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(located at port 4000)

Singing in the Crypt... ?

You pray '*bow*'.
You ftell 'Hello, and greetings, Conclave.'.
Weaselboy ftells 'hello Cordir'.
Hookah ftells 'Hi Cordir *hug*'.
Borneo ftells 'Hello, sister. =)'.
You gossip 'My Lord You wish Your office cleaned this evening?'.
Syrinx gossips 'eh.. ain't that important'.
Whois viceroy
Hum [ Sh:12 Ra:30 ] Viceroy rediscovering the need for steaks. :)
You tell Viceroy 'Hiya..'.
You tell Viceroy 'Have you seen The Great Implementor this evening?'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'Hello little one. How are ye?'.
You tell Viceroy '*ponder* Fine... '.
Aragorn says 'How's it going, Cordir?'.
Aragorn pokes you in the ribs.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'Nay, I've seen signs of no gods other than those that are vis'.
You tell Viceroy 'I am wondering if the Implementor is present this eve... or my lord, the Lich...'.
Xaviera curtseys gracefully for you.
You say 'I am fine, Aragorn'.
Xaviera smiles happily.
### Gabreil new player.
You say 'Waiting for the Great Implementor...'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'I felt the Lich's presence some time ago, but not recently'.
Xaviera has left the game.
You tell Viceroy '*ponder* OK... thank you, Viceroy.'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'I shall keep a watch, if ye would wish it'.
WHO 50 : 7 players.
Hum [ DemiGoddess ] Lorna: Mistress of the Flying Tigers. <Inv 7>
Hum [ DemiGod ] Cerebus Van Smack
Hum [ DemiGod ] Ironbrain, Assassin Lord of the Syndicate. <Inv 8>
Gia [ Ambassador ] Sajkald: Two roads diverged... |IPS| |Sheyralle|
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Syrinx: Enchant thingies are 30k *IPS*
Hlf [ DemiGod ] Bumblefoot the Embracer, Prophet of Mystery <Inv 10>
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Ma:30 ] Tokugawa, the Godfather of the Trinity.[E]

Hookah ftells 'everyone ok?'.
You tell Lorna '*bow* Greetings, Immortal.'.
Weaselboy ftells 'Lich i CURSED'.
Emaleth hugs you.
You tell Cerebus '*bow* Greeetings, Lord Cerebus'.
Lorna tells you 'Hello, Cordir.'.
You hug Emaleth.
Cerebus tells you 'hello ! :)'.
Emaleth says 'How you doin Cordir?'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'BTW, congratulations on your level'.
You ftell 'Weasel, where are you?'.
You ponder the question. You say 'I am fine..'.
Emaleth smiles happily.
Weaselboy ftells 'bazaar'.
Emaleth says 'I know you dont really like Mystil...but she gave me a cool tattoo :>'. Emaleth smiles at you.
You tell Viceroy '*bow* *smile*'.
Emaleth says 'you should see my description, but beware of spam'.
Look Emaleth:
Standing in the middle of the room you see a statuesque warric, skin
bronzed by the sun. As she smirks in your general direction, her amethist
colored eyes sparkle with Mischief. When you look at her she grins and
"You like me? You must. You're lookin' at me. Well, since you are already
looking, check this..."
She tugs at her armor and points. You then see a band of runic symbols en-
circling her upper thigh. You can make out various symbols
A bat, funny bat though, with those Long fangs.
A fish, looking slightly out of water.
A scorpion, tail poised as if about to strike gossip.
Two rings intertwined with T & E place above them.
A set of Scales, representing balance of some sort.
A scroll, with barely readable names, some crossed out for some reason
or another. Funny that the most legible, happily crossed out name is *Light*
The other, not yet crossed is *Templar*
She smirks and says: "Mystil did that, ain't she wicked?!?"
Smiling and rubbing the obvious teethmarks on her otherwise unscarred neck
she waves and leaves the room, one hand in her pocket and the other flicking
a cigarette...the search for Mischief resumes.
Emaleth is in perfect health.
Emaleth is using:
<used as light> (Magical) (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> (Magical) the cracked copper ring
<worn on finger> (Magical) the ornate malachite ring
<worn around neck> (Magical) the brittle adamantite amulet
<worn on body> briny coral mail
<worn on head> (Magical) (Humming) a bronze plate helm
<worn on legs> a pair of steel plate leggings
<worn on feet> a pair of bronze plate boots
<worn on hands> (Magical) a pair of plate gloves
<worn on arms> a pair of plate sleeves
<worn as shield> (Magical) a metal kite shield
<worn about waist> (Red Aura) (Magical) an old belt
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the dim bloodstone bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the superb garnet bracelet
<wielded> a mace
Emaleth snickers softly.
You say 'Well......'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'One other question...why isn't a mage invis in a land of hostiles?'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) '*finger shake*'.
You tell Viceroy 'I'm waiting for the Great Implementor..'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'The MAD one?'.
You tell Viceroy 'nod'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'YOU are amongst the bravest of mortals that I know of'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'You won't catch ol'.
You tell Viceroy 'Hey... don't tease...'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'Vice seeking em out'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'Oh, I refined my ditty'.
Azra smiles at you.
Tokugawa says 'Azra is SUCH the fool'.
Emaleth laughs. Emaleth says 'No comment'.
Tokugawa says 'wow, no comment for a change'.
Tokugawa tickles Emaleth.
Emaleth smirks at Tokugawa's saying. Emaleth says 'Yeahyeah'.
You tell Ironbrain '*bow* greetings and good evening, Assassin Lord'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'I was just going to say that I got over my hangover and rememberred throught he fuzz that I dropped a line from the ditty I sang ye'.
You tell Sajkald '*bow* Good evening, Ambassador'.
You tell Viceroy '*raises eyebrow*'.
Ironbrain tells you 'Hi Cordir'.
Sajkald tells you 'Good eve to you...'.
You tell Bumblefoot '*Bow* Greetings, Prophet...'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'I'd be happy to retell it if ye wish. But I understand if my voice os more than ye can take'.
You tell Viceroy 'so let's hear it....'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'I'll come to crypt if you;d like'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'Or are you elsewhere?'.
You tell Viceroy 'give me a moment, I'll meet you there..'.
Sajkald tells you 'Is there anything I can do for you?'.
Viceroy tells you (in common) 'nodders'.
Bumblefoot tells you 'Greetings Witch .. I hope the season brings you joy'.
You tell Sajkald 'Nay, sir.. just waiting for the reat Implementor'.
You tell Bumblefoot 'Oh, I think it will..'.
The Mausoleum of Molo, the Arch-Lich [Exits: east]
(Red Aura) The Unholy Codex of the Arch-Lich rests on a pedestal here.
Viceroy is flying here.
(Red Aura) the zombie is resting here.
(Red Aura) the zombie is resting here.
(Red Aura) the zombie is resting here.
Sajkald tells you '*nod* He was on earlier'.
You smile happily.
You say 'Hello'.
Viceroy jumps.
Viceroy gets the Amulet of True Seeing from a girdle of many pouches.
Viceroy stops using the pulsating blue quartz amulet.
Viceroy wears the Amulet of True Seeing around his neck.
You tell Sajkald 'Did he say anything about my cleaning tonight?'.
You say 'give me one moment...'.
Viceroy kisses your hand. How continental!
You smile happily.
Viceroy says 'hello'.
Your cheeks are burning.
Viceroy says 'These little lovelies are diseased, are they?'.
Sajkald tells you 'You mean your Lord, the Lich?'.
Viceroy points to the zombies.
Viceroy looks at you.
Viceroy says 'You survuve yet. I am pleased to see that'.
Viceroy says 'er survive even'.
Viceroy looks at the zombie.
Viceroy says 'Ah, the Anti-Hero's zombies'.
Viceroy says 'I recognize them'.
You say 'sorry about that, Viceroy.'.
You say 'My apologies... I was checking to see if MadMan had sent me a notice about NOT cleaning tonight..'.
Viceroy says 'Have you found he whom you sought?'.
You say 'But he said He would expect me... yet.. he is not responding..'.
You sigh.
Cordir kneels.
Viceroy says 'We are not to question the whimsies of the gods I guess'.
Viceroy shrugs.
Viceroy says 'Bored?'.
You say 'well... confused.'.
Viceroy says 'How so?'.
You say 'I was supposed to clean last week.. but he never showed.'.
You say 'I was supposed to clean tonight.. but he never showed.'.
You say 'no note, no mail...'.
Viceroy says 'Methinks that godland runs on a different time current than most places'.
You nod.
Viceroy breaks out in a raucous laughter.
You say 'so.. let's hear the song.'.
Viceroy snickers softly.
Viceroy says 'Music?'.
You nod.
Weaselboy ftells 'hello Daelin'.
Viceroy says 'Me voice is a wee bit raw this eve'.
Daelin ftells 'whistle, nice 20+ :)'.
Weaselboy ftells 'hookah you got bot spot of who 20'.
You say 'if you don't want to sing, then..'.
Cordir looks dejected.
Viceroy says 'I've no prob'.
Viceroy isn't THAT bashful.
Viceroy says 'just performance jitters'.
Viceroy chuckles, evidently amused.
Viceroy lears his throat.
Viceroy says 'clears even'.
Cordir raises an eyebrow.
You giggle.
Viceroy swears: @*&^%@*&!
You say 'oh, i liked the other one..'.
You say 'more.. interesting...'.
Viceroy belts out, "Now Jack was a sailor, and he roamed round the town"
Viceroy belts, "when he met with a damsel who skipped up and down"
Viceroy belts, "says the damsel to Jack, as she passed him by"
Viceroy belts, "would ye care for to purchase some quare bungle rye ruddy rye."
Viceroy belts out loudly. "fal de diddle rye ruddy, rye rud-dy rye"
Viceroy belts, "says Jack to hisself, 'well now what can this be?'"
Viceroy belts, "'but the finest of whiskey from Duergar City'"
Viceroy belts, "'smuggled up in a basket, and sold on the sly'"
Viceroy belts "'and the name that it goes by is quare bungle rye ruddy rye'"
Viceroy belts out loudly. "fal de diddle rye ruddy, rye rud-dy rye"
Viceroy belts out, "he gave her some gold, and he thoughted it strange"
Viceroy belts, "she said 'hold now me basket while I run fer your change'"
Viceroy belts, "he took a look in the basket. A child he did spy!"
Viceroy belts "'I'll be damn-ed' said Jack 'this is Quar bungle rye ruddy rye.
Viceroy belts out loudly. "fal de diddle rye ruddy, rye rud-dy rye"
Viceroy does a pathetic musical interlude.
Viceroy blushes.
Viceroy belts out, "to get the child christened was Jack's next intent"
Viceroy belts, "and to get the child christened, to the Parson he went"
Viceroy belts, "says the Parson to Jack, 'Now what will he go by?'"
Viceroy belts, "'I'll be damn-ed' said Jack Call him Quar bungle rye ruddyrye.
Viceroy belts out loudly. "fal de diddle rye ruddy, rye rud-dy rye"
Viceroy belts out, "says the Parson to Jack, 'that's a funny queer name'"
Viceroy belts, "'Oh dammit' said Jack. 'twas a queer way he came'"
You giggle.
Viceroy belts, "'smuggled up in a basket, and sold on the sly'"
Viceroy belts, "'and the name that he'll go by is Quare bungle rye ruddy rye"
Viceroy belts out loudly. "fal de diddle rye ruddy, rye rud-dy rye"
Viceroy belts out, "Come all ye young sailors that roam down to town"
Viceroy belts, "beware of them damsels that skips up and down"
Viceroy belts, "beware of them LADIES as you pass 'em by"
Viceroy belts, "or else they might pawn on ya Quare bungle rye ruddy rye"
Viceroy belts out strongly, "FAL DE DIDDLE RYE RUDDY!"
Viceroy belts out strongly, "FAL DE DIDDLE RYE RUDDY!"
Viceroy belts out strongly, "FAL DE DIDDLE RYE RUDDY!"
Viceroy finishes "RYE RUD-DY RYE"
You cheer him on, confident in his abilities.
You cheer him on, confident in his abilities.
You clap your hands together.
Viceroy takes an unsteady be.
Viceroy says 'bow!'.
Viceroy growls.
Viceroy says 'I'm not commanding thee, I'm correcting me'.
You comfort him.
Viceroy sighs loudly.
Viceroy says 'I hate that'.
You bow deeply.
You smile happily.
You say 'it's ok..'.
Viceroy says 'the bow thing that is'.
Viceroy says 'Ya try to impress, and then swallow yer tongue'.
You giggle.
Viceroy pouts.
Viceroy says 'Where are your fellows?'.
Viceroy says 'I''m surprised this place isn't swarming'.
You smile happily. You say 'they are off and about..'.
Viceroy says 'not meteor swarming. Argh! Ye know what I mean.....'.
You nod.
You say 'I'm having an ... interesting evening.'.
Viceroy says 'ooooh'.
You nod.
You sigh.
You grumble.
You say 'No Implementor..'.
Viceroy pokes you in the ribs.
You say 'No Lich..'.
You sigh.
You say 'What is a girl to do?'.
Viceroy says 'No Lich eh? Most unusual'.
You shrug. You say 'Or he is silent..'.
You say 'Which is quite possible.'.
You say 'But.. it is unusual for him to not say something this evening... since it's Cleaning Night.'.
You shrug. You say 'Ah well.'.
Viceroy says 'I hear rumors from the Seers that oft times the gods go to other lands to torture and experiment with great creations.....'.
You nod. You say 'This could be..'.
Viceroy says 'That they create fabulous beasts to test the mortals with'.
You say 'I will have to go soon...' You bow before him.
You say 'Thank you for singing the song for me..'.
Viceroy says 'But before they loose these fell creatures, they experiment in solitude from TFC'.
You say 'I enjoyed hearing it..'.
You nod.
Cordir understands whatyou're saying..
Viceroy says 'I understand. Me voice ain't what it used to be'.
Viceroy chuckles, evidently amused.
Viceroy says 'When I sober up. (after whacking some ogre skulls) I'll try to remember some other interesting ditties if ye wish'.
You smile happily.
You say 'I would like that.'.
Viceroy smiles at you.
You say 'I have one I'm not sure you've heard..'.
Viceroy rests.
You say 'It's called "So We'll Go No More A'Roving.."'.
Viceroy says 'Please.....'.
You say 'Have I sung it for you?'.
Viceroy says 'Yes. But I'd be glad to hear it again'.
Viceroy smiles happily.
You shake your head.
You say 'I'll find one you haven't heard..'.
You say 'But another time.'.
You say 'I really should go..'.
Viceroy says 'Helps to soothe me addled head'.
You say 'Oh.. in that case..'.
Viceroy says 'OK then'.
Viceroy stands up.
Cordir sings softly, "So we'll go no more a'roving..."
Cordir sings softly, "So late in to the night.."
Cordir sings softly, "Though the heart be still as loving.."
Cordir sings softly, "And the moon be still as bright.."
Cordir sings softly, "For the sword outwears the sheath.."
Cordir sings softly, "And the soul wears out the breast..."
Cordir sings softly, "And the heart must pause to weep.."
Cordir sings softly, "And love itself must rest..."
Cordir sings softly, "Though the night was made for loving.."
Cordir sings softly, "Still the dawn returns to soon!"
Cordir sings softly, "Still.. we'll go no more a'roving.."
Cordir sings softly, "By the light of the moon.."
Cordir smiles softly.
Viceroy sniffs sadly.
You say 'It's ok.. don't cry..'.
Viceroy says 'If only the blues saw ye as I do....'.
Viceroy sighs loudly.
Cordir smiles sadly.
You say 'It is the mantle I chose to wear, Viceroy.'.
Dusk shouts 'I am the grand Shrubbery-Slayer, all hail'.
Viceroy says 'They are every bit as bloodthirsty as the red hunters'.
Hookah shouts 'NEE!'.
Zrie shouts 'hail on the shrubbery, watch it fall to pieces... :)'.
You say 'I accept what comes, freely and openly..... and yes, they are.'.
Viceroy says 'But that is nature's way'.
You nod.
Viceroy says 'The balance must prevail'.
You nod. You sigh.
You say 'I'd best go..'.
You are Cordir, Witch of the Black Conclave [Apprenticed], 254 years old (474 hours).
You are a level 22 Mage
You worship Molo, who appears to be OFFLINE
You have 238/238 hit, 183/183 mana, 236/236 movement, 9 practices.
You have 0 training sessions remaining.
You are carrying 36/37 items with weight 234/400 kg.
Str: TRN Int: TRN Wis: TRN Dex: TRN Con: TRN Chr: TRN
TRN = trainable, MAX = untrainable.
You are fairly lucky.
You have scored 220867 exp, and have 13251 gold coins.
You need 4326 exp for level 23.
Autoexit: yes. Autogold: yes, Autoloot: no. Autosac: no.
Wimpy set to 121 hit points.
You are thirsty.
You are hungry.
You are standing.
You are heavily armored.
You are Evil.
You are affected by:
Spell: 'wizard mark'.
Viceroy says 'But DAMN I'd like to lift a flagon with them all someday'.
You say 'I.. am sometimes tempted..'.
Viceroy gets a halloween mask from a grey robe.
Viceroy stops using a snakeskin coif.
Viceroy wears a halloween mask on his head.
Viceroy makes scary boogeyman faces.
Viceroy says 'That's all you;ll see'.
You giggle.
Viceroy says 'boogeyman faces'.
Viceroy breaks out in a raucous laughter.
Viceroy stops using a halloween mask.
Viceroy wears a snakeskin coif on his head.
You giggle.
Viceroy puts a halloween mask in a grey robe.
You say 'I must go...'.
Viceroy nods.
You say 'Perhaps I will see you later.'.
Viceroy thanks you heartily.
Viceroy waves goodbye to you. Have a good journey.
You say 'If you see the Great Implementor.. please relay my regards, and that I was here..'.
You sigh.
You wave.

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