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Khore: The Question
Fri May 30 19:23:20 1997
To: All
The Question

For toil and the maw of truth,
For days to speed the fade of youth,
For iron emblems on iron shields,
For withered seeds and tainted yields...

She walked among the fairest trees,
Her tresses, ghosts in gentle breeze...
Her eyes were azure where they shone,
And where she tread, she walked alone.

And slow, beneath the glare of sun,
She looked and sought the words of One.
Through dead meadows burnt to char,
She travelled long and journeyed far.

And on a trail above the sea,
She walked her road that led to me.
And in a small and timid speech,
One answer from me she beseeched...

She stood and paused and doubt assailed
While wind about us whipped and wailed...
And then a voice from where she stood,
"What is Evil? And what is Good?"

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