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Demian: aringar and tynian
Tue Aug 3 15:41:28 1999
To: all
Aringar does have a point, many chars have suffered. On the other hand Tynian has
a point, the mud must keep adapting to maintain a balance.
While I feel sympathy for Aringar, I believe a character purge would be most devestating.
As it is, old characters can still compete, and the players own a knowledge about
themselves which many 3x chars dont have.
I believe it better to have a well known, but outdated character, than a lvl 1 newbie.
So I urge that we avoid a character purge.
Tynian: Re: character purge
Tue Aug 3 17:41:14 1999
To: demian all
My note on this subject was not meant to imply that I was considering
a player file purge. I would need a lot of convincing that the long-
term good of the game would be served by such an action.
Toxic: Character purge
Tue Aug 3 17:51:44 1999
To: all
Tynian is wise.
The mud would not recover from a character purge.

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