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Molo: Conclave Statistics as of this day.
Sun Sep 21 21:54:48 1997
To: followers marisa (see asked to see)

My Conclave,

For your information and amusement, here are the current stats
for our Conclave:

High Council of the Arch-Lich:           20 Members
Total Conclave Membership:              124 Members
Average Council Effective Member Level:  33.90
Average Conclave Effective Member Level: 23.23
Conclave Members over Effective 30th:    32
Conclave Members over Effective 20th:    69
Conclave Members between 15 and 19th:    55

By Class (spell using class takes priority over non-spell using)
Clergy (Cl:10+):  65    Magi (Ma:10+):   28   Shaman (Sh:10+): 22
Warriors (Wa:18+): 6    Thieves (Th:18+): 3

By Race
Breeders: 87         Pointy Eared: 8         Shortlegged:  7
Cows:      5         Uglies:       8         Half-Breed:   5
Birds:     2         Smellies:     1         Rodents:      1

The Members of my High Council consist of:
Grayghost     Salem          Sadow         Azra         Huey
Monk          Ozious         Buttercup     Borneo       Vulcan
ExarKun       Hookah         Gengis        Styx         Kocaine
Daelin        Gorkav         Flavia        War          Sohcahtoa

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