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(located at port 4000)

(this is from Natilena's point of view)
Lag appears before you!
Lag ANNHILATES you with his slash!
Lag ANNIHILATES you with his slash!
You are DEAD!
Dominex gossips (in common), '*cackle*'.

Jedi gossips (in common), '*HEARTATTACK*'
SORRY gossips (in common), 'yeah..that's usually how it goes'.

Busytongue shouts (in common), 'Made my heart go pitter-pat......'.

Jedi gossips (in common), 'there has been a player named Lag on from time to time....'.

Inferno shouts (in common), 'made my heart go plippity-pop'.

Jedi gossips (in common), 'that's why I jumped'.

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