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(located at port 4000)

The Dark Overlord Seeks to Ascend...

NOTE SUBJECT: Immortality Petition:

"Since my first days on the Final Challenge, I have aspired to join the ranks of the Immortals. Aware that I was not prepared for this task, I chose the path of the triple classed character: establishing myself as a devoted member of TFC. Guided benevolently by Pyros in my early years and the Arch-Lich in my latter, I have grown in understanding of the mud and its rules. I wish to help others attain the success and enjoyment that I have had on TFC. Now, nearly one and a half years after my creation, I have attained the level requirement and seventy-two mobmastery targets giving me a chance at everlasting life.
I, BeelzeBub the Dark Overlord of the Black Conclave, humbly petition to be allowed among the TFC elite, to guide others in their endeavors, and to help watch over the realm.
I shall await your response. "

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