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aka The Destroyer, Runner of Quests, Nightmare Unleashed,
Insanity Personified, God of Creation and Torture, God of Insomniac Torments

Once, long ago, in a land called Generic, Madman was conjured up by the gods Bloodangel and Angel of Death, and cast into the mortal realms to battle amoungst the forces of the world. He rose in honor and skill until he was among the most feared heros, the quads, riding into battle on his Silver Dragon. Life was good...
Then the Vortex came and laid waste to the world of Generic, and the quads were swallowed into the Void. Somehow, somewhere in its mighty fury, the great god Tynian found him, and transformed him from human into a bird. Not just any bird, but the mightiest and noblest of bird races, the Aarakocra. Through battles, quests, and rescues, the huge black Aarakocra grew in favor with the gods until such came the time that he was deemed worthy of immortality...
The young demigod chose to become an agent of evil and gathered together a following to terrorize the land. The mornings of Madness commenced and the legions of Madness ruled the world. Another calling soon found him and he dedicated himself to the conjuring of many new lands and creatures to populate the world.
Today if you happen to see him, he will tower over you; wings draping down to barely scrape the ground. Within the inky darkness of his cowl, glowing eyes will dance like specks of fire, and his black armor will shine with an unnatural light. His pet panther will be close by, and his demon is always just a summoning away...

Many TFC players will not remember what it was like to have Madman as an active Implementor. They will not know of the many quests and challenges he created. They will not know the amount of coding and work he did. The following is taken from the statue of Madman, which can be found on TFC.
Madman has done all of the following (and more), during his time at TFC:
- He was the first out of only two gods to be promoted to Greater God.
- He was the only Implementor to play TFC as a mortal, and be promoted to all of the Immortal ranks.
- Madman was the third Immortal to bear the responsibility as Area Coordinator for TFC. During his tenure as Area Coordinator, Madman replaced or redesigned most of the standard merc areas, orchestrated the creation of the ocean and Southern Continent, and authored a staggering 42 areas for TFC, ranging from newbie areas to level 50+ areas. He was the designer of the modern TFC world.
- Created the Area Writers Guide, which was the first real documention on how to write well-balanced areas for TFC.
- Created and administered the huge set of TFC web pages, which include interactive maps, continually updated information about the status of the mud, newbie helps, area writing information, race and class information, and links to the personal TFC pages of many of our more creative players.
- Expanded the Adventurer's Guild, worked with Ivorytiger on creating the temple area, and created the Timerian Museum.
- Managed TFC's extensive set of on-line help files, writing a large number of them himself, and making sure that all of them were easily accessible to anyone wanting to read them.
- Created and ran more TFC-wide quests than any other Immortal in TFC's history. Some of these quests can be read about in the
Room of Records, and were always of the highest quality and challenge.
- Madman's first code for TFC was submitted before he was actually an Implementor. He created the process by which special procedures
could be attached to exits, such as the code that prevents non-newbies from entering newbie areas, non-believers from entering temples, and other such code.
- In addition to general programming tasks, Madman created or contributed significantly to the following code. This is by no means a complete list.
-> Re-wrote the pet adoption code, including the ability to save pets.
-> Revamped the notes system.
-> Created the Questor/Initiate mortal to Immortal questing code.
-> Created the newspaper.
-> Created the option for races to have multiple hometowns.
-> Wrote all of the code supporting the Mountain of Knowledge, including bounty hunters and the Magistrate, and all of the functions surrounding them, such as bribe, and the jail, as well as the code for the various helpful mobs at the MoK.
-> Wrote the vortex, and all of the support code necessary for the vortex.
-> Wrote the room and exit special affects for most of TFC, including water and air currents, and gas rooms.
-> Wrote the code supporting Mt. Molotov.
-> Designed and developed Captain Meryl's sailing ship.
-> Greatly expanded mobs' special abilities, such as those seen by the demons.
-> All area support code for version 3 was written by Madman.

A black creature rises up and towers over you; wings draping down to barely scrape the ground. Within the inky darkness of its cowl glowing eyes dance like specs of fire. He glares at you and growls, "This better be important..."
Madman is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Madman is in perfect health.
Madman is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a crystal skull
<worn on finger> (Glowing) the Ring of Storms
<worn on finger> a carved onyx ring
<worn around neck> a crowsfoot medallion
<worn around neck> a black cloak
<worn on head> a crested black helmet
<worn on legs> black steel leggings
<worn on feet> gleaming black boots
<worn on hands> razor-sharp talon extenders
<worn as shield> the Black Shield of Falworth
<worn about body> black plated body armor
<worn about waist> the Belt of Despair
<worn around wrist> a black steel bracer
<worn around wrist> a black steel bracer
<wielded> a Doomstaff
<wielded off-hand> a can of Mountain Dew
<held> a Rift Orb
<worn with pride> the Medallion of Godhood

Artwork above is a commissioned work by a private party
Copyright 1997 by Jennifer Williamson
The image above may not be reproduced or downloaded without the author's permission

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