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Pride and Prejudice

A Note by Thaygar
Friday, February 9, 1996, at 03:32:41
To: all

Cycles wax and cycles wane. Honor lost to Death's embrace

Justice hurt by Endless Fray. Justice begs a safe reprieve.

Justice seeks a mocking truce. Justice pleads the Wyld to leave

One of Chaos says, 'Perhaps. But then how will Justice lapse?'

Court abandons other good and lets Chaos slay unharmed.

Court protects only itself and leaves others out to die.

Court hurts Chaos nevermore. Court retreats in fear and pain.

In return, Court left alone. Court sells soul that it may gain

Thus is spoken to the Wyld. One of Chaos nods and leaves.

One of Chaos calls a moot. All of Chaos come to think.

One asks, 'Is this truce now set?' One says, 'No. We must decide'

One asks, 'So. We kill untouched?' One says, 'Should the Court abide'

One of Chaos cries, 'But no! Why release such fatted prey?

'Weak are they to sell their souls. Why protect such fools as they?'

Wylds all nod and grin anew

Chaos shifts as Chaos true

Truce rejected from the meek. Chaos scents new flesh to Seek.

Court shrieks high and Court moans low. One wails, 'See? We cannot trust'

One cries, 'Order has no truth' One spits, 'Honor have they not'

FOOLS be those who speak as this. Unthinking swine. Nothing more.

KNEW you not the Master's Word? HEARD you not the Order's Lore?

Soon forgot Revelation. Soon forgot the Sects revealed.

Mindless mass, LISTEN this time. HEAR the Word above your squeals

Wyld is ONE of Order's Sects. It ALONE can shape its guise.

Wyld is NOT all of Ebon. THINK before you speak such lies.

... but Syrinx screams, leaps, and kills, joining now the Endless Fray.

Syrinx kills naked hunter. Syrinx hunts the Seeker's way.

Syrinx burns blameless victim. Syrinx burns all Ebons seen.

Syrinx burns, a rogue gone mad, Triat murmurs in his dreams.

Feel the power, fear, and wrath. Fight once more the Sender's fight.

Walk along the Seeker's path, turning through the Woods of Night.

Suckle on the Sealer's Milk. Enter NOW the Sigil's Gate.

KILL, my son, and serve your gods: worship more the Three Who Hate

Glory to you, my son, for you serve the Triat well

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