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Madman: Scavenger Hunt Quest
Wed Feb 11 17:56:56 1998
To: all
This weekend, starting at 9am Mud Time Saturday 2/14, and concluding on
Sunday 2/15 at 9pm Mud Time, we will have a scavenger hunt quest. This quest
will be open to ALL participants. People may quest solo or in teams. The
only restriction on teams is that the team MUST follow alignment (ie no
good-evil teams). Items will be listed at the beginning of the quest in an
FYI. At the end of the quest, all participants will be placed in holding room
so that counts can be taken. The person or team with the highest total will
win. If a team wins, they will split the prizes.

The prizes are:
1. A magical ring with 15 charges of the spell of your choice, excepting
enchant (or spells that can't go in a ring).
2. A plaque in the room of records, and a work to be commisioned for hanging
in the Timerian Museum.
3. A +2 strength, +2 dam, inventory, no-drop, no-remove item for the wear
location of your choice. Descriptions also of choice (they must be acceptable
descriptions however.)
4. A free relocation to the hometown of your choice.
5. A restring of 5 pieces of equipment.

Good luck to those that take up the will find it...challenging.


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