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Madman: tyrance, dove, poli, and jokulhaups deleted
Tue Apr 7 01:59:44 1998
To: all
In short, eq swapping. As the hawaii band, in a extremely poor example of
of role playing and alignment, looted the corpse of Craige and passed eq from
hand to greedy hand, a "suit of spiked garde armor" went from the corpse to
Tyrance to Poli to Jokulhaups to Poli to Dove... Jokulhaups and Dove are the
(or I should say were) same person in RL. The people have been warned about
things repeatedly as things have looked shady for quite some time. I now have
a log tracking a specific piece of equipment, in short, catching them in the they are gone.

The following characters from the Hawaii site are on probation for the next
90 days: Vol, Grevin, Apollo, Sprout, and Harvest. ALL were on and part of
the looting...all obviously knew what was going on. During the probation
period, ANY infraction by the named characters will be met with immediate

Lastly, all characters run by the people involved above (now and future) are
hereby banned from immortality as long as I have anything to say about it.


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