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Zarous: The Stuff of Adventure!
Wed Dec 18 12:38:54 1996
To: All
(yeah, you kids aren't gonna heed anyway,
but i thought i'd ramble and have my say)

Ahh, those days of old;
the quest for lore untold.

Tiny battles frought with danger:
a Mage, a Thief and a Ranger.
Eyes upon the brave horizon,
off to fight, all brazen.

Trudging back to rest.
Sometimes beaten, sometimes best.
Keeping eye at every turn
vigil weapon, ready, stern.

Delving on, in persuit
kill the despots, take their loot!
Desperate and fierce battle
checks your mind, and your mettle.

Seeking Knowledge, forming venture
group together, seek Adventure.
Rewards, riches, treasure.


True comrades, are the -real- measure.

*Hearty Viking Yowlp*

[[ To: Elrandir, Welverin, Jaator, Daris, Tokugawa, Zanga, Marisa, Talen, Lorna,
Foolkiller, Clue, Rigel, Kinky, and all those who fought at my side H=) ]]


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