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Madman: My Retirement
Sun Oct 4 16:06:00 1998
To: all
Effective immediately, I retire. I no longer want anything to do with a game
run by draconian measures, one where inuendo rules the day, one where mind
police can destroy characters because they dont like their style. I have
supported this game with my all and done a damn huge amount of work to keep
it going, but no longer. The powers that be have called into question my
integrity, my fairness, my impartiality in deciding matters. I have been
basically told to not involve myself in administration activities because
of a note I wrote commenting about a mob restrung and why it was a bad idea.

Further, I have been basically summarily ordered that the way I play my
character is no longer allowed. I can't force. I can't echo. I can't do
everything that the majority thought was having fun. Sure it annoyed some.
That is the ROLE of an evil god. But I guess immortals are not allowed to
do that. To bad. I had fun and so did others. But that's over.

To Tynian: Your a hell of a coder. Your failing is in not testing thouroughly
enough. Keep up the coding work. Beyond that, I don't really think you like
the role of being in charge...and I know you do your best. But I can no
longer remain, especially after you seem to think I cnnot be objective nor
impartial, let alone that you could even consider that I would fix a quest.
To Nayr: Learn to see all sides. ALL sides. And don't fan the flames. And for
god sake, don't alienate the players because they don't see the flavor and
style of the game from the same narrow view you do.
To the Elves: Myron, Dal, and the Rest: It was fun killing made
good foils to the Madness.
To Kaern: Say hi to the Walrus.
To Khore: Send me email...there is a project you may be interested in I saw
the other day.
To Sirak: Good Luck in life got talent. Contact me about the project
I mentioned tabove to Khore.
To the Clavers, and their Leader: You guys play evil like its meant to be
played. Carry on and make the blues cower...and make Nash proud.
To Everyone Else: Good Luck. I hope you like what things I helped build for
you. This game is about you...without you it is nothing but code and files.
Remember that.

And with that, I say goodbye. And for the last time I say:

I now return you to our regualrly scheduled mayhem.


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