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Player Killing

You may attack someone if justified on them.

If a follower is also justified you may group and attack that person.

You may also ask a non-follower for help in attacking someone you are justified
against if you wish, just be prepared for the consequences should you attack


You may steal from anyone you wish (except Immortals), but like attacking
someone, be prepared for the consequences should you steal.
Stealing from someone who attacked or killed a follower is
preferable to stealing from someone just because you can.
Unless I give permission to you, stay in your pk range for stealing.

Corpse Looting

Corpse Looting is ONLY allowed under the following circumstances:
If a follower is attacked or killed and you see the attackers
corpse somewhere, try and pick up the corpse, if you cannot pick it up sacrifice
it immediately.


You may group with anyone you wish to gain experience.

Know who you are going to group with. If the group starts
talking about killing someone "follow self" immediately and tell
them that you can rejoin the group when they are not hunting someone.

Make friends in all alignments, this will enable you to have more people you can
group with and you are playing your alignment at the same time.

Trading Equipment

You are free to trade Equipment with anyone you choose with the following

Will going ahead with a trade impact the following negatively?

Will followers start to be attacked because of an item you traded for?

If the answer is Yes, DO NOT make the trade.

General Stuff

Read the NOTE, BOARD and FYI lists each time you log on, these note lists
contain important information regarding the Realm and the following.

Have fun! Being Neutral gives you a more leeway when interacting with
other alignments. Use being Neutral to your advantage.

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