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Madman: Quest Master II Canceled
Sun Oct 4 15:48:44 1998
To: all
The quest has been canceled. When my integrity in running a fair quest is
called into question well before the quest even starts, when inuendo that
a winner is already picked before the day has run its course, then I see no
point in running the quest. Those of you who were looking forward to this
quest may be upset. I am as well. However, as I have been accused of making
a quest where not all participants have an equal chance. One where supposedly
someone already has victory handed to them on a silver platter. One tainted
from the beginning. So how can I run it? If the person some think will win
because of this were to do so, then I would be crucified. And if they don't,
it will be because I changed it, or "was found out", or whatever. In short,
guilty tainted and screwed to all involved.

To those of the accusers, I have only one thing to say. Thanks. I only spent
about 20 hours working on this ALONE so that I could have some fun and so
the players could. I don't cheat. And to accuse me of that, well, I have only
contempt for your accusation. It is worthless trash and you can kiss my ass.


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