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(located at port 4000)

You are Tokugawa will enchant for 20K                 *TRNE*,
2166 years old (4308 hours), created Sun Oct 26 97 16:57:16.
You live in Kuroth and your race is Human.
You are a level 30 Ranger, level 30 Mage, level 30 Thief.
You worship Foolkiller, who appears to be ONLINE
You have 441/441 hit, 199/199 mana, 623/627 movement, 194 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 22/39 items with weight 127/400 kg.
Str: MAX   Int: MAX   Wis: MAX   Dex: MAX   Con: MAX   Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are very lucky!
You have scored 388585 exp (1201145 total), and have 370484 gold coins.
You are at the top of the food chain in this class.
You are a semi-retired (2.x) mortal.
Autoexit: yes.  Autogold: yes.  Autoloot: no.  Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 0 hit points.
You are auto-assisting Valor.
You are standing.
You are very vulnerable.
You are Good.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'detect invis'.

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