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[112] Cordir: Immortality Petition *
Sun Feb 16 20:40:31 1997
To: Immortal
Long have I known that Fate held a strong hand in my life, and that nothing is truly "chance" - from fleeing my home in Southshire, hearing the voices of the Triat in my mind and heart, and subsequent service to Lord Thaygar, to my being taken by the Arch-Lich, to Gryphon's acceptance of my service. Now, much of who and what I am to be has been made clear to me, and I can see the fulness of that potential just out of my grasp, waiting for one last bridge to be crossed before its full bloom.
Therefore, I, Cordir, would hereby petition to be granted Immortality to pursue what I believe is the destiny and purpose of my life - the service and protection of others and the tending of the Tapestry of the Pattern Web of Fate.
I respectfully await your decision.
[113] Cordir: Petition Part II: Out of Character
Sun Feb 16 20:45:57 1997
To: Immortal
OK.. here's the nitty gritty stuff... what the heck I"d like to do
"upstairs". (Just FYI, I plan on having very strong links to the
following of another individual who is seeking Immortality,
and more will be added if/when she applies and is accepted, as well)
Order Name: The Strands of the Web
Order Alignment: Good
Aspect/Sphere of Influence: The Life Aspect of Fate
Title : The Weaver of the Web, also "The Grey Lady"
Nashite Title (if accepted by the Council) : The Oracle of Nash
Holy Symbol : (tatooed)(writhing) The Sigil of the Web
Follower Title Keyword : Web
Order Dictates: Service to all. Honor in all things. Forgiveness and Growth.
My temple description is complete, as are the requirements for entry,
personal description, web page info, entry/exit strings, you name it.
All of these can be submitted for approval whenever you wish.
Once more, thank you for your consideration of me as an Immortal
Applicant. I can be emailed at or paged at
(censored) with any questions.
* This was posted the first time Cordir reached 30th level.

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