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A Witch Joins the Chosen

8/30/99 - 11:00 pm.

Talmud appears out of nowhere.
Allyena appears out of nowhere.
The larval polyp fades into existence.
The larval polyp's pierce grazes Allyena.

Allyena's pierce wounds the larval polyp.
The larval polyp's pierce hits Allyena.

Allyena's pierce wounds the larval polyp.
The larval polyp attacks and narrowly misses Allyena.

Talmud fades into existence. Talmud rescues Allyena!

Talmud's pierce maims the larval polyp!
Talmud's pierce maims the larval polyp!
The larval polyp is DEAD!!
You hear the larval polyp's death cry.
Talmud gets 50 gold coins from the corpse of the larval polyp.

Cordir smiles happily.

Allyena smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'Greetings...'.

Talmud sacrifices the corpse of the larval polyp to Cordir.
Talmud smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'I'm glad you made it safely.'.

Allyena pants heavily.
Allyena nods.

Talmud says (in common), 'Fol self, Allyena?'.
Talmud smiles happily.

Allyena thanks Talmud heartily.
Talmud smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'You may accompany, if you wish, Talmud'.

Talmud bows deeply.
Talmud smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'But each should enter seperately.'.

Talmud nods.

Cordir says, 'shall we?'.
Cordir gestures downward.

Allyena shivers and nods.
Allyena leaves down.

Talmud leaves down.

Cave Conjoining N'Kai [Exits: north]
You are below the Sigil Draktha, near N'Kai the Black. You have no escape but to go onward, for the Barrier seals you
within here just as forcefully as it does the Spawn. Bones lie scattered about, strewn above a dried pool of blood.

A Message has been scrawled on the bloody floor.
(Purple Aura) Talmud is here.
Allyena is here.

Cordir smiles happily.
Talmud rests.
Allyena looks around in wonder.

Cordir says, 'Welcome to N'Kai... a place of holiness to me.'.

Allyena smiles happily.
Allyena tries valiantly to be brave.

Cordir smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'I ask those who would seek to join us to meet me here...'.

Cordir says, 'Because N'Kai is a place of danger, as well as of beauty and sacredness'.

Allyena listens.

Cordir says, 'One cannot live life to its fullest unless one has faced death'.

Cordir raises one hand, and a glimmering appears in the air.

Allyena nods in growing understanding.

The glimmering expands into a silvery web-like Pattern.

Cordir murmurs, 'This is the Pattern, the Tapestry of Fate...'

Allyena regards it solemnly.

Cordir murmurs, 'That which was given into my hands by the High Ones, to administer and tend to.'

Cordir says, 'I ask you now, Allyena.... is it your wish to join the Chosen and serve Fate?'.

Allyena nods slowly.
Allyena says (in common), 'it is, Milday'.

Cordir gestures, and an enormous spider descends from the Web.

Talmud smiles at the sight of the spider.

Allyena squeals.

The spider steps delicately towards you, eight eyes glowing softly.

Cordir says, 'This is the Web Guardian. She Weaves the Geasa of each Chosen into the Pattern.'.

Allyena smiles happily.

The spider turns and looks each of you.

Allyena watches in wonder.

You hear a voice in your mind:

*Speak those Geasa by which you would bind yourself*
*Speak now, and let them be Witnessed*

Allyena says (in common), 'I shall dance in a public place each time i visit the realm'.

Cordir nods.
The spider dips its thorax in a nod.

Allyena says (in common), 'I will foretell the future for any who ask it if me''.

Cordir nods.
The spider dips its thorax in a nod.

Allyena says (in common), 'I shall have no physical contact… with anyone..'.

Cordir nods.
The spider dips its thorax in a nod.

Cordir says, 'Mighty Geasa indeed, Allyena.'.

Allyena swallows hard.

Cordir says, 'I find them worthy.'.

The spider nods.

Allyena finds a touch of courage in those words.

The spider dips its thorax in a bow towards Cordir, and slowly makes its way back to the web.

The spider begins to Weave the Geasa into the Pattern, and the spider and web fade from view.

Allyena puts a bottle of champagne in bag made from small bat hide.
Allyena puts a bottle of champagne in bag made from small bat hide.
Allyena gets a Magic Mushroom from an egg casing.
Allyena eats a Magic Mushroom.

Cordir says, 'Choosing your Geasa is an important part of joining the Chosen....'.

Cordir says, 'But not the only requirement...'.

Allyena smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'I see that you have reached 10th level...'.
Allyena nods.

Cordir says, 'And I have read your tale of your life...'.
Allyena nods.
Cordir says, 'And found it most worthy.'.

Cordir says, 'Will you swear that you have served faithfully for a year and a day? Aiding those who are new to the Realm?'.

Allyena nods.

Cordir says, 'Have you explored at least eight of the racial cities of the South?'.
Cordir says, 'And do you have tokens of each?'.

Allyena shakes her head.

Cordir says, 'You have, or have not?'.

Allyena shakes her head no.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'You and I have spoken of this...'.

Allyena nods.

Cordir says, 'And I have given you consent to waive this... _for now_....'.
Cordir says, 'With the aid of the other Chosen, however, I expect that you do so swiftly.'.

Allyena says (in common), 'understood, Milady'.

Cordir nods in agreement.

Cordir says, 'Do you pledge to give your life, your skills, and your Sight in service to Fate?'.

Allyena smiles happily.
Allyena nods.
Allyena nods.
Allyena nods.

Cordir smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'Then kneel and give me your hands.'.

Allyena kneels gracefully to the floor, and extends her hands to Cordir.

Cordir takes Allyena's hands between her own.

Cordir says, 'Do you swear, Allyena, that you will serve me with honor and conviction, all of your days?'.

Allyena says (in common), 'yes, Milday with all my heart'.
Allyena says (in common), 'Milady, even'.

Cordir says, 'Do you swear, Allyena, that you will never withhold aid from any who are deserving?'.

Allyena says (in common), 'yes, Milady'.

Cordir says, 'Do you swear, Allyena, that you will act as a true servant of Fate at times, obeying my Codes and Dictates, never bringing shame to the Order?'.

Allyena says (in common), 'yes, Milady it would be a great honor'.

Cordir smiles at Allyena.
Cordir says, 'Then you may give me your oath.'.

Allyena says (in common), 'Lady Cordir, it gives me more happiness than I can say to be in your company. I will serve you and the following to the best of my ability'.

Allyena now worships Cordir!

Allyena is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Cordir has accepted Allyena into her following.

Cordir smiles happily.

Allyena bounces around.
Allyena bounces around.

Allyena ties a heavily beaded silk scarf fringed with coins about her waist.
Allyena places a pair of tiny cymbals upon her fingertips.
Allyena hums a strange exotic melody, as her body begins to sway.
Allyena raises her hands high above her head, as her hips slide from side to side.
Allyena twists her hips sharply to the left, then to the right, the tiny cymbals ringing as she dances.
Allyena does a graceful catwalk on tiptoes about the room, then almost trips over her own feet.
Allyena lowers her arms, and begins to shimmy her shoulders back and forth.
Allyena does a little hop then a slow shimmy, as a cymbal falls from her finger to the floor.
Allyena completes a wide hip circle, arms floating about her face.
Allyena falls to the ground on her knees, arms outstretched, and she whispers, I hope my dance has pleased you.

Cordir ftells, 'welcome to the Chosen of Fate, Allyena'.

Allyena says (in common), 'oops...i meant the break dance'.

Talmud ftells, 'Welcome Allyena *smile*'.

Cordir chuckles softly.

Talmud claps at Allyena's performance.

Nyx ftells, 'Welcome, Allyena'.
Durin ftells, '*cheer* Hi Allyena !'.
Allyena ftells, 'thank you all :) '.

Cordir gets a fine silver danger from a sheath at her waist.

Talmud says (in common), 'Impressive'.
Talmud smiles happily.

### Durin has advanced to level 24.
### [Abender tells Durin (in common), 'gratz']

Allyena whistles appreciatively.

Talmud lets his cowl fall back from his head.

Cordir pricks the flesh of her wrist, drawing blood.

Nyx ftells, 'congrats, Durin'.

Cordir says, 'Give me your hand, Allyena.'.

Talmud ftells, 'Congratulations on your Re-Ascension, Durin!'.

Durin ftells, 'Thanks'.
Cordir ftells, 'Grats, Durin!'.

Allyena places her hand in Cordir's.

Durin ftells, 'heh'.

Cordir gets a long black quill from a bag of shadow dragon hide.
Cordir dips the quill in the blood pooled upon her wrist.

Talmud ftells, 'ETA, 2 minutes. Are we clear for landing? ;)'.

Cordir swiftly tattoos the Covenant of the Chosen upon Allyena's palm, drawn in her blood.

item symbol
Cordir creates (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen out of thin air!

Nyx ftells, '*nod*'.

Cordir gives (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen to Allyena.

Cordir says, 'As you grow and change, so will this Covenant...'.
Cordir smiles happily.

Allyena mewls softly at the pain, then gazes upon her new mark and smiles radiantly.

Cordir says, 'I think it's time to bring you home.'.

Allyena smiles happily.

Cordir lifts her hand, making a deft gesture of summoning.
A glimmering light appears, which expands into a shining web-like Pattern.
Cordir steps through the Pattern Web, disappearing from the chamber.

Within The Tapestry of Fate [Exits: north]
Stepping through the spider-web, you find yourself standing beneath countless stars... no, not stars, but strands of light, their incandescent glow pushing back the darkness that would otherwise overcome you.

You stand on a circular cathedra of dusky marble striated with silvery gray. Four titanic, equidistantly spaced archways of albescent jade yearn upward towards the lights above you. Sable fires seethe within three of them, a spider-web filling the fourth. In the center of the rostrum stands an intricately carved wooden loom. It is cool here, like the first misty chill of
twilight, and you shiver slightly, hair prickling on the back of your neck as you realize: Perhaps this is no place for a mortal to be.
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
(Hide) (Purple Aura) Nyx is here.

The Pattern fades into motes of light which scatter about the chamber.

c sum allyena
Allyena arrives suddenly.

c sum talmud
Talmud arrives suddenly.

Allyena smiles happily.
Allyena bounces around.

Nyx bows before Cordir. Nyx smiles happily.
Allyena beams a smile at Nyx.

Durin ftells, 'ugh, 30742 to level now....'.
Cordir ftells, '*comfort Durin*'.

Cordir ftells, 'Welcome to our home, Allyena!'.

Talmud says (in common), 'Thank you all for riding Cordir Air'.

Nyx chuckles, evidently amused.
Durin arrives from the north.

Cordir pokes Talmud in the ribs.

Gernoul ftells, 'Hello, Allyena'.

Talmud says (in common), 'We hope you enjoyed the direct flight from N'Kai to the Temple'.

Allyena ftells, 'thank you, Lady Cordir i am so happy!!!'. Allyena giggles.

Talmud coughs and returns IC.

Allyena says (in common), 'you wished to see me, Nyx?'.

Talmud enthusiastically cheers Durin to victory.

Cordir ftells, '*sternly* Now, do not break your oath to me...'.

Who fate:

5 players.
Hum [ Wa:14 Ma:14 Th:10 ] Gernoul: Seeker of Fate
Dwa [ Cl:24 Wa:21 ] Durin, Seeker of Fate.
Hum [ Ma:10 ] Allyena dances the coils of the Wyrm
Elf [ Ma:16 Wa:15 Th:15 ] Talmud, Servant of Fate.
Hel [ Faileas Dhan ] Nyx: Ebon Messenger of Fate. Triat Master.

Durin says (in common), 'ooh'.
Durin says (in common), 'santify!'.
Durin bounces around.
Durin bounces around.

Cordir smiles happily.
Cordir says, 'Congratulations, Durin!'.

Nyx says (in common), 'Time for an ID, Talmud?'.
Nyx grins neutrally.

Durin says (in common), 'sanctify also'.

Talmud replaces the cowl about his head, hiding that which he lacks.

Talmud nods in recognition to Nyx.

Durin smirks at his own 'wisdom'.

Cordir gets a midnight blue bodice from an egg casing.

Allyena says (in common), 'unless there be more, im off to bed'.

Cordir says, 'Allyena, I have a gift for you.'.

Nyx bows deeply.
Talmud nods in recognition to Nyx.

Cordir gives a midnight blue bodice to Allyena.

Allyena yawns sleepily.

Cordir gets a deck of Tarot cards from an egg casing.

Allyena says (in common), 'oohhhhhh!!!'.

Nyx stops using a pair of animal hide pants.
Nyx wears a pair of padded leather leggings on his legs.

give cards allyena
Allyena has her hands full.

Nyx gives a pair of animal hide pants to Talmud.

Cordir says, 'hands full, dear'.

Durin says (in common), 'ooh'.

Allyena squeals delightedly.

Durin says (in common), 'model the bodice for us?'.

Allyena wears (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the Chosen as a decoration.

Cordir gives a deck of Tarot cards to Allyena.

Allyena gasps.

Cordir smiles at Allyena.

Durin says (in common), 'very nice'.

Allyena cannot believe what she holds.

Durin says (in common), 'how do you adventure in that?'.

Allyena blushes. Allyena says (in common), 'you are very kind to say so, Sir'.

Allyena puts a deck of Tarot cards in a rattrap.

Cordir smiles happily.

Allyena giggles.

Cordir says, 'Seek your rest, Allyena.'.

Allyena stops using a midnight blue bodice.
Allyena wears a suit of grey studded leather on her body.

Cordir says, 'It has been a long day for you.'.

Durin says (in common), 'aww, is she tuckered out'.

Allyena kneels graciously at Cordirs feet.

(End Scene)

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