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(located at port 4000)

Marisa says: i was standing in the guild hall one day back when it used to be unsafe, and this person came up and suicided on me. Was one of like 3 "pks" total i ever did. (The other two being poor woodstock who wanted to see how much damage my backstab did on him, and erond who helped me "pk" him so that he could have a bag made of his corpse as a gift for lorna.)
Jeckyl has arrived.
<262hp 5ma 396mv >

<262hp 5ma 396mv >
You bully!
Jeckyl misses you.
Prefix says (in common) 'What's that do?'.

<262hp 24ma 396mv >
You dodge Jeckyl's attack.
Your slice DISEMBOWELS Jeckyl!
Jeckyl is stunned, but will probably recover.
Your slice *** DEMOLISHES *** Jeckyl!
Jeckyl is DEAD!!
You hear Jeckyl's death cry.

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