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There are many, many people responsible for for making 3.x happen.  I
wanted to thank those people for which I saved accredidation for, and
apologize to anyone I might have inadvertantly left out.  In many cases,
different people made the same suggestion or reported the same problem, or
we didn't record the report or suggestion.  I would like to thank ALL of
our players, without whom TFC would be meaningless.  We provide the world,
but you have provided the atmosphere.

The following is in no particular order.

I would like to thank Madman for not only efficiently handling his area of
responsibility, areas, but also for taking on a large part of the
programming.  Most of the "fun" stuff that you are likely to see in
3.x is a direct result of his work.

I would like to extend a thank you to Ivorytiger for the hard work he has
contributed to TFC in the past.  Though real life considerations prevented
him from helping with version 3.x, his long-term contributions to TFC have
been numerous. 

Thanks to Sirak for contributing code for doing equipment purges from the
player files, based on experience, for code relating to mob reactions
to those with (PK) debt, and some other code.

Thanks to everyone who contributed areas to TFC.  These individuals are
listed via the areas command within 3.x (when it becomes available to the

- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
Madman would like to thank the following people:

Sirak for dealing with most of the area questions and proposals, and for
writing the muditor so I didn't have to write my own.

Molo for testing stuff without complaint and volunteering for thankless chores.

Nayr for being anal (*grin*) and doing some of the massive flag verifications.

Lorna for testing some things.

Jaxxon for working on the flag verifications.

Darkmoon for working on the flag verifications.

Tynian for putting up with me.

Cordir for the fortune teller idea.

Jerald and Jahiliya for pestering Thaygar, albeit unsuccessfully, for the berg.

Primenet for allowing the Mud.

My wife for allowing me to Mud.

All those that wrote the great new areas we are adding in 3.x, and those
that helped debug them.

And everyone else I am forgetting whose specific instances of assistance
helped get 3.x off the ground.
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

For making suggestions or reporting problems that have been acted on or
is planned based on their reports (no particular order): 

Nayr, Thaygar, Pixel, Splat, Sirak, Nalya, JohnPaul, Lorna, Foolkiller,
Ivorytiger, Pyros, Laujar, Agape, Soup, Cyrano, Khore, Aahz, Jeremy
York, Lanador, Jaxxon, Jaator, Ozymandious, Ozmo, Pendor, Molo, and

Obviously, this isn't a complete list.  Many times, someone would mention
something to me and I would make a 'mental note.' Other times, someone had
already reported the same behavior or made the same suggestion.  I felt
that giving partial credit is better than getting no credit at all.  Thanks
to everyone who has made suggestions, mentioned specifically or not.

Thanks Agape, for a couple of nifty programming tricks.

Thanks to all the Immortals that have helped in the initial code tests.
Initial code testing can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming.

I would like to thank Darkmoon for her patience.  I have told my fiancee
more times than either of us can count that I really should work on the
MUD, instead of spend time with her, which she has endured with patience
and understanding.


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