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Ode to An Annoyance

[ 13] Abender: Ode to an Annoyance
Tue Dec 29 21:49:21 1998
To: all
Again he speaks, the words of no use
Over and over, the frequent abuse
The realm does cringe at the aimless prose
He should, instead be wiping his nose
We beg and we plead for his pie-hole to shut
His ego too great, he'd much rather strut
His latest, a search for a young maiden fair
We all wish success, get him out of our hair
Why is he this way, this loud lonely knight
My guess is quite simple, he isn't too bright
Yet another scroll, as gossip is used
His blather is pointless, we aren't amused
His cronies chime in, the lameness abounds
I feel my skin crawling, thank Tyn there's no sound
I stare at the screen, and shake my head
Why can't he shutup and be quiet instead
If you don't understand who I'm talking about
Keep an eye peeled on gossip, there can be no doubt

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