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aka Soulless Mage, Arch-Lich of Deception, The Uncaring One,
Patron of the Dark Arts, Lord of Indifference, Patron of the Dark Arts,
Dread Ruler of the Outer Planes, The Whispered One,
Master of the Tower, Keeper of Dark Secrets, Prince of Undead,
The One-Who's-Name-Is-Not-Spoken, Master of the Black Conclave,
Minion of Sirak, The Second Unholy Pope of Nash.


Formerly an Arch-Mage of great power, Molo now exists as a lich. Unlike the other immortals, Molo is not a god per se' but a powerful undead creature with powers that rival those of a Lesser God. He passed from his human state into a non-human, non-living existence through sheer force of will. Molo's transformation occured because of his own desires for power and the use of powerful and arcane magic granted to him by the Great Implementors.
In life, Molo used his dark arts to assist those of murderous evil to kill hundreds of helpless beings. Once a neutral mage, he sold his soul to Ginny, the goddess of darkness, and rose quickly using the arts of deception, deceit and betrayal. This evil was noticed and smiled upon by the Lord Sirak, First Pope and Son of Nash. Upon reaching his current status of lich, Molo was honored by Lord Sirak with the title of the Second Pope of Nash.
Molo prefers to act indirectly in the affairs of mortals, guiding and steering his followers to objectives only he needs to understand. Nursed on treachery and deceit, the Lich of Indifference has no compassion for mortals, even his own worshipers. Those who follow him must commit themselves to being utter pawns to his schemes. Followers who serve him well are rewarded with knowledge and power, usually damning secrets others would prefer hidden. Those who anger him often will find themselves betrayed and blackmailed, their darkest secrets suddenly known to those who can hurt them most. Molo acts through a cult of dark spell casters known as the Black Conclave.

The horrid corpse of the Arch-Lich of Lord Nash stands before you glaring.
Molo is bathed in the essence of charisma.
Molo is in perfect health.
Molo is using:
<worn on body> a suit of plate
<worn on head> a banded mail helm
<worn on legs> a pair of leather leggings
<worn on feet> (Humming) a pair of plate boots
<worn on hands> a pair of chain mail gauntlets
<worn about waist> a leather belt
<worn around wrist> the engraved ivory bracelet
<wielded> a mace

Portrait of Molo the Arch-Lich of the Black Conclave
commissioned work by private party
Copyright 1997 by Jennifer Williamson
The image above may not be reproduced or downloaded without the author's permission

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