HAIL!'.
Nyx tells you (in common), '*cheer*'.
Ivan gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir!!!'.
Gman gossips (in common), 'gratz'.
Shoya gossips (in common), 'Hail Cordir!!!'.
Tokugawa gossips, 'Congratulations Cordir!'.
Hornblower gossips (in common), 'GRATZ!'.
Eve gossips (in common), 'Grats'.
Nicademus gossips (in dwarven), 'Gratz Cordr'.
Morien gossips (in common), 'Way to go!!!'.
Sniper tells you (in common), 'gratz cordir'.
Darkflame gossips (in common), 'congrats!!!'.
Hornblower tells you (in common), '*HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGSSSSSSSSSS*'.
Tynian steps through a rift in the universe, and appears before you.
Tynian says, 'Congrats, Cordir!'.
You bow deeply before him.
Guy tells you (in common), 'congratulations'.
Tech gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir'.
Bliss gossips (in common), 'GRATZ CORDIR'.
Jahdi gossips (in common), 'congratz'.
Nicademus gossips (in dwarven), 'spelled Cordir'.
Lynain gossips (in common), 'gratz :)'.
Heckyl gossips (in common), 'CONGRATULATIONS!!!'.
You say, 'Thank you, sir!'.
Gman gossips (in common), 'gratz cordir'.
BeelzeBub has entered the game.
Gunner gossips (in common), 'GRATZ CORDIR!!!!'.
BeelzeBub tells you, 'Gratz!'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'Teach me right for not checking your title... *grin*'.
Asia tells you, 'gratz Cordir'
XPac gossips (in common), '*bow Cordir*'.
BeelzeBub hugs you.
Tynian smiles at you.
Heckyl tells you (in common), 'Congratulations, pretty one'.
Conductor gossips (in common), 'gratz'.
Gunner gossips (in common), 'CONFETTI'.
Vladamir gossips (in common), 'whoa.. cordir gained a level?'.
whois cordir 1 player.
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Cordir An-Shalach, Ebon Weaver serving Balance.
Asia beams a smile at Tynian.
Tynian giggles.
Tynian throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Aeon tells you (in common), 'congradulations Lady Cordir *bow*'.
You tell Nyx, 'JUST happened'.
You giggle.
Blitz gossips (in common), 'gang man im a idiot'.
Heckyl tells you (in common), 'Were you expecting it?'.
Maimer tells you (in common), 'neutral?'.
Asia says, 'hi Beelze'.
< 200ma(200) NH HL > hug tynian
You hug him.
BeelzeBub says, 'Yay Cordir'.
You tell Heckyl, 'No!!! I wasn't!'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'Can we get me moved over?'.
BeelzeBub says, 'Heya Asia'.
Asia tickles BeelzeBub.
Tynian grins happily at you.
Heckyl tells you (in common), 'GRATS!'.
BeelzeBub nods in recognition to Asia.
You say, 'one moment'.
Tynian hugs you.
Tokugawa appears before you.
Asia eats the corpse of Thor.
BeelzeBub nods at himself; he must be getting senile.
Asia cheers you on, confident that you will win.
Tynian smirks.
Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir is getting overwhelmed.
Thor gossips (in common), 'I need it first'.
Tynian snickers softly.
Asia says, 'go invis :)'. Asia pokes you in the ribs.
Guy tells you (in common), 'what ur following gonna be called?'.
Tynian says, 'Invis is your friend'.
Asia nods.
Tokugawa chuckles at Tynian's joke.
Tynian says, 'Who's joking?'.
Edge tells you (in common), 'are you a good godess or an evil or neutral?...'.
Tokugawa snickers softly.
Asia says, 'hehe'.
Tynian smirks.
You gossip, 'Folks, if you're giving me a tell, please bear with me.... I just got very, very spammed.'.
Cordir weeps happy tears.
You bow before Tynian.
Thor gossips (in common), 'hehe'.
Admire gossips (in common), 'snicker'.
BeelzeBub grins evilly at you.
Edge gossips (in common), ':P'.
XPac gossips (in common), 'heh'.
You say, 'Sir, thank you, so very, very much'.
Tokugawa hugs you.
Chronic tells you (in common), 'Lots of folks wanting to join up, eh? *grin*'.
Gunner gossips (in common), 'hey you haven't returned my tell yet *pout*'.
Tokugawa admires the bouncing....
blush / Your cheeks are burning. You giggle.
Asia chuckles, evidently amused.
Chronic tells you (in common), 'Better change yer title *grin*'.
Heckyl gossips (in common), 'Well, my work here is done'.
title really, really wasn't expecting that
It is 8 o'clock am on the Day of Deception, the 23rd day of the Month of the Shadows.
TFC started up at Mon Jun 21 10:10:33 1999. The system time is Mon Jun 21 13:38:12 1999
whois cordir: 1 player.
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Cordir really, really wasn't expecting that
Tynian nudges Tokugawa impatiently.
Tokugawa says, 'hm?'.
Asia says, 'thats your second Attentant gone now eh Tok?'.
Sniper tells you (in common), 'what do gods have to do to gain a level???'.
Tokugawa says, 'yep'.
You grin neutrally.
Tynian says, 'So, what alignment do you wish to be, Cordir?'.
Tokugawa sniffs sadly.
Tokugawa says, 'Evil!'.
Asia says, 'Tok just poping them out'.
You say, 'Neutral, Please, my Lord Tynian'.
Tynian says, 'Having to go in and out of AFW'.
Tynian snickers softly.
Tynian says, 'Very well... no changes needed'.
Tynian smiles happily.
You smile happily.
Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
You say, 'I can have my temple to you today.'.
Debonair tells you (in common), 'gratz :)'.
You smile happily.
Tokugawa snickers softly.
Asia chuckles, evidently amused.
Tokugawa says, 'its been ready for how long?'.
Cordir can't stop bouncing.
Asia says, '2 years'.
You say, 'Oh, I made changes just last week'.
Asia pokes you in the ribs.
BeelzeBub chuckles at Asia's joke.
Challenger tells you (in common), 'may i be on your following please??'.
You say, 'I keep updating it.'. You giggle.
Tynian says, 'To Nayr'. Tynian smiles happily.
You nod. You say, 'I have his email.'.
You say, 'I'll send it straight away.'.
Liath tells you (in common), 'gratz'.
Liath tells you (in common), 'neutral alignment?'.
You say, 'TFC web page entry, as well?'.
You say, 'I have that ready, too'.
Tynian says, 'Web pages are currently not maintained'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'Nice title.'.
Asia chuckles, evidently amused.
Tynian says, 'Everyone doesn't need to say 'duh' at once'.
Tynian snickers softly.
Tynian says, 'As for the temple, do you have a spot picked out?'.
You gossip, 'To answer folks questions: Neutral, No - I'm not accepting anyone at this moment, and No, I'm not Nashite, I was Excommunicated.'.
Tokugawa says, 'go invis'. Tokugawa snickers softly.
Asia says, 'hehe I'm always invis'.
You say, 'Not a chance'.
You nod to Tynian.
You say, 'Yes, please, sir...'.
You say, 'let me fetch the room #....'.
Asia says, 'mortals have too many silly questions'.
Asia says, 'like can you get my corpse'.
You say, Room number '6744, please'.
Kith gossips (in common), 'Hey BeelzeBub!'.
Thor gossips (in common), 'HEY'.
Blitz gossips (in common), 'cure hp in gh please'.
Hornblower gossips (in common), 'Hello Beelzebub'.
Thor gossips (in common), 'BEEZ'.
BeelzeBub is consumed by fire as he vanishes from the room.
Admire gossips (in common), 'hi beelze'.
Law gossips (in common), 'hi'.
Ivan gossips (in common), 'heya Beelzebub'.
Bliss gossips (in common), 'Hi, BeelzeBub'.
Liath gossips (in common), 'BEELZEBUB< my favorite dark overlord !'.
Asia says, 'or can you kill somebody for me'.
You say, 'Is that acceptable?'.
You nod.
Gunner gossips (in common), 'BEEL!! =)'.
BeelzeBub SLAMS into you!
Tynian says, 'I believe Nayr prefers a typo or note post with the vnum'.
You say, 'Okay, will do!'.
BeelzeBub gossips, 'Hi!'.
Cordir grins really, really big.
Asia cheers you on, confident that you will win.
Tynian grins happily.
Asia says, 'she's over excited, still hasn't went invis'.
BeelzeBub says, 'heh, they're all telling me about how you just got to demi'.
You shake your head. You say, 'I want people to SEE!!!!'.
Asia comforts you.
Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
Tynian says, 'Your temple door might actually make it in this check-in'. Tynian smirks.
BeelzeBub says, 'Guy tells you (in common), 'hi type who cordir'.'.
Asia chuckles, evidently amused.
BeelzeBub says, 'Guy tells you (in common), 'cool huh?'.'.
Tynian says, 'Hmm, a wrecked temple. Who's was it?'. Tynian sits down and thinks deeply.
BeelzeBub says, 'Primal's?'.
Asia says, 'Gryphon's?'.
You say, 'I think it was Primals'.
BeelzeBub nods in recognition to you.
You say, 'Gryphon wasn't wrecked.'.
Asia gets a map of Midgaard from bag made from Armalag hide.
You say, 'He left honorably.'.
Asia says, 'ahh.. ya, Primals'. Asia nods.
You say, 'Its the enterance heading SOUTH into the room that was important to me.'.
Asia raises an eyebrow.
who 70
5 players.
Hel [ .Ambassador ] BeelzeBub, the Dark Overlord
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Cordir really, really wasn't expecting that
Min [ Demigoddess ] Asia
Hum [ . .Demigod. ] Tokugawa, Lord of Balance.
Dwa [ Implementor ] Tynian: Lord of the Realms
Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
You say, 'Did I mention I'm really, really happy?'.
Tynian says, 'You might have'.
You giggle.
Tokugawa says, 'I could not tell....'.
Cordir beams with joy and delight.
Tokugawa tickles you - hee hee hee.
You hug Tynian. You say, 'Thank you, so much, sir!'.
Tynian says, 'Hmm, guess I'll wait for Nayr to approve that location before I make the code change'.
You hug Tokugawa. You say, 'And thank you for being my sponsor'.
Tynian says, 'You more than earned it, Cordir'.
Tokugawa nods. Tokugawa nods. Tokugawa smiles at you.
You say, 'As I said, I can have an ARE file to Nayr within a few minutes'.
Tokugawa says, 'I agree'.
Cordir beams happily.
It is 12 o'clock am on the Day of Thunder, the 24th day of the Month of the Shadows.
TFC started up at Mon Jun 21 10:10:33 1999 The system time is Mon Jun 21 13:46:25 199
Tokugawa says, 'afk a moment'.
Tynian says, 'Yeah, but I'm the bottleneck. Who knows when I might next log in?'.
Tynian winks suggestively at you.
You grin neutrally.
Asia giggles.
Tynian says, '(I'm around *slightly* more than it appears) :)'.
Asia chuckles, evidently amused.
Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
You gossip, '*BOW* Thank you all, so much, who gave me good wishes... your support and kindness has meant much to me through the long road to this moment.'.
Asia says, 'ya I smell beer alot '.
Tokugawa draws a cold, frosty beer for Asia.
Tynian snickers softly.
You giggle.
Maimer gossips (in common), 'you neutral cordir?'.
You gossip, 'Yes, Maimer.'.
Nyx cants, 'We are proud of you, m'lady.'.
Granger gossips (in common), 'Grats Cordir'.
Tynian says, 'So, is your area in yet?'.
You say, 'Which one? Me? Or Tokugawa?'.
Tokugawa says, 'I hate it when work gets in the way of mudding'. Tokugawa sighs loudly.
Asia says, 'who?'.
Tynian says, 'You, Cordir'.
Doc tells you (in common), 'make sure to update the timeline ;)'.
You say, 'I already have two areas implemented, and am working on a third with Tokugawa'.
Challenger shouts (in common), 'ALL HAIL CORRDIR'.
Challenger shouts (in common), 'OOPS I MEAN CORDIR'.
Tynian nods in recognition to Tokugawa.
Tokugawa grins neutrally at you.
You tell Doc, 'YUP!'.
Asia says, 'sending the first draft of my to Nayr tommorrow'.
Tynian says, 'Figures'.
Asia says, 'the outline of it :)'.
Asia claps at her own performance.
BeelzeBub says, 'Nayr still has to review mine :('. BeelzeBub sniffs sadly.
You cheer Asia on, confident in her abilities.
Tokugawa says, 'I want to get to Lesser before Cordir does'.
Tynian nods.
You giggle.
Tokugawa smirks at his own 'wisdom'.
Guy tells you (in common), 'have a name planned?'.
You tell Guy, 'Yes. You'll see.'.
Asia says, 'then one day I'll actually have one'.
You tell Nyx, 'Do you want to wait until the temple is in? That should actually be pretty fast.'.
Guy tells you (in common), 'do u have to meet Tynian or something?'.
You tell Guy, 'I have to have the temple put in first.'.
Tokugawa says, 'afk again'. Tokugawa grumbles.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'It is up to you and Toku... who just dashed off for a sec.'.
You tell Nyx, '*nods* '.
Nyx tells you (in common), '*bounce* :)'.
You tell Nyx, '*bounce* I can't stop grinning'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'Congrats, in case you didn't get that already :)'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'I can't either.'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'I wish I had been logging from the start...'.
Guy tells you (in common), 'make a cool one'.
You tell Guy, 'I plan to.'.
Guy tells you (in common), 'alright'.
You giggle. You say, 'I totally forgot my lunch sitting in the microwave...'.
You grin neutrally.
BeelzeBub chuckles, evidently amused.
Tynian says, 'Go get lunch'. Tynian smirks. Tynian says, 'Hmm'.
You tell Nyx, 'me, too... but I think I got most of it'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), '*nod*'.
You grin neutrally. You say, 'got it'. You say, 'Chicken parmisagna'.
Tynian says, 'Hmm, guess that wraps up all the promotions'. Tynian checks, no new areas.
You say, 'How close is Okk?'.
You say, 'I know he had about 30 more hours out of his 300 when I asked him last'.
Tynian says, 'I don't count Attendants'. Tynian smiles happily.
BeelzeBub chuckles, evidently amused.
Tynian says, 'They are different'. Tynian says, 'Ambassador -> Attendant'.
You nod.

Tynian says, 'The "normal" promotions generally happen first'.
You say, 'I think it won't really feel 'real' until I see my name on WIZLIST as a demi... '.
Tynian nods. Tynian says, 'Next boot'.
You say, 'Right now, I just keep bouncing in my chair and grinning a whole bunch'.
Tynian says, 'I'm sure the people at work are starting to wonder'.
You grin neutrally.
Asia snickers softly.
You say, 'I have a closed door office!'.
Asia whistles appreciatively.
Tynian says, 'Ahh'. Tynian says, 'must be nice to have an office door to close'. Tynian sniffs sadly.
Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
You say, 'One of the perks of my job : TFC access during the day and a office door to close.'.
Asia says, 'mine has a door too' . Asia shows her approval by clapping her hands together.
You grin neutrally.
You comfort Tynian.
You gossip, 'Pardon me for being silly for just a moment, but ..... YAY!!!!!! *Bounce* THANK YOU, TYNIAN!!!!!!!!'.
Tynian says, 'Indeed'.
Tokugawa snickers softly.
You grin neutrally.
Tynian says, 'Oops, blew my invis'.
Guy gossips (in common), 'Tynian's on?'.
Tynian says, 'Back to Ambassador'.
Plane gossips (in common), '*BOUNCE* gratz cordir'.
Tynian grins evilly.
Asia grins evilly.
Guy gossips (in common), 'and gratz'.
Asia draws a cold, frosty beer for Tynian.
Cordir gulps.
Thor gossips (in common), 'It feels good to be silly sometimes doesn't it'.
You say, 'Umm.... please no?'.
Tynian chuckles, evidently amused.
You tell Elladan, '*beaming smile* Thank you'.
Tynian says, 'Nice to know what you think of me, Cordir'. Tynian shivers uncomfortably.
Asia gossips, 'Greetings Mortals, may Lord Nash torture you all this day'.
Bloodman gossips (in common), 'bow'.
Plane gossips (in common), 'hi Asia'.
Edge gossips (in common), 'whoa, another immort?'.
Shoya gossips (in common), 'HUG Asia!'.
Edge gossips (in common), '*faint*'.
Nyx cants, 'Hello, Asia.'.
Law gossips (in common), 'hi asia'.
Thor gossips (in common), 'YAY!!!'.
Eve gossips (in common), '*curtsey*'.
Darkflame gossips (in common), 'hello'.
Vladamir gossips (in gnomish), 'hello'.
Bliss gossips (in common), 'Hi Asia'.
Elladan tells you (in common), 'when did you get it?'.
You tell Elladan, 'Just now'.
Elladan tells you (in common), '*sniff* I missed it'.
title An-Shalach, Weaver Incarna, Mistress of Fate
whois cordir
1 player.
Hum [ Demigoddess ] Cordir An-Shalach, Weaver Incarna, Mistress of Fate
You tell Nyx, 'check my title?'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), 'Oooo. Nice.'.
You tell Elladan, '*grin* It will be on the time line soon enough'.

Elladan tells you (in common), 'heh, I bet it will be! So when will I be able to see my wedding log? ;) By the way, I wonder if you could make a small change in it.'.
You tell Elladan, 'of course'.
You tell Elladan, 'what change do you want made?'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), 'If all is not too hectic, what's the plan?'.
You tell Nyx, 'I'll be on all tonight...'.
You tell Nyx, 'sending in my temple immediately'.
You tell Nyx, 'Theres a strong chance it will go in veryvery soon'.
You tell Elladan, 'and the wedding log is up'.
Tokugawa says, 'ah, new title'. Tokugawa claps at your performance.
Elladan tells you (in common), 'Well, Rhina asks me to wear he wedding ring on the ring finger of my left hand, and I put it on my right hand :P'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), '*nod* Should I leave Balance now, while Toku is on?'.
You tell Nyx, 'Do you have the quest done?'.
Tokugawa tells you, 'will you take Nyx right now or do you have someone else as your first follower in mind?'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), 'The quest? Level 30?'.
You tell Tokugawa, 'Nyx is to be first'.
You tell Nyx, 'No, the entry quest - tokens, newbie service time, geasa chosen, etc'.
Tokugawa tells you, 'gotcha, one sec'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), '*grin* Oh, that quest. *snicker* It will be shortly. Now that you are ready. :)'.
You tell Nyx, 'Tonight or now?'.
You tell Nyx, 'I'll be on for 30 minutes more.'.
You tell Nyx, 'Or when the Temple is in?'.
You tell Nyx, 'I'm not accepting anyone until you're in.'.
You tell Nyx, 'So I'm not rushing anything.'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), 'I think I will leave Balance now, and prepare myself. Is that okay?'.
You tell Nyx, '*nods* Okay.... do you want to wait until the temple is in so you get summoned there?'.
You tell Nyx, 'Or do you want to skip that part?'.
You tell Nyx, 'my intent was that you were the first mortal to enter my temple'.
Tokugawa says, 'brb'.
Tynian says, 'BTW, next checkin should fix the PK range stuff, for any interested Neutrals'.
Asia sighs loudly. Asia says, 'no more neutral killing for my mortals :('.
BeelzeBub chuckles at Asia's joke.
You say, 'Yay!'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), 'Do you wish for that to be tonight?'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), 'Or now?'.
You tell Nyx, 'That is your choice - the temple isn't in, so that is the only thing that would make it different than I'd hoped.'.
Asia cries on BeelzeBub's shoulder.
You poke her in the ribs.
BeelzeBub nods in recognition to Asia.
Tynian says, 'Just wait for 'em to get in range.'.
Asia says, 'ya'.
Tynian says, 'Giving something for everyone sure is hard work'.
Tynian wipes his brow.
You tell Tokugawa, '*bow* Permission to enter your temple, sir?'.
Nyx tells you (in old-common), 'I will wait until it is in before I join, then. :)'.
You say, 'pardon me a moment...'.
Tynian says, 'Actually, everyone should be happy, since change is usually bad'.
Tynian winks suggestively.
Cordir steps into the corner where she'll be unnoticed for a moment.
Tynian says, 'I think that finished today's official business'. Tynian smiles happily. Tynian waves happily.
You tell Nyx, 'All right... that is YOUR choice'.
You wave.
Asia says, 'change is painful :)'.
Tokugawa tells you, 'of course'.
Asia waves goodbye to Tynian.
Hornblower gossips (in common), 'Gratz Nic'.
Tynian nods in recognition to Asia.
You gossip, 'Congratulations, Nicademus!'.
Eve gossips (in common), 'GRATS!!!'.
Guy gossips (in common), 'gratz'.
Plane gossips (in common), 'Gratz'.
XPac gossips (in common), 'Congratz Nicademus!'.
Dunatis gossips (in common), 'gratz'.

Cordir uses her Immortal abiliites and goes to ...
Tokugawa's Library [Exits: east]
>From marbled floors to vaulted ceilings high above, books line the walls. You are strongly tempted to run your fingertips along the bindings, but you hesitate out of respect, and instead examine the chamber about you more closely.
In the center of the library, upon a raised dais of purest marble streaked with violet, stands the Scales that the lord of this place has chosen as one of his symbols. Behind the dais, three large, finely upholstered chairs have been arranged in a semi-circle; one of red, one of purple, and one of blue.
The air of the chamber is still and quiet, giving you the sense that this is a place for learning, study, and contemplation of life's choices, and that path you have chosen.
(Purple Aura) The Scales of Neutrality rest on a dais.
(Purple Aura) Tokugawa is here.
(Invis) (Purple Aura) Nyx is here.
Nyx says (in old-common), 'You will have to steal it I think...'.
You bow before Tokugawa.
Nyx bows before you.
Tokugawa smiles at you.
Cordir drops into a deep, formal courtesy before Tokugawa.
You say, 'Sir, I thank you for your tutelage and your support.'.
Tokugawa says, 'it was my pleasure and honor Cordir'.
Cordir smiles happily and wipes away a tear.
You say, 'Ohh... I have to write a new description, too!'.
Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.
Tokugawa chuckles, evidently amused.
Nyx looks at you. Nyx looks at you. Nyx sits down and thinks deeply.
Tokugawa says, 'Cordir, Nyx is ready to be released from Balance....'.
You nod.
You say, 'He has chosen to wait until My temple is within the Realm.'.
You say, 'So that I can bring him to me with all ceremony he is due.'.
Tokugawa says, 'ah'.
Nyx says (in old-common), 'But in the time between, I shall complete my quest for entry...'.
Nyx says (in old-common), 'If that is acceptable?'.
You nod. You say, 'Certainly, if it was me you were asking'.
Tokugawa says, 'so you wished to be released when Cordir's Temple is in?'.
Tokugawa is just making sure he understood all that.
Callisto tells you (in common), 'I didnot know you were a god.....'.
You tell Callisto, 'It just happened 30 minutes ago'.
Elladan tells you (in common), 'may I ask what ehtos your following will be?'.
Elladan tells you (in common), 'ethos, that is'.
You tell Elladan, '*grin* Neutral...'.
Elladan tells you (in common), '*nod*'.
You tell Callisto, 'Thank you.'.
Nyx says (in old-common), 'If it is more convenient for you, I thought you could release me now, I could complete my quests for Cordir, and then, when the Temple is created, I will joi'.
Nyx says (in old-common), 'join.'. Nyx smiles happily.
Tokugawa says, 'ah'. Tokugawa says, 'gotcha'.
Nyx says (in old-common), 'But I am certainly in no position to make demands.'. Nyx grins neutrally.
Tokugawa pokes Nyx in the ribs.
Nyx casually sidesteps Tokugawa's finger... Tokugawa smirks.
Tokugawa says, 'hm, how to do this...'.
You smile happily.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'Congratulations, Weaver'.
You say, 'This is no longer my proper place... please excuse me.'.
Cordir steps back to the Immortal's Chat Room.
You tell Felinzi, '*bow* Thank you very kindly, Felinzi'.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'I must say though, I am a bit surprised by the timing. I hadn't expected you to become so powerful so soon'.
You tell Felinzi, '*smiles* Nor did I! To speak truly, I was _very_ shocked when it happened'.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'hehe, sounds just like something Tynian would do :)'.
You tell Felinzi, 'There was not the slighest shred of warning whatsoever'.
Dinin tells you (in common), 'woohoo grats'.
You tell Dinin, '*bounce* Thank you very much'.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'ahem, if you don't mind my asking... what alignment have you chosen?'.
You tell Felinzi, 'Neutral.'.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'ah so'.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'perchance would you be willing to talk with me about your philosophy?'.
You tell Felinzi, '*smiles* At this moment, I am a bit overwhelmed by the moment... please give me a few days to adjust?'.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'Of course :)'.
You tell Felinzi, 'Also, my Temple will be in created soon and will answer many questions.'.
Felinzi tells you (in common), 'I will look forward to seeing it'.
Challenger tells you (in common), 'will you take people to be in your following'.
You tell Challenger, 'Not at this time.'.
Challenger tells you (in common), 'dang ok'.
Cordir slips unnoticed into the room where Sadow is resting.
You poke him in the ribs.
Sadow tells you (in common), 'moo'.
Sadow hugs you.
You say, 'Notice anything?'. You nudge him.
Sadow says (in common), 'nope'.
You glare icily at him.
Sadow hugs himself in a vain attempt to get friendship.
You patiently twiddle your thumbs.
You nudge him.
Sadow gossips (in common), 'Oh my! I didn't notice the new promotion!'.
You giggle.
Sadow gossips (in common), 'Congratz Beelzebub on becoming an ambassador!!'.
You glare icily at him.
Cordir leaves the room, and returns to the Immortal Chat Room.
Druis gossips (in common), 'and Cordir?'.
Sadow gossips (in common), 'Cor-what?'.
Druis gossips (in common), 'show respect'.
Sadow gossips (in common), 'Shouldn't you be shutting up, supposed newbie?'.
XPac gossips (in common), 'There's Cordir's first recruit'.
Sadow tells you (in common), 'anyway.. congratz to you on all your accomplishments and whatnot :)'.
You tell Sadow, '*grin* Thanks'.
You tell Sadow, 'Sure you don't wanna start a follower?'.
You tell Sadow, 'Think of the challenge of it !'.
Sadow tells you (in common), 'Hmmm... as much as I like xp'ing..'.
Sadow tells you (in common), 'I'm not quite sure how much xp I could get sitting in the amphitheater, voiding out every 10 minutes'.
You tell Sadow, '*ponder* well, you COULD venture out and actually make use of that knowledge of the mud you have'.
Sadow tells you (in common), 'I've forgotten everything I know about the mud'.
You tell Sadow, 'HAH! Hardly. I shan't believe a word of it.'.

Cordir tells the Immortals present, 'I'm gonna go review my temple real quick, so I can send it in.'
Tokugawa says, ' Congratulations again Cordir, :) '
Cordir says, 'Again, thank you, Tokugawa, and Tynian!'
You tell Nyx, 'I'm heading out... lunch is over. I'll be on tonight around 6 ish'.
Nyx tells you (in common), 'As will I, then :)'.
Cordir goes to where Nyx travels through the woods.
Nyx bows before you.
Cordir steps out of character.
You hug him.
Nyx laughs.
Nyx hugs you.
You giggle.
Nyx grins wickedly.
You hug him.
Nyx ruffles your hair playfully.
You say, 'YAY!!!!!'.
You say, 'YAY!!!!!'.
Nyx says (in common), 'You will do good.'. Nyx grins wickedly.
You grin neutrally.
You wave.
(end scene)

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