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Khore: The Answer (Part I)
Fri May 30 19:25:35 1997
To: All
The Answer

I closed her eyes with a gentle hand
And carried her to a far-off land...
Where the sun was shining and the air was clear,
And the taint of Evil nowhere near.

I set her down as she peered around,
And her feet sank into the virgin ground.
I turned and burnt the trees to ash,
And killed the grass in a blinding flash.

And in the sky, I called a rain
That came and seared the dying plain.
For a gasp and touch of a gentle hand,
I ceased the burning of the land.

I picked her up and I sped away,
And watched the night slowly kill the day.
And on a horizon bleeding with dust,
Where the land was the color of blood and rust,

I set her down on the scorched black earth,
Where all Evil surely knew its birth.
And with a wave of a hand and the uplifted gaze,
The sun burned through the blood dust haze.
Khore: The Answer (Part II)
Fri May 30 19:27:14 1997
To: All

And from the nothing beneath the crust,
Green burst through the blood and rust.
And trees shot forth from the cratered ground,
And from naught but death, life grew around.

I turned to the lady with the ghostly hair,
Whose face was soft, whose skin was fair.
I placed her hand on the growing tree,
While hell's wind went with heaven's breeze...

And there surrounded by an act of Good,
I wondered if she truly understood.
And I left the green and the life behind,
And I left the girl and her searching mind.

And I smiled as I slowly walked away,
At the questions more she would surely say,
But for love of life or for act of sin,
The answers are always found within.

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