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(located at port 4000)

Myronides cants (in common) 'Any God+'s on?'.
Someone cants 'yes'.

Myronides cants (in common) '*ponder* is there anything anyone can do about my corspe? It's 
impossible to get which isn't very fair. Even if only moving it to DR or something would b'.

Someone cants 'I'll ask but I doubt it'.

Someone cants 'where is it?'.

Myronides cants (in common) 'Cause if a door is only way in. And said door is no passdoor, 
no pick and key with my corpse , no way in...'.

Myronides cants (in common) 'Door west of Brass Dragon Lair.'.

Someone cants 'like I said.....i'll ask'.
a little later...
Looking for Myronides

Ptarchyzk cants (in common) 'heya Imp type person.. :>'.

Someone cants 'nope'.

You have the urge to tell Myronides that Darkmoon is looking for him.
(no idea if he ever got his corpse back or not)

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