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Who was in the Realm...
On 10/19/96

Who 20
Hum [ Paladin ] Artur: Rhina's whipping boy {Nature}
Elf [ Wa:21 ] Sheyralle needs +str items. *Sajkald* [Trinity-I]
Min [ Ma:20 ] Empedocles the Natural Mage of Life
Hlf [ DemiGod ] Bumblefoot the Embracer, Prophet of Mystery <Inv 5>
Hum [ Cl:20 Wa:12 ] Cyrano: The most unlucky person ever *Passion*
Elf [ Ra:11 Th:15 Ma:15 ] Cue: Mage and stuff of Knowledge. [newbie PiZaN]
Elf [ Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Kell Silean: High Priest of Knowledge. PiZaN
Hel [ Ra:30 Ma:30 Th:30 ] Phooey: enchant for waterbreath or blocking. PiZaN.
Hum [ Ma:22 Ra:25 ] Strider Elessar Blue Rager of Passion -={ TEL }=-
Elf [ Cl:20 ] Unknown grumble
Hum [ Sh:30 ] Sadow, Wind Ruler, Grand Shaman of the Conclave
Min [ Wa:18 Ma:16 Th:16 ] Avarice War-Mage of the Conclave {mist}
Gno [ Sh:24 ] Vulcan the Forge, Shaman of the Conclave [NASH]
Hum [ Ma:30 ] Salem, Black Dragon of the High Conclave.
Hum [ Ra:17 Th:22 Sh:21 ] Jahiliya searches dark caves for bats and Tyn
Hum [ Sh:30 ] Monk, Inquisitor of the Black Conclave
Hum [ Cl:28 Wa:10 ] Jazz: First Lord of FIRE

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