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A Not so Brief History of Pez

One good look at Pez will tell anyone that he is not originally of this world. Genetically he is human, but unlike any human to ever walk this earth. He is quite tall and square jawed, and there is a strange metal hinge at the back of his neck. His facial features, though always strikingly attractive, seem to change randomly at a moments notice. His body, muscular and lean, is covered completely in a hard shiny material unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. Dubbed "plastic" by Pez himself, this material is surprisingly resilient and serves as a sort of armor, although less so than metal.
This unique body serves as the first clue that Pez can place his origins on a world other than TFC. Stamped on this armor near his ankles are some strange writings. It took years for Pez to decipher the writing, which looks like no language known today. Translated into the Common tongue the writing says "MADE IN CHINA", obviously a reference to the place of manufacture of his strange armor. Pez searched in vain for years to find any mention of a land called "CHINA" in the history of TFC. Sadly, no such place seems to have ever existed.
It was not until Pez was a bit older that he really began the search for his ancestry in earnest. As a boy, he was a playful and mischievous lad, not given to in-depth introspection. He was often known to move from room to room in the famous Adventurer's Guild, tormenting evil doers with outrageous pranks and annoyances. The Gods frowned upon his childishness, but he never managed to anger them enough to really bring forth their wrath.
One good God in particular took notice of Pez. This was Coleman, Demi-God, and leader of the Mirth Following. Coleman, quite a merry prankster himself, took Pez under his wing and taught him the virtues of Mirth. This was a glorious period for Pez and he at last felt that he had found a family to call his own. He and the other Mirthers swept through the land, spreading mirth and happiness, and all the while adding a bit of much needed humor and levity to the world.
It was also during this time that Pez came to fully realize the extent of his inborn talents. One day, while idly playing with the hinge at his neck, a sudden euphoria overcame him. His manipulations were producing incredible feelings inside of him which were suddenly released in a magnificent explosion. From out of his mouth flew a small rectangular object, upon which was stamped his name. Pez examined the object and quickly realized that he had produced some kind of delicious candy! These candies were easily reproduced in a variety of flavors and in mass quantities. Others quickly realized how delicious these candies were, and soon Pez was known throughout the land as a master confectioneer.
This was a very happy time for Pez, but unfortunately it was not to last. Coleman, Demi-God and leader of the Mirth following, became entranced by the callings of another universe. His appearances became fewer and fewer until finally he could no longer fulfill the obligations of Godhood and decided to retire. The Mirth following was disbanded and Pez was once again on his own.
Pez travelled alone for months, dispensing his precious candies with the usual gusto. Something was missing, however, and Pez was becoming despondent. He missed the camaraderie he had enjoyed with his old Mirth friends, many of whom had disappeared after the disbanding of Colemans' following. So, to alleviate the lonelyness that was threatening to destroy him, he decided to join the Tiger following. Lorna, Lesser Goddess and Tiger Leader, had already proclaimed that all ex-mirthites were welcome in her following. Pez took her up on the offer and was welcomed with open arms. He was once again part of a family.
The Final Challenge was at this time a dangerous place indeed. The Conclave, a group of evil and powerful magic users, were terrorizing the land and murdering everyone in sight. The Tiger following, ever vigilent, was on the front lines of the battle against the Conclave, and Pez joined the battle full heartedly. He was especially adept at luring unsuspecting Conclave hunters into dark alleys, where his Tiger friends would wait in ambush. This was a wonderful time, filled with adventure and danger, and although he suffered many losses, Pez was content and happy once again. He searched the world over for more clues to his beginnings, aided now by his fellow Tigers, Jyslin, Trap, Grismal, and the Goddess Lorna.
The Winds of Time blow constantly, and with them comes change. One day a sweeping gust blew through TFC, blinding everyone in an instant. When the effects had worn off, many things in the world were not the same. The changes were subtle at first, and not easy to notice. It took a while for Pez to realize just how severe the changes really were. Lorna, having forethought and wisdom, quickly took an assessment of the changes in the world, and adjusted her following accordingly. Sadly, these adjustments were not suited to Pez and he decided to leave the Tiger following. It was an amicable split, and to this day Pez still counts many Tigers among his friends.
Something else strange happened during this time that gave Pez another clue to his beginnings. One day, while ridding the world of those horrible Giant Puddings that seem to eat everything in sight, Pez was tapped on the shoulder. Turning around he was amazed to see Coleman standing before him! Pez was overjoyed and quickly asked what Coleman had been doing for all those years he had been gone. Coleman told him that he had been living in another world called "Earth", not as a God, but as a living, breathing mortal being. He had gotton married and had had a beautiful child. This was glorious news to Pez, not only because his friend had had a son, but also because he quickly realized that this might be the same world he had come from. He inundated Coleman with questions about this new world, wanting to learn everything he possibly could. From Coleman he learned that there was indeed a land called "China" in this new world, and that from this land came small toy candy dispensers called "PEZ". Needless to say, Pez was stunned by this news from Coleman. As odd looking as he was, Pez was still certainly human. How could he possibly have originated from a childs toy? Perhaps these were simply icons produced in his image. But how could anyone in this distant world have known what Pez looked like? Strange happenings indeed.
Pez turned to Coleman to continue questioning him, but suddenly Coleman disappeared as quickly as he had arrived. To this day, Pez has not seen nor heard from him since. The mystery would continue...
Years passed and Pez continued to live a happy enjoyable life. He remained neutral in the battle between good and evil, mostly because he was simply too busy to take much interest. Like in the past, however, Pez soon became lonely. He decided it was again time to choose a following, but which one? He was tempted to request readmittance from Lorna, but it just did not feel right to him. After many months of searching, Pez began to realize the problem. He had been denying the evil part of himself for years, simply burying it beneath his happy-go-lucky attitude and demeanor.
One night, while pondering these heavy feelings and wandering alone through the streets of Midgaard, Pez was approached by a lone dark figure. It was Khore, Lesser Vampire God, and evil leader of the Kindred following. They had met before, had even spoken with one another, but never had they conversed so openly. Pez quickly grew found of Khore. He was reminded of his old lord, Coleman, and experienced a sudden revelation. This was the path he must take. In the past he had rejected evil, even fought against it, but now he embraced it fully. He requested that Khore accept him into his fold and Khore agreed. Quickly, the deed was done, and Pez became Kindred. A blood red aura soon surrounded his body. Over the next few days he became increasingly pallid and he began to grow small fangs in his mouth. Within a week he was completely transformed. He was now a vampire, compelled to walk the night and feed on unsuspecting mortals.
Pez has yet to learn more about this other world called "Earth". He continues his search with the help of his Kindred friends, exploring for clues in many obscure places. Because of his own ability to create delicious candies he has come to the conclusion that he is indeed one of those child toy candy dispensers somehow animated and come to life in this world; but for what purpose he has yet to determine. Perhaps someday he will find the secret to his humble beginnings.

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