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A Challenge to the Chosen

[ 13] Cordir: A Challenge to the Chosen
Sat Dec 11 09:48:38 1999
To followers of: Cordir
Up to this point, I have not spoken much of that which binds us together, and is the cornerstone of my own Faith - The Triat. It is the Triat which binds souls to flesh, challenges our souls and abilities, and stirs us to move, to stretch, to grow. Thus, I lay this challenge before you in their names.
As with anything true to Their Ways and Mysteries, this Challenge has three parts, each dealing with one Aspect. Any who wish to take up this challenge has three days to complete each section, before the next of the three will be offered.
The first is the Challenge of Spirit.
The First Task:
Perform a personally life-threatening act of service for a friend, an enemy *, and a stranger. Be ready to explain how that act of service furthers the cause of Fate, and the Triat.
The Second Task:
Help three individuals of levels 1 to 10 take their first steps on their way to grasping and striving towards their own Fate. Have them post a note to me, explaining what you did, and what they learned.
The Third Task:
Think upon your own life. Has there been one key decision you made that negatively changed your Path? Where would you be now if you had made a different choice? In a better place emotionally and spiritually? How can you, by making careful and informed decisions now, reach that better place? If there has NOT been any negative choices you've made, think about where you are spiritually at this time. What are your core beliefs? What inspires you? Do you live your life as one with what you hold sacred as you could..?
.... write to me of these things. If you have not submitted a full character history as yet, please include it. (
These are the Challenges of Spirit. Those that complete them, will be then granted the Challenges of the Body in three day's time.
Cordir, Weaver Incarna, Ebon Master, Lady of Fate
* For purposes of this Challenge, an enemy is someone who has harmed you or a loved one in the past. It may or may not include Anathema.

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