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(located at port 4000)

a look description of foolkiller
Do you truly with this man's eyes to turn their attention
to you? The Foolkiller stands 6'2" with a powerful, broad
body with 2 deadly assets - his mind and his eyes.

His eyes are a rich sapphire blue, easily reflecting his
mood. Thru his eyes he can reflect great kindness and love,
or anger to which the heavens themselves can fear.

Ebon-haired, with sharply handsome features, he has a
looks about him that lets you know this is no one to be
trifled with. His muscles are well defined, with a 
well-toned chest, shoulders, arms, legs and stomach.

The most surprising thing about him tho is his hands.
Scarred and scratched from years of hardship and toil,
His hands are nonetheless capable of touching one with
the most gentle and caring of caresses.

But hold no illusions of bring touched by him.
For Foolkiller's heart and soul belong to his one true
love, The Lady Xaviera. He carries with him always
her image in his hands, and upon his finger he wears the
symbol of her true love and devotion to him.
Foolkiller is in perfect health.

Foolkiller is using:
[worn on finger]    (Magical) The Golden Ring of Eternal Love and Devotion
[worn on finger]    (Magical) the vivid diamond ring
[worn around neck]  (Magical) the grimy marble amulet
[worn around neck]  (Magical) the shimmering hematite amulet
[worn on body]      (Magical) a suit of animal hide
[worn on head]      (Magical) a bronze plate helm
[worn on legs]      (Magical) a pair of leather leggings
[worn on feet]      (Magical) a pair of padded leather boots
[worn on hands]     (Magical) a pair of leather gloves
[worn on arms]      (Magical) a pair of padded leather sleeves
[worn as shield]    (Magical) a wooden large shield
[worn about waist]  (Magical) a studded leather girth
[worn around wrist] (Magical) the brittle tiger eye bracelet
[worn around wrist] (Magical) the simple lapis lazuli bracelet
[wielded]           (Magical) a scimitar
[worn with pride]   (Magical) (Glowing) (Humming) the Medallion of Godhood
[worn with pride]   (Blue Aura) the Trinity's Symbol of Trust

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