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(this log's from Natilena's point of view)
Myronides cants, 'Woho already converted one follower. Muhahaha!'.

Nayr cants, 'Hey now, you can't go blabbing on cant until somebody addresses you as...'.

Nayr cants, 'That thing they ain't gonna'.

Nayr cants, ':> '.

Myronides cants, 'Anyone familiar with old royal courts? I need some titles for followers :)'.

who myron
1 player.
Elf [ Cl:28 Th:28 Ra:29 ] Myronides the Great, Emperor of Nature    <65>

Jerald cants, 'yes, but I dinna think Rhina would appreciate it.'.

Myronides cants, 'I was gonna ask Rhi, but she coudln't stop laughing after I told her what 
I was gonna do while she was away :)'.
Jerald cants, 'which part of europe?'.

Jerald ftells, 'so what d' ye all think o' Myronides' note?'.

note list
[  0]   Tynian: Version 3.07
[  1]   RedXIII: The origin or Red XIII. The thirteenth generation of genetic servitude
[  2]   Tynian: Version 3.08
[  3]   Tynian: Version 3.08a
[  4]   DarkClaw: An apology...
[  5]   Valin: Goodbye....
[  6]   Tynian: Notes, and boards, and ideas, and typos, and bugs, oh my!
[  7]   Tynian: 3.08b
[  8]   Jerald: poem
[  9]   Faille: future gt?
[ 10]   Tynian: Helps for 3.08b
[ 11]   Lorna: Paladinhood
[ 12]   Keilios: Paladins
[ 13]   Tynian: Paladinhood
[ 14]   Myronides: All Hail the Emperor of Nature!

Bulba ftells (in common), 'haven't read it'.

Alaric ftells (in common), 'whatever floats his boat, I guess'.

note read 14
[ 14] Myronides: All Hail the Emperor of Nature!
Mon Apr 27 16:44:23 1998
To: all
All Hail His Royal Majesty, the Emperor of Nature, Myronides!

For the next 65 days I claim my due as Emperor of Nature.
I will only respond when addressed as His Majesty or His Royal Highness
Mine will be a benevolent rule. Hail the Crown!

His Royal Highness, Myronides the Great

Myronides gossips (in common), '(trumpet blast) His Royal Highness, the Emperor of Nature, 
Myronides has arrived!'.

Grismal gossips (in common), 'bah'.

Myronides cants, 'that trigger is gonna be fun :)'.

Someone cants, 'where's that silence spell?'.
Lorna cants, 'Hush, you're canting without being addressed again.'.
Thundar gossips (in elven), 'I sense an ego'.
Someone cants, 'was that ranting? or canting?'.

Lorna cants, 'Yes. '.
Jerald cants, 'as a connessuir o' ranting, that was nae a very good rant.'.

Jerald cants, 'ok, Myronides, what sort o' titles d' ye want?'.

Theoden gossips (in common), 'ALL HAIL MYRONIDES EMPEROR OF NATURE'.

Grismal gossips (in common), '*cough*'.

Bandar gossips (in common), 'bleh'.

Ramza gossips (in common), 'Rhina is gonna be kinda umm..perturbed perhaps? ;)'.

Bandar gossips (in common), 'ALL HAIL GRISMAL KING OF THE WORLD!!!'.

Jerald cants, 'good, use those...the Austro-Hungarian Empire sucked.'.

Jerald cants, ':) '.

Bandar gossips (in common), 'bye all'.

Nayr gossips, 'Nah, she doesn't mind looking silly while she isn't here, Ramza'.

Jerald cants, 'the only reason it stayed around as long as it did is that the Europeans 
didn't want to break it us.'.
Myronides cants, 'bah. the Hapsburg rulers go back to the Dark Ages'.

Adrean says (in common), 'hmmm well just stuff to kill and stuff that kills you...'.

Ramza gossips (in common), 'hehe '.

Myronides gossips (in common), 'Besides I told her I'd do this :)'.

Jerald cants, 'that's not necessarily a qualification for success :)'.

Jerald cants, 'if I were going t' make an empire, I'd use Carolingian titles.'.

Myronides cants, 'yeah that empire last like 80 years, that's good'.

Myronides cants, 'hmm. Was thinkg Charlamanges (spelling)'.

Jerald cants, '*chuckle* it also affected the entirely of Western European history.'.

Jerald cants, 'also, the Holy Roman empire was around until Richeleu's time.'.

Myronides cants, 'the Holy Roman empire was neither, Holy, Roman or a real empire :)'.

Myronides cants, 'Hey anyone know if Bandar is getting into Tigers?'.

Lorna cants, 'Why do you ask?'.

Myronides cants, 'Well he's a liar, and a cheater was just wondering :)'.

Lorna cants, 'He keeps bugging me, but I haven't read his interview yet, and he's sorta 
irritating me.'.

Lorna cants, 'oh? What's he done?'.
Myronides cants, 'He and Fistandan suckered StouthBound out of that lichen Bandar is wearing'.

Jerald cants, 'oh yeah, that's what Rhina'd want ye t' do...cheat yer followers.'.

Bulba ftells (in common), 'ok, I just read Myro's note'.

Myronides cants, 'nothing worse than someone who lies on trades, specially aonce you're 16/12'.

Myronides cants, 'hmm. Um jerald what the heck are you talkin gabout?'.

Lorna cants, 'Hmm. The more I hear about him, the more I'm tempted to do the really wicked 
mean thing I was first tempted to do.'.
Jerald ftells, '*chuckle* aye, but he doesn't have the smallest clue of hae medieval titles 
or structure worked.'.
Myronides cants, 'accept, kill, reject? *snicker*'.
Someone cants, '*snicker* '.

Lorna cants, 'Well, not quite.'.

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