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(located at port 4000)

Rhina's Temple
[Exits: north]
The floor seems rather rough for the expected marble and it sways a little
in the breeze that stirs the...leaves? You're walking on a limb of the most
immense tree that you've ever experienced. The living branches reach out to
caress your face. Feeling little threat in you, they let you pass into the
inner circle of branches, near the trunk. Rhina has arranged the boughs into
a kind of bower here. You're surrounded on all sides by life; it is endlessly
comforting. Loved as a part of nature, you feel the unspoken support of this
tree and its mistress.

Birds flit through the slight enclosure, dropping small clusters of seeds and
bright offerings on an altar of entwined branches. A small bird, completing
its first flight, lands on the altar and lifts its head, its song of flying
and life and the beauty of the world an ecstasy of music and worship.
(Blue Aura) An altar of entwined branches is covered with bright offerings.

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