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Auction Results, courtesy of Thilach

[ 8] Thilach: Tynian's auction
Sat Dec 4 01:04:26 1999
To: all
In case you werent here for the auction here is what went down!!

ac15 3dam leather gloves 1mil shoya
Ring mail sleeves, ac 7 +3 dam 270k gunner
drink jug
Ring, +2 luck +1 wis 5k grismal
leather boots, ac 4, +2 dam +2 con 230k mordon
about, ac 3, +1 wis +1 con +2 dex 14k grismal
Ring, +3 dam 260k Marisa
Banded mail helm, ac 6, +1 all char attributes 20k Roxanne
shoes, ac 2, +2 str 3k Tetsuo
Chain mail boots, ac 8, +2 dam 20k Gunner
Bracer of defense, ac 2, -15 ac, +5 da'50k tylorn
Ring, +3 dam 200k Jelme (a lvl 7 warrior bidding for Majere)
Amulet, +15 hp, +3 con 20k Roxanne
Amulet, +3 con 10k Roxanne
headdress, ac 2 +4 dam 250k vecna
Bracer of defense, ac 2, -15 ac, +5 da 75k Jelme (a lvl 7 warrior bidding for Majere)
mail leggings, ac 7, +5 luck 20k Mersault
Leather sleeves, ac 4, -4 svs +3 dam 400k Kaern
A "bag. A big bag" 75k vecna
+10 mana bracelet, ac 9 metallic 1k mersault
Iron bracer, ac 10 +2 dam 66k jet
10K xp 50k trakker
Mourning star, avg 7, +10 dam 25 ticks 12k Fei
Amulet, level 1 waterbreath 100k Trakker
Amulet, 19 AT 25k Craige
Amulet, 10 TS 13k Trakker
Amulet, 28 health 311k Karen
Leather sleeves, ac 4, -4 svs +3 dam 500k Skeeve
Mystery item. 250k Skeeve
Skeeve wont tell but Lorna said its one of the best items she ever seen
cloth pants, ac 2, +2 dam, +3 str, +4 wis, +5 luck 460k craige
girdle, ac 3, +2 dam 70k Kurgan
15k xp 76k Hornblower
1 train 150k Stouthbound

please excuse the lack of neatness and disregard the drink jug... other than that it should all be there

A quick calculation of these numbers and on this night a cool 5,006,000 gold
changed hands.

Thanks Tynian... it was fun.
hope you all enjoy this post
Thilach, elf of -Life-

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