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A Trinity Tale:

The Hall of the Trinity : [Exits: north]
The Hall of the Trinity is much more grand than you expected. It has bookshelves carved into the eastern wall, framing a portal leading to Foolkiller's Office, with two spiral stairways leading up to a series of rooms above. To the south, a wall made of glass rises high above, giving a slight view of what appears to be a garden beyond. The western wall is filled with the comforts of home; a fire pit, couches and chairs, and tapestries. You see a series of pillars supporting the glass ceiling high overhead, and in between the two central walkways is a pit leading down into a stadium-like seating area. At the far end of the seating area a bluish glow appears, illuminating Foolkiller's altar. Suddenly, you feel a tapping on your shoulder. You turn around and find yourself facing a woman of stunning beauty, a small smile playing on her lips as she speaks to you...
Viskaya says (in common),'Hello there, welcome to the Hall of the Trinity, the temple of our Lord Foolkiller. I am your guide, Viskaya. Please feel free to walk around and look at anything, and I will answer any of your questions. By the way, if you look at me, you might learn some other secrets of this place.'
(Blue Aura) The All-Seeing Eye of Eternity, encased in a crystal orb, rests upon a marble altar at the far end of the meeting pit.
(Blue Aura) Poit is resting here.
(Blue Aura) Admire is here.
(Blue Aura) Adrienne is here.
(Blue Aura) Brenick is here.
who follows foolkiller
5 players.
Aar [ Th:13 Wa:15 Sh:15 ] [G][Foolkil] Gabriella. *Humphrey* *Pink*
Hum [. . Th: 9 Sh:10. . ] [G][Foolkil] Adrienne. TRNE
Hum [ Th: 6 Ra:12 Ma:10 ] [G][Foolkil] Admire Bounce : favorite month is July
Min [. . Sh:16 Wa:15. . ] [G][Foolkil] Poit lost her fishy, and almost the rod. TRN
Elf [. .. . Avatar. .. .] [G][Foolkil] Brenick Valstaf. =TrnBl= *MS* What else do I need?
You say, 'She's gone Bren'.
Brenick says (in common), 'oh, she left'.
You poke him in the ribs.
Poit arrives from the north.
Adrienne says (in common), 'er I want too hear one'.
### [Adrienne says (in common), 'er I want too hear one']
You smile at Adrienne.
Admire Shuts down all triggers and ploops down by Brenick.
Brenick says (in common), 'I was going through my inventory'.
Poit sits on the sofa before anyone else. Poit rests.
Poit smiles at you.
### [Rocky tells Barney (in common), 'brt']
### [Dalaran says (in common), 'you are']
You ftell, 'Ok - Closing temple and going invis, I will grantsight all of you so you can see me'.
You get the Key To Infinity from the Trinity's Symbol of Trust.
cl n / You close the portal.
lock n / *Click*
invis 72
Okay, grantsights set.
Poit says (in common), 'Great to see you Adrienne :)'. Poit beams a smile at Adrienne.
Adrienne smiles happily.
You say, 'Ok, Can you all see me?'.
Admire nods.
Brenick says (in common), 'yup'.
Poit nods.
Adrienne says (in common), 'sure thing '.
Poit says (in common), 'Any restricting on socials and stuff ?'.
You say, 'No'.
Poit says (in common), 'ok :)'.
You say, 'This is informal, But I wanna keep spam to a minimum if I can'.
Brenick nods.
Poit nods.
You say, 'That's why no spells :)'.
Adrienne nods.
Admire nods.
Poit warms her hands over the fire and listens quietly.
the lights of the temple fade to black as the fire blazing in the pit intensifies, illuminating the entire western wall
A cup filled with your favorite beverage appears next to your hand
You say, 'Now, this is a story of legends, and of something called the Blood of Heroes'.
Adrienne sets the cup of Spice down and drinks water instead. Adrienne drinks water from a buffalo water skin.
Poit smiles at you.
You say, 'It begins in a realm very far and very different from our own'.
You say, 'This realm was plagued by what is now called the Darque Powers, stemming from an evil source known to the Avatars as D'Non'.
You say, 'For many centuries, the Trinity had tried to do all it could to rid this realm of D'Non's influence, but failed due to his widespread corruption'.
You say, 'Finally, in desperation, a new form of Avatar was created, a new magic was given birth, and it is here our story truly begins'.
You say, 'The new avatar was called a Geomancer, given due to their ability to see and hear things that inanimate objects witness'.
You say, 'The first of the Geomancers, named Geoff, used his powers to root out the darque powers and rally the heroes and avatars of the world'.
Tyrall ftells (in common), 'Hey all'.
You ftell, 'Hey Tyrall - want in for storytime? Ill summon you'.
Tyrall ftells (in common), 'Sure... Not sure how long I can be on though'.
You ftell, 'nod'.
Tyrall arrives suddenly.
You say, 'Rest and turn off triggers Ty :)'.
Tyrall bows deeply.
Tyrall rests.
Admire rests.
Tyrall nods.
You ftell, 'Hi Crys :) Storytime in temple if you are interested ;)'.
Crysania ftells (in common), 'hiya someone'.
Brenick ftells (in common), 'this is too cool, lots of people in and out tonight'.
You ftell, 'The big someone :)'.
Crysania ftells (in common), 'ahhhh - Hiya BS :)'.
You say, 'You see, the Darque power spread thru corruption, but objects cannot be corrupted, only used'.
You say, '5 years after the war began, it was finally ended through the sacrifice of one of the Trinity's greatest avatars, named Shadowman'.
You say, 'He gave his life to halt the progression of D'Non's influence, but he could not end it completely'.
Poit sighs loudly.
You say, 'In order to save himself from a final defeat, D'Non cast himself into the form of a human'.
Poit blinks. Poit says (in common), 'Where is he now?!'.
You say, 'This human could no longer use the Darque powers, but still had magic all his own'.
You say, 'Thus began the Harbinger wars'.
You say, 'A harbinger is one who points the way to the future, a sign of things to come, one who is the next step in our own evolution'.
You say, 'Due to the corrupt influence of the Darque, many normal humans were granted powers of their own, magics of their own,'.
You say, 'In order to combat this, a balance was created by Eternity, using a twisted version of the Darque Power, he endowed others with powers similar to the Darque'.
You say, 'The Harbinger wars began quietly enough, mainly business trying to destroy one another to gain a bigger share of profits and greed'.
You say, 'A group of people turned away from the Magic though, and instead devoted themselves to science'.
You say, 'They were determined to find a way to dominate BOTH sides of the war'.
You say, 'And after 150 years of work, they found a way to imbue normal blood with a different basing'.
You say, 'This new base allowed one to control ANYONE or ANYTHING that was magical'.
Poit blinks at what you said, seemingly stunned.
You say, 'The Geomancer, Geoff, was told of this by his many thousands of sources, and went to see for himself what this would entail'.
You say, 'In his research, he found the scientists had used magic in their studies, and found a way through time manipulation,'.
You say, 'To make this new blood possible'.
You say, 'Once they had the blood, they trained and made what they thought was the perfect host and injected him with the blood'.
You say, 'Now bear in mind, these scientists were not benevolent, they wanted power as much as the other sides did'.
You say, 'But they were no friends of D'Nons forces that is a fact'.
You say, 'Goeff managed to find the lab, and by asking the security system's permission, he broke in'.
Poit chuckles, evidently amused.
Brenick says (in common), 'if only all things were that easy'.
You say, 'The new being made was named Bloodshot by his makers, and Geoff accidentally let him free'.
Poit rolls her eyes.
You say, 'Bloodshot's creators were paid for their plans with their lives, for along with the magical abilities, the blood also heals you quickly and gives you enormous strength'
Poit says (in common), 'wow..'.
Brenick nods in recognition to Poit.
You say, 'Bloodshot and Geoff left the lab in ruins, and to this day the sciences have been abandoned on that world'.
Poit leans in closer, near the fire.
You say, 'The years passed, and the harbinger wars became more and more a conflict of power vs power, not business vs business'.
You say, 'Bloodshot had become D'Nons worst nightmare, for his blood-enhanced abilities enabled him to walk right through his various defenses'.
You say, 'It was only through the narrowest of escapes that Bloodshot had thus far failed to kill D'Non'.
Poit says (in common), 'huh'.
You say, 'In desperation, D'Non returned to the lab which spawned Bloodshot, and sifting through the wreckage,'.
You say, 'Was able to piece together the spells used in conjunction with science to create Bloodshot in the first place'.
You say, 'He used this knowledge to create his own version of Bloodshot, a Harbinger he called Ax'.
Poit shakes her head and mummbles.
Tyrall winces. Ouch!
Brenick nods.
You say, 'Combining Science and Sorcery in much the way Bloodshot had, Ax was a match for anything Bloodshot could do'.
Brenick sips some more scotch.
Poit gets up, pours a scotch, and sits back down on the sofa.
Poit nods in recognition to Brenick.
Brenick says (in common), 'boss after the next installment can Tyrall make some food?'.
You say, 'After 50 years of pursuit, cat and mouse games, etc, Ax finally had Bloodshot where he wanted him'.
You nod.
You say, 'Go ahead :)'.
Brenick says (in common), 'make a mess of em Tyrall'.
Tyrall stands up.
Tyrall utters the words, 'create food'.
A Magic Mushroom suddenly appears.
[ This happens a lot. many, many shrooms are created and distributed.]
Tyrall settles back down to listen.
You say, 'ok - We bout done with munchie break?'.
Poit nods.
Tyrall drinks water from a magical spring.
Brenick nods.
You say, 'ok - Rest again and I will continue'.
You smile happily. You say, 'Good'.
You say, 'Ax had taken hostages, including Bloodshot's wife and child, on a small moon orbiting that planet'.
You say, 'You can imagine the rest, Bloodshot fought bravely, saving all the hostages including his family'.
You say, 'But Ax didn't want the hostages, he wanted bloodshot. and it was there that he finally did what he was created to do'.
You say, 'He murdered Bloodshot in cold blood, being sure not to spill a drop of his blood'.
You say, 'There was another order that Ax had been given that no one knew until then, and it was only found out through the power of the Geomancers'.
You say, 'D'Nons body had begun to grow old, and he searched for ANY way to prolong his life'.
You say, 'In the notes he found from Bloodshot's birth it was noted that virtual immortality is gained with this blood'.
You say, 'Ax was ordered to drain Bloodshot's blood, as it had elements that Ax's did not'.
Poit sips on the scotch and winces from the taste.
Brenick chuckles lightly at Poit, and sips his own drink.
You say, 'Ax aged much more rapidly than Bloodshot, it was clear that while certain elements of Ax's blood were superior'.
You say, 'to bloodshot, other aspects were very INferior'.
You say, 'Ax however, after 50 years of fighting, knew that if he turned over the blood to D'non, he would be joining Bloodshot'.
Poit smirks. Poit says (in common), 'Felt that commin' :)'.
You say, 'And so he disappeared, along with the blood. Even the Geomancer could not find him, though he never stopped looking'.
You say, 'As the years passed, D'Non's influence spread further, Geoff was told to train another in his art, as a new Geomancer was needed'.
You say, 'In the 200th year of the war, the new Geomancer, Lucinda, came to the resistance in her first duty, with sad news'.
You say, 'Throughout the war, an Avatar named Aric had fought on the side of the resistance wearing armor that gave the wearer a life-span of nearly 5 times normal'.
You say, 'The area he fought in was finally conquered by D'Non's forces, and now he sought the armor's life prolonging abilities'.
You say, 'Rather than have the armor fall into D'Nons hands, Aric orders the armor to return to the Trinity, where it has lain in rest ever since'.
Poit blinks. Poit gulps down her scotch and cringes.
You say, 'Losing the armor was D'Nons last chance, his anger over it's loss was monumental'.
You say, 'Though old and withered, his magic was still powerful, he decided to end Aric's life, and thus stormed his home'.
Tyrall winces. Ouch!
You say, 'Aric was waiting for him though, and each moving simultaneously, dealt the other a Fatal Blow'.
Poit says (in common), 'Oooo'.
Brenick goes to sip his drink, only to find it empty.
You say, 'Aric died instantly, the back of his blown away by a magical bolt'.
You say, 'D'Non clung to life though, using all his magic skills to hold himself together..'.
Poit stands up yelling, "Die you Bastard!!"
Poit sits back down in embarassment.
Poit blushes.
You say, 'At that moment, Aric's wife walked in, and D'Non called on all his skills to transfer himself into the body of the terrified woman'.
Poit suddenly realizes her mistake and slaps herself.
You say, 'For the resistance, this was the worst possible news...Not only had one of their greatest heroes died,'.
You say, 'But now their ancient enemy, whom they had been waiting for to die, now had a new lease on life, and the means to virtual immortality'.
Poit grumbles under her breath.
Tyrall winces. Ouch!
You say, 'From the ashes of this defeat though, a great leader rose from the resistance, she organized the battle weary forces and kept hope from dying'.
Poit smiles proudly. Poit says (in common), 'a She :)'.
Poit chuckles, evidently amused.
Brenick pokes Poit in the ribs.
You say, 'In the 2,500th year of the Harbinger wars, Things were rapidly spinning towards an ultimate showdown'.
Brenick quietly gestures to Tara for another scotch.
You say, 'D'Non now controlled over 2/3 of the world, and his forces were rapidly encroaching on the resistance'.
Brenick frowns.
You say, 'In the eve before what was to be the final battle, that generations Geomancer paid a visit'.
You say, 'For over 2 millenia every Geomancer had been searching for the Blood of Heroes, Bloodshot's blood had never been found'.
Poit says (in common), 'forgot about that *sly grin*'.
Admire says (in common), 'me to'.
Admire takes a nother drink of JD and sits back down.
You say, 'The Geomancers needed to keep the blood from D'Non, as it would not only give him life, but power over ALL magic, including their own'.
You say, 'The Geomancer, Yuri, brought news that D'Non's forces had FOUND the blood, and gave a dire wanting to Stanchek, leader of the resistance'.
You say, 'D'Non HAD to be stopped at all costs, no matter the price or compromise, the blood cannot be used on him or all would die'.
You say, 'The next day is called Armageddon by all sides involved'.
You say, 'It was harbinger against Harbinger, magical powers against magical powers - Losses on both sides were enourmous'.
Poit leans in close to the fire.
You say, 'Stanchek fought his way to D'Nons command center - No one could stand up to his awesome command of the magic'.
You say, 'Not even D'Non..The centuries of mind tranfers had diluted his powers'.
Brenick grins happily. Brenick says (in common), 'heh - 'bout time'.
Poit nods in recognition to Brenick.
You say, 'But before Stanchek could deliver the final blow, he was cut down from behind in a sneak attack'.
Poit says (in common), 'Doh!'. Poit suddenly realizes her mistake and slaps herself.
Brenick sighs loudly.
Admire laughs.
You say, 'As he was dying, he threw all his power into one final spell, and suddenly D'Non was no more'.
Poit blinks.
Tyrall whistles appreciatively.
You say, 'Stanchek had used all his power to transfer his mind into D'Nons body, forcing him out'.
Brenick says (in common), 'wow...'.
Poit nods impressed.
You say, 'From there, the resistance, realizing they had won, covertly began dismantling all of D'Nons forces'.
Poit lets out a sigh.
You ftell, 'Hi DC - Ready for a summon?'.
Brenick ftells (in common), 'hiya story time, but i have a feeling you already know all of this'.
DarkClaw ftells (in common), '*blink* A summon?'.
DarkClaw ftells (in common), 'Lemme get IN first!'.

You say, 'You missed the first 3 chapters of the story, but you can join in now'.
You ftell, 'She knows NONE of this Brenick'.
You ftell, 'I learned all of this through research, I am just now sharing most of it'.
Brenick ftells (in common), 'ahhh, my bad, sorry.'.
You ftell, 'You ready DC? Im holdin up the fire fore ya :)'.
DarkClaw ftells (in common), 'Yes, I'm ready...bad link, though.'.
DarkClaw arrives suddenly.
Poit bounces onto DarkClaw's lap.
Brenick hugs DarkClaw.
You say, 'Rest and turn off spell triggers'.
You smile at her.
Poit squeezes DarkClaw fondly.
Poit sits back on the sofa.
DarkClaw scowls. DarkClaw says (in common), 'Don't squeeze the vampire!!!'.
You say, 'I am logging all this DC, so you can catch up from here'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Wait'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'OOC: I don't have a thing that I can turn off triggers with...have to erase every one and redo them everytime.'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'OOC: A real pain in the rear.'.
You chuckle.
You say, 'Ah well - Dont then - Just hope you dont get hungry often'.
Brenick says (in common), 'then rest, and they wont be able to go off'.
DarkClaw HATES seeing You are hungry and You are thirsty.
Foolkiller mumbles 'WAAHHHH' under his breath.
Poit giggles at you. Hope it's not contagious!
Brenick smirks at your saying.
Admire bounces onto your lap.
You say, 'Ok - Munchie break #2 over?'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Can I keep my TS?'.
You say, 'BTW - OOC - What do you think of the story so far?'.
Tyrall says (in common), 'Rest already DC :)'.
You nod in recognition to her.
Poit nods. Poit nods.
Brenick says (in common), 'very nice...'.
Tyrall hugs DarkClaw. Tyrall nods.
Admire says (in common), 'nice'.
Poit says (in common), 'Cool :)'.
Admire bounces around.
Tyrall says (in common), 'Great'.
You say, 'Thanks :)'.
You say, 'ok - Back to storytime now'.
You say, 'The blood of heroes passed into legend, where the resitance spirited it to, no one knows'.
You say, 'geomancers spent the next 1,000 years looking for it'.
You say, 'D'Non, far from being destroyed, had become a being of pure energy, formless, but powerful'.
Poit sighs loudly. Poit says (in common), 'He's like a bad disease.'.
Brenick sighs loudly.
Poit says (in common), 'just keeps comming back again and again.'.
Tyrall grins happily at Poit.
Poit winks at Tyrall.
Tyrall says (in common), 'Evil has a habit of doing that'.
You say, 'In order to contain him once and for all time, the Trinity summoned all the Avatars from all realms for one final all out war'.
Poit says (in common), 'go Trinity :)'.
You say, 'Of the 1,500 avatars brought to bear, including the powers of Eternity itself, only 5 survived the fight'.
Brenick winces. Ouch!
Poit 's mouth drops wide open.
Brenick says (in common), 'my god.....'.
You say, 'In the battle's final days, the Trinity used a last desperate gamble to bring D'Non to task'.
You say, 'When the resistance found the blood of heroes, they used magic to spirit it away to another place'.
You say, 'Unbeknownst to them, this place was the realm of Infinity'.
You say, 'Summoning her most powerful remaining Avatar, Angelica, Infinity injected her with the Blood of Heroes'.
You say, 'Using the blood's ability to control magical forces, Angelica was able to defeat D'Non in single combat'.
Poit is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.
Poit says (in common), 'YEES!!'.
Poit sits back down quietly.
You say, 'Knowing that no cage or prison would hold him, the Trinity combined their powers to create a realm of reality in which to keep him encased for all time'.
You say, 'Angelica died from the forces expended in that battle, and the Blood of Heroes was taken back by Infinity, drained from her body'.
Brenick frowns.
You say, 'It was deemed to powerful a weapon to fall into the wrong hands'.
Brenick nods.
Poit sighs loudly.
You say, 'The Realm of D'Non has held steadfast for countless centuries since that time'.
You say, 'There was but one way for D'Non to escape'.
You say, 'And it was deemed SO unlikely to happen that it was in truth negligible'.
Poit smirks.
You say, 'Which brings us to our present, and our world'.
Poit says (in common), 'Yeah , right'.
You say, 'You wonder where I have been? I have been searching, reading, and learning all I could about D'Non'.
You say, 'The wars fought over him, for him, about him..'.
Admire bounces around.
You say, 'The story I have told you only begins to scratch the surface of what I have seen'.
Poit nods.
You say, 'D'Non has escaped'.
Admire says (in common), 'huh'.
Brenick frowns. Brenick says (in common), 'how?'.
You say, 'And unlike before where there were 1,500 Avatars to fight him, now there remains but a single Avatar to carry the battle'.
You say, 'Events transpired to open the crack in his prison'.
Brenick says (in common), 'uhhhhh.....'.
Brenick says (in common), 'i'm an avatar of foolkiller, not the forces of the trinity'.
Admire says (in common), 'i must go sorry'.
You say, 'His only way out was for a Vampire to truly love another, and then to reject that love'.
Admire nods.
You say, 'Use my recall Admire'.
Who Admire
Hum [ Th: 6 Ra:12 Ma:10 ] [G][Foolkil] Admire Bounce : favorite month is July
Admire prays for transportation! Admire borrows some of your power to recall. Admire disappears.
You say, 'The one rejected had to die because of that love'.
Brenick groans loudly.
DarkClaw sighs loudly.
You say, 'Since Vampires normally do not die, NOR do they fall in love...'.
You say, 'It was deemed impossible to occur'.
You say, 'But it has...A Vampire has fallen in love with another of her kind, and rejected that love'.
Poit grumbles under her breath.
You say, 'And the one rejected died because of it'.
You say, 'He now sits in the Realm of D'Non in the Demon's place'.
DarkClaw narrows her gaze slightly.
You say, 'D'Non intercepted his spirit and placed it there'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'HAD fallen...'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'To my regret.'.
You glare icily at her.
Poit glaces at DarkClaw and then to Foolkiller.
You say, 'I'd still that tongue Darkclaw'.
DarkClaw sighs loudly.
You say, 'You still have much to answer for'.
You say, 'But now is not the time'.
You say, 'I do know this much people'.
You say, 'D'Non is loose, and in this realm'.
Poit gulps.
Brenick sighs loudly.
You say, 'Where I do not know, what he intends to do is obvious, he desires power, corruption'.
You say, 'I have been told this much by the Trinity'.
You say, 'What will be needed to find him is a Geomancer'.
Poit blinks.
You say, 'And what will be needed to defeat the Blood of Heroes'.
Poit smiles slightly.
Brenick says (in common), 'it looks like it time to dust off the exploring clothes'.
You chuckle.
You say, 'You could say thatr'.
Poit giggles.
DarkClaw glares at Brenick.
Poit says (in common), 'But what about the Geomancer?'.
You say, 'Within the Trinity resides one of us with the old magics of the Geomancer'.
Brenick glances around the room.
Poit shudders from the sheer thought of it.
You say, 'The Trinity placed these magics, but will not tell me who'.
Poit says (in common), 'how do we find out ?'.
You say, 'I will find out soon enough, that will take more research still'.
Brenick says (in common), 'FK, do you know how the old magics work?'.
Poit nods in recognition to you.
You nod. You say, 'Indeed I do - A geomancer is a wonderous thing'.
Poit blinks.
You say, 'Their power rests partially in me, not to the degree of a full Geomancer, but enough to know of it's wonders'.
You say, 'Geomancers are usually considered mad'.
Brenick chuckles, evidently amused.
Poit laughs.
Brenick says (in common), 'must be celeborn then'.
Poit nods. Poit nods.
You say, 'The walls, the ground, the rocks, the trees, everything speaks to them'.
Poit says (in common), 'Or Brakan :P'.
You say, 'They can hold an object and it will tell them what that object has seen'.
Poit thinks about attunement.
You say, 'They are the keepers of a sacred lore, the lines of life between animate and inanimate cross when it comes to the Geomancers'.
Poit stands up an stretches.
You say, 'They are protectors, they are guardians'.
Poit yawns. Poit says (in common), 'I have to go :('.
You nod in recognition to her.
You say, 'Use my recall Poit'.
Poit says (in common), 'and fyi Brenick, scotch is terrible!'.
Poit curtseys gracefully for you.
Brenick says (in common), 'well, this should become fairly clear to ho it is, so that is not the quest then'.
Poit prays for transportation!
Poit borrows some of your power to recall.
Poit disappears.
You say, 'Once we find who is the Geomancer, then we can begin our search'.
You say, 'In the meantime, I have to convince Infinity to return the Blood of Heroes once more'.
DarkClaw blinks at what you said, seemingly stunned. DarkClaw says (in common), 'What??'.
You nod in recognition to her.
Brenick says (in common), 'draven?'.
You say, 'Draven is the Vampire stuck in the Realm of D'Non'.
Brenick nods.
You say, 'Darkclaw, what would you do to save him?'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Whatever it took.'.
You say, 'Do you mean that? With all your heart and soul?'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'FK...I did not go on because I had no love for Draven...I went on because I thought he was lost to me again.'.
You nod.
You say, 'Swear to me Darkclaw...Swear to me on your very soul, on your bond to me, that you would do whatever it takes to bring him back'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'I swear.'.
You nod.
You say, 'When the time is right, Darkclaw - You will be called upon and be held to that vow'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Leareth take my soul if I should break that vow.'.
You say, 'I cannot and will not say what must happen to save him, DC - it would negate certain events'.
You say, 'But I can and will tell you this much'.
Brenick says (in common), 'so now we wait until the geomancer becaomes known. is there anythig we can do otherwise?'.
You say, 'There will be a price - a VERY high price - that MUST be paid or Draven will be lost to you for all time'.
... end Scene....

Find out what happens when Draven and DarkClaw speak...

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