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Letters between a Master And Apprentice

I apologize for my lack of presence for these past few weeks. I have been probability travelling the multiverses as of late and fell in to a lengthy celebration named 'Yuletide' on one of the worlds I frequent. ( The same place, it happens, that I procure what are known as 'Belgian Chocolate Truffles' for one of my few friends, Marisa. I hope thy studies have not suffered from my lack of instruction. Practice is what's vital.
Which prompts me to get to my point.
During my travels, I had heard some disturbing news concerning you. As I'm always suspicious of whatever any mortal on TFC tells me, and I shant trouble my MASTER with such trivial mortal affairs, I shall ask thee once... WHAT ART THOU UP TO?
I await your explanation, APPRENTICE.
Salem the Black Dragon
High Wizard of the Black Conclave

To My Esteemed Mentor, Salem the Black Dragon, High Councillor of the Black Conclave:
The blessing of Lord Nash upon you, guiding your footsteps always.
Aye, Mentor, you must have ranged far - I and others searched for you, far and wide, for I was sorely in need of your wisdom and council. My heart was heavy, and I had many questions to ask of you. Unfortuately, a time came, where I could wait no longer.
Know this - through the courtesy and kindness of your Master, the Arch-Lich, I was released from the Black Conclave, into the service of the Silver Fellowship. The reasons are myriad, but foremost among them was a Calling - I believe from Lord Nash Himself - to begin to prepare myself for a Task that lies ahead. I seek Immortality, and the portents I have recieved seem rather favorable. As this is a very grave matter, I wished to begin to prepare for it, immediately. The Dark Path is not truly mine - although I have had a scarlet aura most of my life, I have never been truly comfortable with the actions associated with such. But, it was the price I gladly paid for the privilege of the company I kept. Please, do not think I left the Conclave fleeing persecution - that is not the case whatsoever. I felt it was time to begin the meditation and self-mastery that are neccessary for readiness for the Final Ascention.
I hold the Conclave's Master in deep regard, as well as the entire Council. You, sir, I respect utterly. The possibility that you would release me from your apprenticeship was one of the main factors that held my hand for so long, when pondering Release from the Conclave. I would not wish it, but, of course, sir, the choice is ever yours, not mine. I humbly pray that you would still accept me as your apprenctice, but, as stated, am not so bold as to expect that you will.
Still, I remain, your humble servant,

You are not, it seems, the stuff that an apprentice of mine should be made of. Your "defection" to the path of righteousness irrevocably dispels you from my wing. You shall have to pursue thy magical endeavors sans my council. I am bitter, and bitterness is one of the largest sources of my red aura. For once long ago, I was as thee claim to be - a red aura lacking a red heart. But you know the stories, and I needn't waste my breath repeating them - those who wear the shade of blue and claim righteousness as their own are what turned my aura from rose to blood. Bitterness and vengeance have long been the motivating factors in what I do to the vile forces of "good". My MASTER has told me of your existence prior to your entry into the Conclave and I can only blame myself for not seeing that you would vacillate once again.
As for where you stand with me, all I can say is that your life's goals are far too lofty for a "mere mortal" such as I. We have nothing further to discuss. I would have exacted a price for your defection but alas, Lord Nash forbids what I'd prefer to have done about it. I can only sneer at your folly. I hope thy new faith congeals thy thin blood.
Salem the Black Dragon
High Wizard of the Black Conclave

Lord Salem:
Your profoundly poor opinion of me troubles me and hurts me deeply. However, you seem to feel it entirely justified. I shall not trouble you with declarations of intent, or other means of swaying your opinions - for I know you well enough to know what when your mind is set on a course, it is set forever, for good or ill.
If you wish to exact a price for my "defection"... so be it. Let not my beliefs stand in your way. I give you my full and utter permission to do as you will. If it would regain even a modicum of your respect, it would be well worth it.

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