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(located at port 4000)

this was back when in order to immort, people had to (among other things) go to the guru, quest, and then find glittering quest items on the mud. The note below's from Oak.
Hehe, when I logged on today MM said something like "Ah, Oak.. the quest
item trader".. so I decided to go vow.  I wandered around esping for 15
minutes.. went into the first room of the guild.  Esp.  "You sense a
strong mystical energy nearby".  Some newbies ran by me while I was doing
this.  Esp.  Got the message that this area was very low in mystical
energy.  Well I looked at a few people, then decided to hunt down the
newbies.  They were hanging out in the cabin by LL.. one of them had the
glittering item and gave it to me, hehe.  Hopefully I hold the record for
fastest quest completion for a while.

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