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A Bum Departs

[ 19] Kerouac: Farewell...
Wed Sep 29 21:31:15 1999
To: all
A long note, scribbled in the hand of Kerouac...
It has, my friends, foes, and those who's paths never crossed
with mine, to say farewell. As a warrior of many years, I
stand and look back on the rather unimportant personage I
have held. This Realm, I fear, benefits little from my presence,
and in truth, is probably more burdened than otherwise.
And I, Kerouac, wanderer, bum and adventurer, see that it
is time, once again, to be on the road. Another path calls
me onward... but fear not, for I will visit when my travels
should allow to grace you with my dull repartee.
And so, on to my personal thanks, and farewells. If I forget
you, well, it wasn't on purpose. But to those who stand brightly
in this dull warrior's mind...
First, to Zarous, Lord of Adventure. Farewell, chief. It's
been a fun ride... and whatever happens, may the Spirit of
Adventure never die out in the hearts of those more faithful
than I.
To fellow adventurers, past and present, especially the "moms"
Shrike, Xandi, Faille, Xixxo...
To all those who I've wandered with, adventured with,
to Elladan, a friend through and through (when's lunch?)
to my non-adventure moms, Lynain, Marisa, Corri *hug*
to the spirit of my lost love, Kaylia...
to Abe, Gunner, Kannon, Kordos, and those I can't remember...
To those who actually live in my area, Virgil, Edge, and both
of your other incarnations...
to Shoya, Bren (evil plants!), Nicademus
(i KNOW for a fact i'm forgetting some important people here,
so i really really apologize)
Oh yeah, that reminds me. And Palmer, too EEEEEEEEEEEEK!
(no, i haven't forgotten you either, Steel, in case you're
wondering. you too. thanks)
This note is already too long. But to those very few of you
who despite everything that I wasn't, was a friend, the few
in this Realm Kerouac will miss... *hug*
Kerouac, Wandering Bum, Adventurer and Warrior
I promised I wouldn't go back and add anyone. But I these
names merit it. Bliss, another mommy *hug*
Gaul (i'll always be staring at your equipment)

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