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(located at port 4000)


This plaque was created by Foolkiller. It was created upon the death of the woman who played Kitiara, memorializing her. Out of respect, the name Kitiara has forever been locked and may not be used by anyone for the creation of a new character.


Engraved on this solid gold plaque is the image of a beautiful woman, her smile captured perfectly by the hands that crafted this plaque with love and caring. Even tho it is just an image, the smile worn by this woman fills you with warmth, and brightens your life. Beneath the image, in carefully molded letters, you see the following inscription:
Taken from us before it was time, Those who knew Kitiara had the pleasure of knowing a woman with a warm wit, and a charming smile. Those who came to love here tho were truly the most fortunate, as they loved a woman who will forever remain a part of them.
Weep not for Kitiara as she rests…weep instead for those who will never know what a precious gift was given to those whose lives she touched. Rest in Peace Kitiara, and know you made all of our lives better for having known you.

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