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Tokugawa Accepts Cordir as Attendant

You are Cordir An-Shalach, Oathed to a Kindred. Ebon.,
849 years old (1674 hours), created Sun Oct 26 97.
You live in Kuroth and your race is Human.
You are an Ambassador!.
Cordir says, 'Milord Tynian, May I ask how long you'll be in the realm?'
Cordir says, 'I think there's a strong chance Tokugawa may be showing up this morning.'
Someone grins neutrally.
Nalya says, ' speak of the devil.'
Tokugawa says, ' Hi.'
Nalya says, ' Hi Tok.'
Cordir says, ' good morning Tokugawa!'
who 70
4 players.
Hum [ Demigod ] Tokugawa, Lord of Balance.
Hel [ Retired ] Nalya the Queen of Voodoo
Hum [ Ambassador ] Cordir An-Shalach, Oathed to a Kindred. Ebon.
Dwa [ Implementor ] Tynian: Lord of the Realms
Cordir tells Tokugawa, '= ) '.
Tokugawa tells Cordir, 'heh, just got your message'.
Cordir tells Tokugawa, '*grin* So you got on before you heard the message?'.
Tynian gossips, 'Ack! I had to go AFW for a few. : ) '
Tokugawa tells Cordir, 'nope, just heard it and came on'.
Tynian gossips, 'If anyone said anything to me, I missed it'.
Cordir says, ' Well, I found a Tokugawa, sir....
Nalya says, ' (=
Tynian says, ' Hi, Tokugawa, Nalya.'
Tokugawa says, ' Hi Tynian.'
Nalya says, ' Howdy Tyn. '
Tynian has restored you.
### Cordir has been given the position of Attendant by Tynian
< 150ma(150) NH HL >
Tokugawa says, ' Congratulations Cordir!'
Nalya says, ' *cheer* Cordir!'
Cordir blinks. Cordir says, ' That was fast!'
Plane gossips (in common), 'GratZ'.
Ptarchyzk gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir!'.
Cordir says, ' Thank you, Lord Tynian
Duvel tells Cordir (in common), 'Gratz : )'.
Alaric gossips (in common), 'Hail Cordir!'.
Tynian says, 'Congrats!'.
Arden gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir'.
Maf gossips (in common), 'congrats Cordir!'.
Plane gossips (in common), 'Gratz Cordir!'.
Psycho gossips (in common), 'gratz'.
Ibuku gossips (in common), 'YAY! CORDIR!'.
Cordir says, ' And thank You, Tokugawa, for accepting me.'
Tynian grins happily at Cordir.
Terny gossips (in common), 'Grats!'.
Tokugawa says, ' : )'
Cordir smiles happily. Cordir says, 'Thank you, sir!'
Tynian waves happily.
Tynian steps through a rift in the universe, and disappears.
Karyna tells Cordir (in common), '*hug* good morrow : )''.
Ibuku gossips (in common), 'YAY!YAY!YAY!'.
Kaboo gossips (in common), 'yeh buddy!'.
Palmer tells Cordir (in common), 'WOOHOO!!!'.
< 150ma(150) NH HL > ft Greetings, Balance
Cordir ftells,'Greetings, Balance'.
Tokugawa claps at Cordir's performance.
Elladan tells Cordir (in common), 'congratulations'.
Cordir ftells,'Wow... Ftell... this is going to take getting used to...'.
Tokugawa ftells, 'Hi Celsius'.
Tokugawa ftells, 'heh'.
Cordir tells Elladan, 'Thank you'.
Cordir gossips, 'Thanks, everyone'.
pray Is this working?
Pray to whom? You haven't picked an immortal to worship!
Duende tells Cordir (in common), 'gratz'.
Palmer cants, 'poor Toku says, ']'.
Cordir ftells,'Well, I guess Pray doesn't work... = ) '.
Tynian cants, '*snicker* '.
Tokugawa cants, ' : ) '
Cordir cants, '*POKE PALMER*'.
Cordir pokes Palmer in the ribs.
Cordir pokes Palmer in the ribs.
Tokugawa snickers softly.
Palmer cants, 'Toku, if she gives you any trouble, just let me know'.
Tokugawa cants, 'uh, Thanks, but I can handle it, ;)'.
Cordir ftells,'better title, Milord?'.
< 150ma(150) NH HL > who follows tokugawa
2 players.
Hum [ Sh says, '11 ] Celsius says, ' chillin...(-*BALANCE*-)
Hum [ Attendant ] Cordir An-Shalach, serving Balance.
< 150ma(150) NH HL >
Cordir says, ' ooh, wow, look at all that awesome mana!
Celsius ftells, 'sup lord'.
Tokugawa ftells, 'Hi Celsius, say Hi to our new Attendant, Cordir, ;)'.
Tynian says, ' Oh, geez, I forgot o adjust attendant mana to 75
Cordir ftells,'hello, Celsius'.
Celsius ftells, 'hello cordir'.
Cordir says, ' *wince*
You are Cordir An-Shalach, serving Balance.,
849 years old (1674 hours), created Sun Oct 26 97
You live in Kuroth and your race is Human.
You are an Attendant!.
Cordir says, ' I must scoot - duty in RL calls... that whole 9 to 5 thing getting in the way of my mudding... = )
Your effective level is 70
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(End Scene)

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