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Who Worshipped Cerebus?

Natilena provided us with this slice of history - a list of Cerebus's followers as of 8/7/97, and their 'Offenders and Suspects List' from that date as well. But first... a bit of Cerebus Trivia... (also provided by Natilena)
Cerebus was the Lord of the Court. As a mortal, he worshipped Johnpaul. His first follower was Preacher. His official language was Orc. His wife was Kim, and they were wed approximately March 1997. He had an unwritten rule that all of his followers were to remove their head covering upon entering the Temple... the one exception being Natilena.
To join the Court, you had to answer the following minimum questions (sometimes there were others, but these were the most important.):
1) Are you ready to join the fight against evil?
2) Are you prepared to PK if neccessary?
3) Is bowling a sport?
4) Can you dance?

Members of the Court

Aangel, Angua, Asgard, Ashlon, Athena, Aurora, Azim, Baldor, Bandar, Belgarion, Bishop, Celina, Clue, Collosus, Conan, Coosh, Craige, Cygnus, Dakath, Davian, DeFrag, Deedlit, Dodge, Drain, Drakor, dulac, Dunatis, Electa, Eriadin, Erond, Exparrot, Ezekiel, Ferelant, Fitz, Frank, Fweep, Galadarain, Guido, Kawkeye, Holden, Imajica, Jaator, Jean, Jules, Justine, Kieran, Kilgore, Komono, Krill, Kwan, Kylie, Kymlaar, Lowbacca, Lysanthir, Magic, Malvolent, McKnight, Minaur, Mix, Nadine, Natilena, Nemesis, Noboru, Nurret, Oghma, Oiolosse, Oiomures, Osiris, Poacher, Polarbear, Poli, Preacher, Rashidi, Rembrandt, Reznor, Rigel, Ryu, SeaBreeze, Sed, Seroth, Serra, Shay, Sigurd, Sirk, Sly, Sorren, Soulscream, Stempy, Stress, Styles, Syrinx, Talon, Tavi, Tigris, Torrin, Trylir, Twotone, Tyb, Tyroid, Valtonen, Vanessa, Vesna, Wayne, XerJarnol, Xyricyde, Zypdqmuch, Yarik, Zazoo, Zatkath, Ztormbringer

The List of Offenders and Suspects

Airwalk, Amin, Zloty, Sldkglie, Weaselboy, Vigile, Vlaedimir, Vulcan, Tsunami, Titian, Toadpain, Todai, Toronoga, Thomas, Styx, Suffer, Solaris, Sizzler, Shazam, Sacre, Sarelk, Scipio, Scum, Rumor, Romulus, Quaalude, Rai, Raja, Plefus, Ozious, Pantera, Omadan, Osious, Noodles, Never, Nihil, Mustaine, Monk, Miro, Medea, Magapac, Magwai, Liam, Lorel, Kimo, Kocaine, Kokaine, Kail, Jedi, Jimieipop, Jimmieipop, Jan, Immagine, Hideyoshi, Gengis, Gorkav, Fui, Furious, Furnock, Felon, Exarkun, Elistrae, Drakai, doroth, Dissension, Darlelk, Darkside, Cypher, Dacryphil, Daedolon, Daelin, Blinkey, Beth, Beavis, Bali, Balto, Bandai, Assimez, Aniamal, Aqualung

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