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Nicholai: An invitation to dance

[ 11] Nicholai: An invitation to dance
Wed Feb 4 21:47:25 1998
To: all
In this moon-lit field I stand,
gazing at the sky.
The purple haze of night sleeps,
in the stars I see her eyes.
For longer than the years can count,
this heart has ceased to beat.
My kin my strength and darkness my home,
the purity my need.
From life comes life,
its sweet taste my wine.
A need so simple,
it transcends the divine.
But for whom my thoughts do stray,
is life in its purest state.
An undying youth,
a soul free from taint.
In her smile is the sunrise,
her hair the summer breeze.
Her eyes a crystal lake,
that no cold heart could freeze.
She is the flower within this field
that's too beautiful to cut.
I dare not hold her in my hand,
for by morning she would wilt.
In this field I stand and wait,
in hopes that there's a chance.
She will make her way to me,
an invitation to dance.

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