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Shades of the Past…

This log took place on 09/14/98 at 10:15, and was donated by Foolkiller.
Background: Long, long ago, before Darkclaw was turned into a Vampire, she was in love with a man by the name of Draven. He loved her, nurtured her, and helped her grow. One day Draven was taken from her, and M'Nai (Draven's name for her, it meant beloved in his language) left, distraught, thinking the guards who had taken Draven would kill him. But Draven didn't die, and instead spent years searching for her, and then he finally found her, after she had been turned. Knowing he had no chance to win her back now that she was immortal, he sought out Dalamar, and begged his intercession. Dalamar knew DarkClaw as well, and for them both, he Embraced Draven, making him a vampire as well, and granted Draven a spell he had been working on for years.. a spell of protection against sunlight. Draven found DarkClaw again, and they renewed their relationship, but just as it was becoming close to them formalizing it, Darkclaw suddenly took up with Nicholai. Draven was distraught, and disappeared completely. He once again sough out Dalamar, and had him remove the spells of protection from him, and deliberately watched the sun rise.
Now... how does the Trinity and it's Lord, Foolkiller fit into all of this? ... An enemy of the Trinity, so powerful it required the sacrifice of hundreds of avatars to be destroyed centuries ago, has gotten loose somehow. Foolkiller is the last Avatar of the Trinity, and its up to him to find a way to stop it. The enemy was chained in a pocket of reality, and when Draven died, the emotions used, and the manner in which he died, were the only crack found in the prison. It was deemed by the Trinity to be so unlikely that a Vampire could love so deeply it would die for that love that the crack in the prison was allowed to remain. Draven killing himself allowed the demon to break free, and instead to chain Draven in his place. FK required information from Draven, and knew of his involvement with DC, and so he asked her to be present.

Foolkiller's Office [Exits: none]
The office is quiet and relaxing. It has a large oak desk with a curved rolling top, and plush, comfortable hair. A couch, recliner and a large coffee table are arranged along the western wall, and along the south wall is a fireplace with a white rug lying before it. Several images are hung on the eastern wall. You find yourself feeling very much at home
(Blue Aura) (White Aura) A cat is stretched out on the rug by the fireplace.
Foolkiller says, 'Do you feel up to this tonight?'
DarkClaw nods.
'Which do you prefer, to speak with him before or after me?' he asks. 'I have to know, it is part of the incantation.'
She murmurs worriedly, 'He may not come if he thinks it is just for me...'
'He will come, DarkClaw - if you were stuck where he is, would YOU stay?'
'No...I will speak with him after.'
Foolkiller says, 'So be it.'
The sigils carved into the floor begin to glow as a fine blue mist issues from the very center.
Foolkiller says, 'By the Amulet of Souls, by the Mists of the Night, I summon the soul of Draven, as is my chosen right... Two await your words, tormented soul, One seeks information, the other, retribution. Speak with us both...'
The woman keeps her gaze fixed on the symbols, waiting.
The Amulet of Souls glows a pale green as a glowing translucent form appears from within the mists.
Draven steps from the Mists of the Night
The Lord of the Trinity says, 'Hello Draven, Welcome to my temple.'
DarkClaw takes a couple steps back toward the wall, her eyes widening.
Draven smiles hauntingly, whispering, 'Greetings, Lord.'
Foolkiller says, 'Draven, I called your spirit here to answer my questions, I cannot free you from the Realm of D'Non, but I can give you a respite of sorts.'
Draven nods, listening carefully
'Basically, Draven, I have only 2 questions for you as of now...'
The shade nods.
Foolkiller says, '1) How did you find yourself in the realm of D'Non?'
Draven says 'I wanted to die...the only reason for me to live was gone so far as I knew, so I had the one who made me remove the spells that protected me from the pain of the sun, and then watched the sun rise.'
DarkClaw's features tense even more.
Draven says 'Next thing I knew, I was shackled to that wall, and this... thing... was laughing at me. Then it turned and left.'
Foolkiller nods and says, 'Sounds about right...Least I know now D'Non didn't use a crack we didn't know about. OK - Question #2: I MAY be able to get you out of there, I do not know for sure just yet, but it may come at a high price... are you willing to pay it if it can be done?'
Draven stands silent for a long moment, then murmurs, 'I want out of there more than just about ANYTHING, Lord. I hate that place'
Foolkiller nods. 'When the time is right then, I will bring you again to me. If I need you in between times, I will summon you again, fair enough?'
Draven nods slowly.
Foolkiller says, 'Now, my questions, for the moment, are completed.. You, sir.. have unfinished business I believe. I will focus on allowing you to remain as long as possible... Now pardon me, I have some ... business... I must attend to.' His tone is distracted, and icy. His eyes close, in silent communication.
Draven nods, his features becoming more solid as he prepares for the second person, then turns to face DarkClaw. He smiles softly and says 'Hello, M'Nai'
DarkClaw stares at him, not moving, her voice weak, 'Draven...'
Draven says 'It has been a long time, my love'
DarkClaw shakes her head slowly, then whispers, 'I should...know what to say...but I don't...'
The shade asks gently, 'Are words REALLY necessary, M'Nai?' He walks slowly across the room to stand before her.
DarkClaw closes her eyes and nods, reopening them.
Draven whispers 'I am here now...isn't that all that matters?'
' should not have been away at all.'
Draven reaches out and gently touches her left cheek with the tip of one finger, drawing it slowly down her jaw. 'I still love you M'Nai...I want you to know that'
DarkClaw pulls back quickly, startled.
Draven looks quizzically into her eyes. 'What is wrong, M'Nai?' He chuckles, evidently amused. 'And since WHEN have you been able to order my heart? You own it, but you cannot tell me what it feels, my love'
DarkClaw shakes her head again. 'I don't understand...'
'What is there to understand? You always make simple things complicated M'Nai'
She says quietly, 'I left could I leave you so easily...and still feel the pain I feel now?'
The two pause a moment, and glance over at the Lord of the Trinity as his expression turns grim. He catches their glances, and makes a gesture as if to say, 'Don't mind me.'
'Because you don't believe in what I feel...You don't believe in love, M'Nai'
DarkClaw whispers, struggling with herself not to reach out to Draven, 'I thought you left me again... like the first time...'
He shakes his head sadly. 'Hardly my dear...We fell out of touch for so long, and when I found you again, you had moved on to another named Nicholai'
DarkClaw stiffens at the mention of that name. 'A mistake...'
'I was angry, very much so...I thought of killing you, but I love you too much to ever do that.'
She says quietly, 'I wish you would least then I would be closer to you.'
Draven says 'I cannot hurt you M'Nai...not in that way..I ended my life because there was no purpose in it anymore without you, and I felt you didnt love me any longer'
DarkClaw closes her eyes again, her fists clenching, her voice weaking, 'I'm so sorry, Draven...'
Draven says 'I understand things more, now, M'Nai...Death has a way of doing that'
DarkClaw says quietly, 'Then help me to understand.' She searches his gaze desperately.
Draven says 'You look for love, but you are afraid of it, so you convince yourself it does not exist. Thereby overlooking what is usually right in front of you.'
'I've found nothing that compared to what you gave me... Nothing but emptiness and lies...mostly my own.'
Draven gently takes her in his arms, holding her to him. He whispers 'I know, you have told many lies, M'Nai, but the most you told was to yourself'
She trembles, her face nuzzling against his neck. 'What I would give to hear your laughter again... to feel you next to me at night... To know...that everything will be alright.'
Draven holds her gently, caressing her soft hair. 'If there is a way we can be together, love, I believe Foolkiller will find it.'
DarkClaw whispers, 'You would have me again...after what I've done...?'
Draven smiles softly and nods. 'Of course I would, love'
Foolkiller snarls, opens his eyes, and makes an abrupt, angry gesture.
Jaina arrives suddenly, and gazes around the office, startled.
Foolkiller says harshly, 'You want out, Jaina? So be it - coward.' With a casual gesture, he stops Jaina's heart, and she dies instantly.
DarkClaw gasps in astonishment.
Foolkiller says, 'Get the corpse.'
DarkClaw attempts to lift the body, straining. 'I can't....' With a quick arcane gesture, The Trinity Lord increases her strength. She hefts the body, and offers it up to him.
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'From this moment forth, Jaina is no longer a member of the Trinity.'
Jaina has been rejected as a follower of Foolkiller!
DarkClaw tells the Trinity, '*blink* What happened?'
Brenick tells the Trinity, 'understood.'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'She has turned her back on me and I consider her an enemy.'
DarkClaw tells the Trinity, '*raises a brow, but doesn't ask*.'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'She chose a friendship with Taws over the following, and betrayed my trust forever.'
Quirine tells the Trinity, 'suspicions confirmed...'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'Words cannot describe what I am feeling right now.'
DarkClaw tells the Trinity, '*comfort FK*.' She then turns her attention back to the shade before her, and softly brushes her lips against his neck.
Draven says 'I cannot remain any longer M'Nai, but I will come back to you, I swear'
'Draven, please...I am so sorry...'
He smiles, looking into her eyes. 'To know you still care for me is enough M'Nai, it makes it all worthwhile. You will see me again, I swear'
DarkClaw whispers, 'Tell me...before you go...'
Draven nods slowly, whispering, 'Anything.'
She continues, 'Tell will be alright...'
With a confident smile, he answers. 'Of course it will be alright. I've never lied to you before have I?'
She smiles weakly as he reluctantly steps away, walking to the Mists of the Night. Just before entering, he turns back and pulls her to him, kissing her deeply, passionately. 'Until next time, my love...' and disappears into the Mists.
DarkClaw stares at where Draven used to stand.
Foolkiller nods. 'I'm sorry DarkClaw - I couldn't hold on any longer.'
DarkClaw whispers, 'He was so real...' She lowers herself onto the sofa, her strength now gone.
Foolkiller says, 'So, did you get any of the answers you wanted, DC?'
DarkClaw says quietly, 'There was only one that I wanted...and yes.'
He nods. 'Good, I'm happy for you - When I need Draven again Ill do my best to make sure you are here as well. In the meantime, I assume you want out?'
DarkClaw blinks at what he said, seemingly stunned. Then a frown of incomprehension flashes across her face. 'Out?'
The immortal sighs, and slumps somewhat in his chair. 'I'm sorry to be abrupt. I'm still angered over Jaina. Out of my office, I meant.' He withdraws a key from a hidden pocket, and unlocks the door.
DarkClaw says , 'If you would like your peace.'
Foolkiller says, 'Up to you. I don't mind the company.'
DarkClaw says , 'I will leave have much to do.' She takes one last long look at the the symbols on the floor.
'Not at the moment, I have a respite for now, but will excuse you if you wish.'
DarkClaw says quietly, 'I miss his scent...'
Foolkiller says, 'I can understand, I think.'
DarkClaw sighs and turns for the door, stepping out.
* ... *... *
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'Brenick, one standing order.'
Brenick tells the Trinity, 'yes .'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'If Jaina goes evil, I don't care WHO it is with... No mercy, AT ALL - Is that understood?'
Brenick tells the Trinity, 'understood Lord. I will pass the word down the ranks.'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'Only if she goes evil tho.'
Brenick tells the Trinity, 'if that should come to pass.'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'She stays unaligned or goes neutral, fine - she
wears a red aura and I wanna be littered with corpses of her.'
Brenick tells the Trinity, 'So be it.'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'Jaina was one my most trusted followers, what she has done tonight I will not forgive...or forget. Jaina asked me a long time ago if she could explore the thoughts and feelings of others who are not good. I agreed; Knowledge and understanding are key to this following. She struck up a relationship with Taws, who is definitely evil. I forbade it - Goods and Evils are not SUPPOSED to have that. Rather than obey me, she requested release.'
LongVault tells the Trinity, '*grimace*.'
DarkClaw tells the Trinity, '*clears her throat*.'
Foolkiller tells the Trinity, 'Friendships are one thing DarkClaw. This was more than a friendship....'
(End Scene)

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