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Tynian: Equipment purges
Fri Oct 31 17:19:55 1997
To: all
... or "Just Another Totally Uncool Thing Those Uncaring Implementors
Did to Screw Players Over, But We Actually _Asked_ For A Few Months Ago."

There is now equipment purging code in place, which is designed to purge
limited items from characters that aren't active. Activity is judged
by the code to be experience earned during a given time. If a character
has not earned a certain (non-disclosed) amount of experience in a
certain (non-disclosed) amount of time, there is a chance that one or
more limited items might be purged from that character, so that other
characters have a chance to find and use items which were previously
unavailable to them. Random items are not effected by this code.

The experience used is what shows up as "total" experience in score.
Thank you for your time. I apologize for not posting this warning


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