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Tynian: Bug reports
Tue Oct 28 18:51:09 1997
To: all
The following are the guidelines I use when it comes to bug postings.

When a bug report is posted, the report's content will be scrutinized to
determine whether or not the reported bug really is a bug. If it is a
bug, we will mark it as a "confirmed" bug. If it is not a bug, we will
mark it as *NOT* being a bug. Those two instances are pretty clear. If,
however, the description of the behavior in the bug report is unclear, and
we don't have the definitive information necessary to make a determination,
its status will be "unconfirmed." We will usually annotate why it is
still unconfirmed, and what we need in order to confirm the problem.

If a bug is unconfirmed, waiting for player(s) input on narrowing down
the problem, but nothing more is heard on the bug within about one week,
the report will probably be deleted. What we need will generally be
shown in the annotation of the bug report.

If a bug is marked as "fixed," it will be deleted after it has been up at
least 3 days.

All bugs that are posted can initially only be viewed by god+'s or the
author. I tend to make bug reports visible to mortals (if appropriate)
once it has been reviewed, so you have a way of seeing the current status
of a problem. Please check the open bug reports before posting another,
since we tend to simply delete duplicates.

If you feel you can add more detail to an existing bug report, post
another bug report giving the additional details.

Repeatable bugs are much more likely to be fixed than random-seeming
bugs, so include how the bug can be triggered, if you know.

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