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(located at port 4000)

 A scavenger hunt was designed to test the mud knowledge and abilities of
   all who cared to enter it. 237 items were in the list, and for some 30
   hours the questers hunted for them. In the end, one team stood supreme
   above all others...but all the participants quested with honor and deserve
   recognition. Let it be known that those here named took up the challenge.

   Taws, the only solo quester, found 31 items.
   The team of Qball, Flange, Iggwilv, and Jellyhead brought in 34 items.
   The team of Granger, Clue, and Aslan brought in 44 items.
   The team of Kaern and Corri brought in 90 items. All the more amazing was
       that at the halfway point with 64 items, Kaern was pk'd and they had
       to start over. From that set back to third place is quite a feat.
   The team of StoutHBound, Jonah, Tovar, Gaul, and Stratos came in with
       103 items. They tried for some bonus points as well with some amusing
       "tricks", but though amusing, they still had 103 and second place.
   The team of Grismal, GaNn, Smurf, Natilena, Hornblower, and Lynain hauled
       in 185 items to the astonishment of everyone. By a huge margin, they
       took top honors, and were proclaimed the champion team of 1998.

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