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(located at port 4000)

Tharn says (in common) 'you seem to think that i cower when you Growl at me! i 
have enough guts to take such threats'.
Tharn says (in common) 'especially from someone who isnt aware of his own destructive 

An invisible force hurtles Tharn against the far wall, cracking his skull

Pippin has arrived.
Pippin smiles happily.

Pippin bows before Tharn.
Tharn slumps to the ground.

Foolkiller growls at Tharn.  Better leave the room before the fighting starts.

Pippin says (in common) 'interupting?'.

Foolkiller says 'A wench! Excellent'.

Pippin smiles happily.

Foolkiller glares at Pippin.
Pippin shivers uncomfortably.

Tharn gasps for air, then whispers,"lord oblivion has come to kill us all"

A stream of fire erupts around the altar
Pippin cringes in terror!

mad cackling filles the room

Tharn squerms for safty, crawling away from the source of the sound.

Foolkiller laughs at Tharn mercilessly.

Pippin attempts to hide from the frightening stuff.

Tharn shakes his head, trying clear his thoughts.

Pippin is picked up the scruff of her neck and hurled into the flames

Pippin screams loudly!

Foolkiller shrugs.

Tharn gropes for pippin.

Foolkiller says 'Such is the reward for fools...'.
Pippin grabs onto Tharn.
Tharn pulls pippin back to safety.

Pippin hugs Tharn.
Tharn pats Pippin on her back.

Tharn says (in common) 'he's gone mad'.

Pippin whimpers..vowing never to do foolish things..

Foolkiller lays a burning hand upon Tharn's chest.

Tharn screams in pain.

the sick smell of burning flesh fills the room
Tharn crumples to the ground.

Foolkiller says 'Worship me pathetic one... Bow down and worship me'.

Pippin nods.
Tharn struggles to avoid the thoughts that invade his mind.
Pippin drops to her knees.

Foolkiller growls at Pippin.  Better leave the room before the fighting starts.

Pippin bows deeply.

Foolkiller ftells 'CACKLE Oblivion claims another soul. Pippin has surrendered herself 
to me!'.

Pippin smiles meekly at foolkiller.
Tharn shakes his head slowly towards pippin, maybe she is not lost..

Foolkiller flicks a finger and Tharn goes flying.
Tharn smacks the wall with a CRUNCH.

Foolkiller says ' deigned to join the "Trinity" my dear?'.

Foolkiller sneers.

Pippin nods.

Tharn grabs at his ribs.

Tharn groans in pain.

Foolkiller says 'Then receive Oblivion's blessings...for soon there shall be 
no Trinity'.

Pippin bows deeply.
Tharn shakes his head.

Foolkiller turns his eyes to Pippin.

Pippin tries to meet Follkillers eyes.

Foolkiller's eyes glow a murderous red
Tharn says (in common) 'the cosmic forces will never allow it, oblivion has 
no controll of it's own'.

A beam of red light envelopes Pippin, tristing her body painfully

Pippin crys out.

Pippin drops to the ground.
Tharn says (in common) 'oblivion requires those with INTELLIGENCE to hold its 

The light caresses Pippin's head, turning her skin a sickening green

Tharn shakes his head in dispair.

Pippin attempts to show courage by lifting her head slowly.

Foolkiller glances momentarily at Tharn, a beam of force shoots from his eyes 
and cuts thru him...leaving a gaping hole in his side.
Pippin gasps.
Tharn screams loudly!

Foolkiller says 'Still thy tongue puny one...Thee are next!'.
Pippin is very respectful of the power of Oblivion.

Foolkiller turns his gaze back to Pippin.
Pippin lowers her eyes in respect.

Tharn grimaces.

the glow around Pippin's body intensifies, and her hands twist and gnarl, fingers 
joining together

Pippin closes her eyes tightly.
Tharn looks away from the sickening scene.

Eyes merge into one, hair sprouts from her arms

Pippin silently endures the tourture.
Augustus has arrived.
the glow fades, leaving Pippin in her new form

Foolkiller says 'Rise my cyclops - and enjoy the reign of Oblivion!'.
Tharn gasps, help me augustus, he is trying to KILL me.

Pippin slowly gets to her feet.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Foolkiller says 'Trying, little man? Trying? Should I wish it you would be dead 
by now'.
Augustus says (in common) 'what is going on?'.

Foolkiller says 'Your former lord is gone Fools...Oblivion now commands this body.'.
Tharn says (in common) 'roleplaying my friend, join us, if you wish'.
Augustus nods in recognition to Tharn.
Augustus says (in common) 'Tharn, what did you do?'.

Foolkiller says 'He was here...that was all the reason I needed'.
Tharn winces at oblivion's words, em utters, hope is not gone forever.
Augustus shakes his head.

Foolkiller's eyes flash, and a bookcase flies thru the air and slams into Augustus

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Augustus falls to the ground.

Foolkiller turns his attention to Pippin.

Augustus says (in common) 'well now'.
Augustus stands again.
Tharn says (in common) 'fight his words'.

Foolkiller says 'Your title will now be Cyclops of the Trinity, Pippin'.

Foolkiller says 'Enjoy Oblivion's gift'.
Pippin nods meekly.

Augustus looks at Pippin.
Augustus comforts Pippin.

Foolkiller says 'THARN!'.

Tharn says (in common) 'don't believe him, our TRUE lord shall always be the 
master of ALL the trinity'.
Tharn looks meekly at oblivion.

mad cackling echos thru the temple
Pippin smiles softly at Tharn.

Foolkiller says 'Touch my altar Tharn...Tis the only way to heal thy wounds'.

Tharn shakes his head, grimacing.

Augustus bows before Foolkiller.
Augustus says (in common) 'what is it you desire lord?'.
Augustus says (in common) 'why have you done this?'.

Foolkiller says 'TOUCH THE ALTAR THARN...or suffer the torments of the Tree 
of Woe!'.

Tharn slowly rises from the ground, grabbing his head.

Foolkiller says 'I do this because it pleases me to do so. I require no other 
Tharn says (in common) 'if it will make my pain stop...'.
Tharn slowly stumbles towards the altar, graping head and gaping side.

Pippin knows the Foolkiller she befriended will return..
Augustus nods in recognition to Pippin.

Foolkiller cackles gleefully at Pippin

Tharn crumples before the alter.

Tharn lays motionless.

Foolkiller looks a Tharn with disdain.
Augustus runs to Tharn.
Pippin looks up gently.
Tharn looks at foolkiller, then to pippin, and finally augustus, the torment he 
has suffered showing in his eyes.

Foolkiller smirks, and Augustus bounces off a shield around Tharn.

Tharn says (in common) 'i am sorry my friend...'.
Foolkiller says 'No help to he who is weak Augustus'.

Augustus says (in common) 'you have made him that way'.
Augustus says (in common) 'he was not so before'.
Tharn slowly pulls his hand away from his side.

Foolkiller says 'If he cannot suffer the tortures of the damned, then die he 
must..I care not'.
Tharn looks down at his side in sudden realization.

Foolkiller says 'PIPPIN!'.

Pippin looks up.
Pippin bows before Foolkiller.

Foolkiller says 'Thee hast not listened to me, child. I ordered you to change 
thy title!'.
Pippin nods.
Tharn says (in common) 'YOU have inflicted these things to me, i will not listen 
to YOU'.

a gust of wind blows Pippin thru the air, slamming her to the ceiling and dropping 
her to the floor

Pippin forgot in light of the happenings.

Foolkiller says 'Then die Tharn...I care not for your pitiful ramblings'.
Augustus says (in common) 'what is it you wish to come of all of this, M'lord?'.
Foolkiller says 'I wish nothing! That is chaos! No goal, no objective...simply 
pure chaos'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Tharn says (in common) 'if DEATH is the only way of teaching then you have a 
lot to learn'.

Foolkiller says 'For example...Chaos can heal as well as harm'.

Augustus says (in common) 'chaos? at the price of those that serve you?'.
Pippin watches silently, the truth known inside.

Foolkiller glances at Tharn, his wounds instantly healing
Tharn gasps in suprise.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Foolkiller says 'Do you see the beauty of chaos?'.
Pippin says (in common) 'remember Augustus..this is NOT Foolkiller'.

Foolkiller says 'It can heal or harm at a whime!'.
Augustus nods in recognition to Pippin.

Foolkiller says 'Chaos is pure unpredictability! No one knows what it shall 
do next!'.

Tharn says (in common) 'chaos is UNCONTROLLABLE that is the essence of chaos'.

Pippin nods.

Foolkiller says 'Oh my sweet, stupid little you know'.

Tharn says (in common) 'how can you claim to hold this power'.

Foolkiller says 'I am Oblivion - Oblivion is the essence of chaos'.
Tharn slumps slightly.

Foolkiller says 'From me all that is unpredictable springs into existence'.

Foolkiller says 'I am the eventual end of all life, all light'.

Augustus says (in common) 'and the beginning?'.

Foolkiller says 'That is my nature. I control the forces of darkness, the 
eventual end to all things'.

Foolkiller says 'And you call yourself a member of the Trinity, and know not 
these things? What has this Avatar taught you?'.
Tharn sighs loudly.
Pippin says (in common) 'once all things have ended..what is there left to control?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'if it is truely random, you are truley random, if it
all ends so do you'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Pippin says (in common) 'you will eventually end..for all things must'.

Ranzar has arrived.

Foolkiller says 'Control is not the issue you pathetic fool! Chaos is the issue'.
Ranzar bows deeply.

Augustus says (in common) 'I pray it sooner than later'.

Augustus beams a smile at Ranzar.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Foolkiller laughs at Ranzar mercilessly.
Pippin says (in common) 'no good ever comes from the end all is 

Foolkiller says 'So, the pitiful one returns'.
Ranzar looks about quizically.
Tharn says (in common) 'i thought i was pitiful... no im stupid'.
Augustus says (in common) 'Oblivion has taken over Foolkiller'.
Pippin sighs loudly.

Foolkiller says 'The essence of Chaos is never comes and goes in a 
Ranzar sighs loudly.
Pippin says (in common) 'what is there to come if there is nothing?'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'so is the essence of life'.

Pippin says (in common) 'there must be order to balance chaos..or all is gone'.

Foolkiller says 'The essence of life IS chaos!'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'then without life you are nothing- why fight yourself?'.

Pippin nods in recognition to Ranzar.

Pippin says (in common) 'chaos sees only chaos'.

Foolkiller says 'With life or without life, I go on. I existed for millions of 
years before life existed'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'that is foolish, and a false lie to exist by'.
Ranzar nods in recognition to Pippin.
Augustus rubs his bruise from the book.
Tharn comforts Augustus.

Pippin says (in common) 'but without life..what is there for you?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'an abyss'.
Pippin nods.
Ranzar says (in common) 'in order for you exist you must have someone to believe 
in you- without anyone you are truly and in fact nothing'.

Foolkiller says 'Your pitiful minds cannot comprehend the forces I represent..'.
Tharn sighs loudly.

Pippin shakes her head slowly.

Ranzar sighs loudly.

Pippin believes only in the true Foolkiller.
Ranzar's sores fester.
Ranzar's  devastates Ranzar!
Pippin's sores fester.
Pippin's  hits Pippin.
Augustus utters the words, 'cure disease'.
Tharn utters the words, 'cure disease'.
Ranzar's sores begin to close.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Foolkiller says 'Chaos strikes again'.
Pippin sighs loudly.

Tharn says (in common) 'perhaps yours cant comprehend the forces that we represent 
-motions to ranzar and augustus-'.
Pippin's sores fester.
Pippin's  hits Pippin.
Augustus utters the words, 'cure disease'.
Augustus says (in common) 'chaos is very simple, if it is as you have said.  There 
is only one concept, quite boreing...'.

Foolkiller says ' desire a lesson in Chaos?'.

Pippin understands chaos ...
Ranzar thanks Tharn heartily.

Foolkiller says 'The unpredictable nature of chaos?'.
Pippin thanks Tharn heartily.
Pippin nods.
Augustus nods.
Tharn nods in recognition to Pippin.

Tharn nods in recognition to Ranzar.

a stout, blackened tree appears behind the altar
Pippin says (in common) 'that is the essance of chaos'.

Foolkiller says 'Pippin, before you stand 3 gentlemen of supposed wisdom.'.

Pippin is listening.

Foolkiller says 'One of these men will be staked to the Tree of Woe behind you'.
Pippin nods.

Foolkiller says 'Which shall it be, Pippin? Which shall it be?'.

Pippin lowers her head a moment..then raises it agin.

Tharn runs toward the farthest corner from oblivion and pippin.

Foolkiller says 'You must choose the one to go to the Tree of Woe...and it cannot 
be yourself or me. It must be one of these 3'.

Pippin can not chose a recipient for such tourture.

Pippin's sores fester.
Pippin's  hits Pippin.
Augustus utters the words, 'cure disease'.
Tharn utters the words, 'cure disease'.
Pippin's sores begin to close.
Augustus utters the words, 'cure disease'.

Foolkiller says 'You shall choose is so ordered'.
Ranzar looks at Pippin.
Pippin sighs loudly.

Tharn rests.
Foolkiller says 'CHOOSE! Which shall be delivered to the Tree of Woe? Ranzar, 
Augustus or Tharn?'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'you don't have to listen to him pippin- he strives only 
to control and hurt'.

Pippin says (in common) 'i thought chaos was random?..if so..why do you need me 
too chose/'.

Tharn's sores fester.
Tharn's  mauls Tharn.

Tharn stands up.
Tharn utters the words, 'cure disease'.
Tharn's sores begin to close.
Ranzar nods in recognition to Pippin.
Augustus wonders if Oblivion is like a little child throwing a tantrum.

Foolkiller says 'Oh yesss Ranzar...She does need to listen. For in this realm, 
I am your god. Your realm commands that you obey a god, remember?'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'chaos has no mind, nothing to harness it- it is disorder 
and the negative balance of life'.

Pippin nods.

Foolkiller says 'You will choose because Chaos demands a lesson be taught.'.

Pippin says (in common) 'if so..then the randomness that is chaos must do so..
for i can not'.

Foolkiller says 'You must see that even the benevolent of those amongst us are 
victims of Chaos. and some of it their own making.'.
Pippin sighs loudly.
Ranzar says (in common) 'we as beings are victims to all factors of what makes life'.

Foolkiller says 'CHOOSE Pippin - which fool goes, which 2 stay?'.
Pippin is sorry.
Pippin says (in common) 'if i must...'.
Augustus comforts Pippin.

Ranzar shakes his head at Pippin.

Pippin chooses Augustus...

Pippin lowers her head.

A blinding light flashes thru the temple

Augustus cringes.
Augustus comforts Pippin.

Pippin looks up at Augustus ...
When the light fades, Augustus stands before Oblivion with Pippin staked to the Tree of Woe

Ranzar looks worriedly at pippin and Augustus.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Augustus screams.
Pippin expexted as such.

Foolkiller says 'There is thy lesson child - learn it well!'.

Pippin 's head lowers..
Augustus says (in common) 'it    is       ok            Pippin,         I will    
survive  '.
Augustus head slumps.

a flock of vultures settles on the branches of the Tree, looking at Pippin hungrily

Pippin will endure anything you do...she knows her dearest friend will return eventually.
Ranzar sighs sadly.

Foolkiller says 'So, you desire a lesson in Chaos?'.

Pippin closes her eyes.
Tharn slumps.

Tharn ftells (in common) 'i must leave'.
Augustus says (in common) 'if   you     feel      you        must       .'.

Foolkiller ftells 'Good night Tharn...enjoy thy wounds'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'why do this to us Oblivion?'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'what purpose does it serve?'.
A gust of wind blows Tharn out of the temple

Augustus see's the blood dripping down his arms.

Foolkiller says 'Chaos serves no purpose, that is it's essence'.

Augustus says (in common) 'Foolkiller says it serves to entertain you...'.

Foolkiller says 'It is random, undefined, uncontrolled.'.
Augustus says (in common) 'you contradict yourself'.

Pippin says (in common) 'then why is it here?'.

Foolkiller says 'No, i said it pleases me. I control chaos, therefore I may use 
it how it suits me'.

Foolkiller says 'But now for your Lesson Augustus...'.
Augustus sighs loudly.
Ranzar says (in common) 'you cannot control chaos'.

Augustus fears what is to come.

Ranzar says (in common) 'that is a mistake- trying to bridle that which cannot 
be is only dooming yourself'.

Ranzar shakes his head sadly.

Foolkiller says 'I am Chaos...I am the wellspring for all harm and pain delivered, 
and all that is to come from actions.'.

Foolkiller says 'What is the motto of your former Lord?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'actions have consequences'.

Foolkiller grins wickedly.

Augustus says (in common) 'death is a fools reward'.

Pippin nods.

Foolkiller says 'Precisely. The first part of that motto is the essence of chaos'.

Pippin shakes her head.
Augustus says (in common) 'we    are      not        fools         why        treat
         us        as          such         ?'.

Foolkiller says 'For every action there is a consequence. No matter how small.'.

Pippin says (in common) 'and no matter what prevails'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'that is the way of balance- you do not control it but only 
make a part of it'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'whatever you may try and however far you suceed- you will 
always be beaten in the end'.

Foolkiller says 'Indeed? Are you so sure?'.

Foolkiller says 'Without me my counterpart cannot exist'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'and vice versa'.

Foolkiller says 'With her I do not exist.'.

Pippin sighs loudly.

Augustus groans.
Ranzar says (in common) 'and so what is your ultimate purpose in doing this to us?'.

Foolkiller says 'No purpose at all...that is the glory'.

Foolkiller says 'Augustus...I grant thee one wish.'.

Augustus contemplates the possibilities.
Augustus says (in common) '1           wish                  without                
restriction           ?'.

Foolkiller says 'You cannot wish for more wishes, nor can you wish that I leave. 
My powers do not affect myself :)'.

Augustus nods weakly.

Foolkiller says 'What is thy wish, Augustus?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'then         I            wish         that           your 
       counterpart           were        here        to       balance           you'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Foolkiller says 'I told you, fool - my powers cannot be used to harm me. Her presence, 
if called by me, would harm me.'.
Augustus says (in common) 'why       would       her         mere        presence       
harm            you?'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'is there fear within all that armor Oblivion?'.

Foolkiller says 'because we are opposites. We cannot summon our opposites. It 
is part of the ancient covenants'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'it is truly augustus summoning her- and his need is as 
great as any'.

Foolkiller says 'No, fool - the wish is granted thru my powers'.
Augustus screams      Inifinity.

Foolkiller says 'My powers cannot be used to harm me.'.

Augustus says (in common) 'I       do         not          wish        to         
harm             only        balance'.

Foolkiller says 'Your wish is revoked Augustus'.
Augustus head drops to his chest.

Foolkiller says 'Pity yourself, for you could have saved Poor Pippin'.

Ranzar looks worriedly at pippin.
Pippin looks up softly.

Foolkiller reaches up and drags his fingernails down Pippins skin, leaving a 
trail of blood.

Augustus says (in common) 'I         am           sorry       Pippin,       I
         wanted         to         save        us           all'.

Pippin grimices..

Pippin nods.

Ranzar comforts Augustus.

Foolkiller says 'Now, for one more lesson...'.

Augustus pulls on the stakes holding his hands,  to no avail.

Foolkiller says 'Ranzar...Stand before my altar'.

Ranzar places himself before the altar.
Foolkiller says 'Look carefully at the faces of Pippin and Augustus'.

Ranzar does so regretfully.

Foolkiller says 'Look at the pain they suffer upon the Tree of Woe'.

Pippin looks into ranzar's eyes.

Augustus says (in common) 'do        not       worry         for         me,
      I              will              '.

Foolkiller says 'I grant you the power to release one, and only one of them 
from the Tree, restored in health.'.
Augustus is too weak to speak more.

Foolkiller says 'Make your choice and touch the altar...speaking the name of 
one you choose'.

Ranzar grinds his teeth at this disgrace.
Pippin tries to keep her head up.
Augustus says (in common) 'Pippin                pippin             pip'.

Pippin smiles weekly at Augustus.

Pippin nods her head in his direction slowly.
Ranzar glares and at first does not approach the altar.
Augustus looks at Pippin and knows it is best.

a vulture squawks loudly, preparing to feast

Pippin keeps her head raised.

Ranzar 's face loses its defiance as he slowly reaches towards the evil altar.

Pippin closes her eyes.

Pippin sighs loudly.
Ranzar says (in common) 'augustus- you are strong, don't let my decision take 
that away'.

Ranzar touches the altar.
Augustus says (in common) 'I          will            not,            my      
Ranzar says (in common) 'free pippin from this which she does not deserve'.

Augustus utters the words, 'true seeing'.
Ranzar nods sadly at augustus.

a blinding light fills the temple
Pippin looks at ranzar.

the light clears, and Pippin stands next to Ranzar, restored to full health

Ranzar beams a smile at Pippin.
Pippin hugs Ranzar.
Ranzar comforts Pippin.
Pippin looks up at Augustus.

Augustus seems to be somewhat relieved.
Ranzar says (in common) 'augustus ....'.

Foolkiller says 'So...promise made, promise kept...'.
Pippin lowers her head.
Augustus says (in common) 'yes             my          friend         ?'.

Foolkiller says 'Sometime chaos is predictable after all, isnt it?'.
Ranzar smiles meekly at augustus.

Ranzar says (in common) 'remember my words friend'.
Pippin says (in common) 'then it is not chaos...'.

Foolkiller says 'Oh my child, indeed it is...Chaos can harm or heal, at a whim,'.
Augustus says (in common) 'I        will,             do          not         
worry            for         me             stay       strong'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'sadly --   I must depart- stay strong friends and never 
give in to destruction and chaos'.
Pippin hugs Ranzar.

Ranzar hugs Pippin.

Ranzar grimaces at Oblivion.

Foolkiller says ' you wish your friends release?'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'I do- he does not deserve this'.

Foolkiller shrugs.
Ranzar looks at Augustus.

Foolkiller snaps his fingers.
Augustus falls to the floor.

the Tree disappears and Augustus stands free of it.
Ranzar rushes to augustus.
Pippin looks at Augustus.

Pippin looks up at Oblivion.

Ranzar winces and tries to handle him gently.

Ranzar beams a smile at Augustus.

Foolkiller says 'A final lesson for you...sometimes the choices you make, you 
would never have to have made.'.
Augustus beams a smile at Ranzar.

Foolkiller says 'had you asked me Ranzar, ifyou could somehow release both, 
I would have said yes...'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'better to make a choice in light than to leave all 
in dark'.

Augustus looks at Oblivion.
Pippin looks for the slightest spark of her lost friend.

Foolkiller says 'Instead, you agaonized over a choice, and sentenced one to 
more suffering.'.
Augustus stands up.
Ranzar sighs sadly at himself.
Pippin hugs Augustus.
Augustus hugs Pippin.
Ranzar says (in common) 'and what am I to predict chaos?'.
Augustus hugs Ranzar.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Ranzar grimaces at Foolkiller.
Augustus says (in common) 'you did what any would have, do not worry'.
Pippin nods.

Foolkiller says 'You are nothing...tis not to worry...Chaos does what it 
pleases when it pleases. Enjoy your conscience Ranzar.'.
Ranzar says (in common) 'the damage is already done- and if it is all oblivion 
will do then I"m glad it was aimed at me'.

Foolkiller says 'My lessons are done for now...begone'.

Ranzar bows to Augustus and Pippin.
Augustus tears a piece of cloth from his robe and wraps it around his still 
bleeding hands.
Pippin beams a smile at Ranzar.
Augustus bows before Ranzar.
Augustus says (in common) 'thank you my friend'.

Ranzar says (in common) 'a battle without seemingless end- but I have faith 
that it will, and one way or another you will never win'.
Pippin bows before Ranzar.

Ranzar smiles meekly.
Ranzar leaves west.

Augustus says (in common) 'can I help'.

Foolkiller says 'I dont know Augustus, can you?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'appearantly not     sigh'.
Pippin beams a smile at Augustus.

Augustus says (in common) 'what has become of our Foolkiller?'.

Pippin shakes her head.

Augustus says (in common) 'what has become of our Foolkiller,      Oblivion?'.

Pippin nods.

Pippin looks up.

Foolkiller says 'Your "Lord" is gone from this vessel. I inhabit it now.'.

Pippin says (in common) 'where is he..for i know he is not gone'.

Foolkiller says 'He is where all our avatars have gone...the nexus between 
Pippin says (in common) 'not compleatly'.

Augustus says (in common) 'why must you send him away?  must you only take 
his vessel?'.
Pippin sighs loudly.

Augustus says (in common) 'or are you worried what might happen with him here?'.

Pippin grins at Augustus.

Foolkiller says 'I am one of three who made him what he was, he has no powers 
against us.'.

Augustus says (in common) 'so why must he leave?'.

Pippin nods.

Foolkiller says 'BECAUSE I DESIRE IT SO!'.

Pippin says (in common) 'where are the others in all this?'.
Augustus says (in common) 'chaos has no desire, it just is...'.

Foolkiller says 'I am the wellspring of chaos, remember, it's source. I am also 
the wellspring of selfishness, greed, all that is twisted'.
Pippin says (in common) 'they must be concerned at the inbalence'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Augustus nods in recognition to Pippin.

Foolkiller says 'The others have no concerns here...They have abandoned this 
realm to me.'.

Pippin says (in common) 'they would not do that...'.
Augustus says (in common) 'I doubt that...        have you done something to them?'.

Foolkiller says 'So certain are you? What know you of the ways of gods'.

Pippin says (in common) 'balence is the goal of existance...without it there 
is no world'.
Augustus says (in common) 'we know that the Trinity is just and right'.

Foolkiller says 'and who is to say that balances must always remain in balance?'.
Augustus says (in common) 'but you alone...'.

Augustus says (in common) 'then your time is coming?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'this must concern you'.
Foolkiller says 'Balance to you implies equality. The true meaning is different.'.

Pippin says (in common) 'without balance eventually everything would be destoyed...

Foolkiller says 'The true meaning of balance is such that one side can be more 
weighted than the other side....'.
Augustus says (in common) 'the pendulum will swing back..  '.

Foolkiller says 'so long as there is SOMETHING on the other side. That is balance. 
It is not a finite concept as you see it.'.
Augustus says (in common) 'the weight shifts'.

Augustus says (in common) 'and you may have more now'.
Pippin says (in common) 'but here...there IS no other side'.

Foolkiller says 'So sure are you of that Pippin?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'but it will not always be so'.

Pippin says (in common) 'Foolkiller says you contol all here...?'.

Foolkiller says 'If there were no balance at all, why does Ranzar still wear 
the E of Eternity?'.
Pippin says (in common) 'then where is the other side?'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Vigor has arrived.

Vigor backs up in terror.
Pippin beams a smile at Vigor.

Vigor shivers and suffers.
Vigor's poison scratches Vigor.
Pippin shakes her head.
Vigor says (in common) 'THE ALTER!'.
Vigor points.

Foolkiller says 'Do you honestly think Im going to give thee all your answers 
Pippin? Find this out yourself, if you have the brains for it'.

Augustus utters the words, 'cure poison'.

Augustus utters the words, 'cure poison'.
Vigor looks better.
Pippin does not expect answers to be given...for no answer that is is good.
Vigor prays.

Foolkiller says 'So....wish to bleed again mortal?'.

Augustus looks at Vigor.

Foolkiller cackles gleefully at Vigor.

Pippin sighs loudly.

You feel a gigantic surge of mystical energy!
Vigor says (in common) 'Eternity..please give me the strength..please give me 
the courage..please give me the wisdom'.
Vigor prays.
Augustus says (in common) 'I would not wish for pain'.

Pippin gasps in astonishment.

Foolkiller says 'Pray all you wish, little help will be forthcoming to 

Pippin looks up at Oblivion...
Vigor prays..he begins to chant.

Foolkiller glances at Vigor.

Pippin sighs loudly.
Vigor closes his eyes avoiding Oblivions gaze.  He continues to chant.

Foolkiller watches as Vigor tries to speak, but finds he cannot, as his 
tongue has disappeared.

Vigor gags and clutches his throat.
Pippin lowers her head..

Pippin shakes her head.
Augustus comforts Vigor.
You are overwhelmed by mystical energy!
Pippin beams a smile at Vigor.
Augustus says (in common) 'continue in your mind Vigor, it is the same'.

Pippin comforts Vigor.

Foolkiller snickers as Vigor regains his tongue...after a fashion.
Vigor spits up blood.

Vigor growls at you.  Hey, two can play it that way!

Foolkiller watches as Vigor speaks with a forked tongue.

Augustus holds Vigor back.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Vigor says (in common) 'yousss ssshhall not win'.

Pippin looks at Vigor.
Vigor screams as he hears himself speak.
Vigor screams loudly!

Foolkiller says 'Look at the altar...all of you...'.

Pippin looks...

Augustus slowly looks.

Foolkiller says 'See the aura surrounding it?'.

Vigor clutches his head in agony as he tries to avert his gaze from the altar.

Augustus nods slowly.
Pippin gasps in astonishment.

Augustus cringes.

Foolkiller says 'Know now that this is my goal. Your "Lord" was meant to be 
evil all along.'.
Pippin sighs loudly.

Augustus says (in common) 'but you did not have the strength then ?'.

Foolkiller says 'He chose the path of good, and thus defied my wishes.'.
Vigor says (in common) 'yousss sssshall not win!!!'.
Vigor forked tongue lashes out and brushes his cheek.

Foolkiller says 'I deal with upstarts in my own manner, at a time of my own choosing. 
Tis much better to possess a god than a mortal.'.

Vigor says (in common) 'join hands'.
Augustus holds out his hands.
Pippin does so slowly.

Vigor grabs Augustus's and pippin's hand.

Augustus begins to chant.

Vigor chants and a gentle breeze blows through the temple.
Pippin closes her eyes.

Foolkiller says 'I know what you seek to do, it is to no avail, the Trinity 
already said they could help no longer.'.
Vigor throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Vigor says (in common) 'The Trinity is within us'.
Vigor says (in common) 'that is enough'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Augustus chants.

Foolkiller says 'All of you together could not attract their attention again. 
But chant if you wish.'.
Pippin chants.
Vigor grabs his throat, his eyes wide with terror.
Pippin opens her eyes.

Augustus chants but no sounds come out.

Augustus gasps.

Vigor s mind feels like it is about to shatter as his deepest fears..his 
personal demons are brought to the fore of his mind.

Foolkiller says 'Cat got your tongue Augustus?'.

You feel a gigantic surge of mystical energy!

Augustus looks at Vigor.
Vigor thrashes about wildly with his weapons.
Pippin jumps.
Vigor screams loudly!

Foolkiller says 'I tire of this sport....I leave you to your own visions and 
torments...your own chaos.'.
Vigor moans in agony.

Pippin sighs loudly.

Vigor flees from the temple.
Vigor leaves west.

Pippin looks up at Oblivion.

Pippin sighs loudly.

Augustus begins to speak.

Augustus says (in common) 'what        now           Oblivion?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'torment                 others?'.

Foolkiller says 'Should I choose to, yes...'.

Pippin sighs loudly.

Augustus contemplates the coming days.
Pippin knows they will get better.

Augustus says (in common) 'I pray they do Pippin...'.

Pippin says (in common) 'they will...'.
Pippin says (in common) 'nothing lasts forever'.
Augustus nods.
Augustus says (in common) 'what has become of Tokugawa? and the others?'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!
Pippin looks up questioningly.

Foolkiller says 'So many questions...why do you not seek the answers yourselves?'.

Augustus says (in common) 'I must go'.

Foolkiller throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Pippin hugs Augustus.

Augustus says (in common) 'Pippin you think you should stay here?'.

Foolkiller says 'Leave then...Let chaos go in your wake'.
Pippin nods.
Pippin says (in common) 'ill be alright'.

Augustus comforts Pippin.

Pippin beams a smile at Augustus.

Pippin kisses Augustus.
Augustus says (in common) 'I will be back soon,  I have a kill to make'.
Pippin smiles happily.
Augustus kisses Pippin's hand.
Augustus smiles happily.

Augustus bows to Oblivion.

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