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Azzark: Retiring
Tue Apr 7 04:03:57 1998
To: all
I'm just here to say it's been fun playing with you all.
I really enjoyed the time I spent on here. (Which was quite a lot:P).
As life goes so will I. This is my last good bye to all of you who I
didn't see hen I left.
Well Dal looks like you got want you wanted.
To all of you who didn't like any of characters, well I feel sorry for you
since it was just a game.
Good bye and give my regards to oblivion!

and finally Gerrad.
Sprout: Aloha
Tue Apr 7 04:26:55 1998
To: all
And thus endeth a huge chapter of TFC.
It was fun, very fun.
And get the hell out of saferooms. It bored the hell out of us.
This is Tyrance, I really had fun. Even, though I pked some of you, it
wasn't easy work.
I hope you all continue to have fun and enjoy the mud like I have.
Dalaran, well you got what you wanted to be the only bad boy on the mud.
I still think you suck compared to me or Sprout.
Try not to be such a jerk and conceited, I liked you better when you were
the old Dal.
Goodbye boys and gals.
Finally, Give my regards to oblivion!!!
Sprout again...
Damn i wanted to be the first 50 in 3x.
I think we made our impression on TFC, dont forget us.
Wave all
Maraxus: Mahalo! (Thank you)
Tue Apr 7 04:55:31 1998
To: all
Well I dont know what to do...Except say goodbye
write me at :
tell me a few stories I got a few for ya.
oh yeah one last thing....It was a typo that poli gave dove the item.
I gave it back a split second after...
but we weren't following the "spirit of the mud". Make sure you dont mak
the same mistake

Dove (level40 paladin),Maraxus (Ma:15 Th:14

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