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Madman: The Immortality Quest
Tue Dec 2 18:21:19 1997
To: all
To all you Questors:
We do watch how you undertake your endeavor...your trials, your tribulations,
your schemes, your black market deals, your maintenance of character
separation (or lack of it), and so on. These factors and elements are taken
into account should you complete the quest to determine if you are immortal
material or not. I suggest you keep that mind. Some recent shenanigans by
some questing would tend to make one think that they think "all's fair" in
the quest and that the items are the be all and end all. They could not be
more wrong...

We suggest that if you are questing with any notion of taking it beyond the
Initiate point that you use the quest to show us you can be trusted, that
you are willing to go the extra mile to play not only by the rules but by
the spirit of the rules, that you, in short, are WORTHY of being considered
for immortality. If you want to ignore this advice, fine...just don't expect
anything but several well placed rifts, death spells, fireballs, and acid
blasts for your trouble.

I would also suggest that the god+ do NOT like it when people take the quest
lightly, and that they may hinder and/or kill you outright should you show
your unworthiness.

You can't say you haven't been warned.


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