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Drizzt: Farewell, TFC
Fri Feb 9 18:44:43 2001
To: all
I've never been one for long farewells, so I'll make this as quick as possible.
I believe that there may still be hope for this realm on some minute level, but I
cannot sit and watch the balance of TFC slip further and further away.
I blame no one, it was simply a situation where time, determination and effort favored
those of the Nashite faith. You have accomplished your goal. Soon, those who appose you
will more than likely fall prey and soon accept your faith as their own. There are so few
left to fight on the side of good that it is almost laughable to think the remaining might
stand a chance.

I am not saying it is an impossible battle. however, I am saying that I have yet to see a
large enough alliance of good players to pose a threat to the tight knit followers of the nashite
faith. Perhaps, at some point, all of you will learn what it is to truly be at war..the absolute
necessity for unity and allies..friends and comrades. You will never stand a chance unless you put
aside differences and realize this is a war. You will not triumph until you learn to work together..
much like, ironically, those of the nashite faith. they prosper because they work together.
but I've already made this too long. I wish you all good luck, and I hope at some point this realm
will regain it's equilibrium.

This is my retirement notice..for the 2nd time. Syris also says his farewells, as does Lyim, and
Symon(the 3.x version).


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