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Cordir: Saran's "Paradise" ........ (Poetry)
Wed Dec 31 19:32:20 1997
To: all
The following is a poem I chanced across when reading some old papers
of mine. I think that Saran's words speak as truly now as they did
when he first wrote them. I wanted to share them with those who
never got to meet this intriguing individual.

"Paradise" by Saran

"Many cry out for some god's glory
Many preach a way things should be
I hold orchids. Watch stars and comets
Delphine tears within the sea.

"I pray to the break of dawning
And the veils of the aurora
Clouds of crimson, the plains lit golden
Lover sculpt from malachite

"One shows me Ivory Roses
One shows Elder Signs and night things
I show landscapes, the fall of evening
Hues of indigo and green

I know that while I live nature
Gods are nothing to desire
Rains and rivers, this world of wonders
These are Paradise to me."

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