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Lena Joins The Kindred

The Cave of Khore [exits: south]
You have entered what appears to be a subterranean cave, All around, the sounds of dripping water echo and reecho. The bounds of the cave are not readily visible; the walls disappear into the darkness. Flames, barely visible amidst the almost tangible darkness, hang suspended in the air flanking a wide sandy walkway to the apparent center of the cave, There you see rock formations jutting from wall and floor and ceiling at impossible angles, all crackling with a red lightning that leaps back and forth. The rocks form a circular enclosure around a raised section on the floor. Five great stone pillars of the gothic style melt into the floor and ceiling encircling the raised section. Each pillar has a black plague embedded in it, glowing with blood red letters. In the center of all this. an eerie red light emanates from an ornate wooden coffin.
Fear grips you as doubts about your self worth begin to tear at your soul. Internal conflict rages nearly suffocating you.. and then, there is only a dark flooding peace which overwhelms you. A voice intones, 'The Lord of this cave is the Lord of fear. He who shall enter his chamber shall fear nothing but him.' The presence of the Vampyre Lord Khore is overwhelming here... strangely terrifying yet calming you with a foreboding and silent stillness. High above you, the ceiling seems to writhe and move...
An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow.
Nalya is here Lena bows before her.
Someone says, 'Hello Lena'
Lena bows to Khore.
Lillith tells Lena, 'Who asked you to go to the temple anyway?'
Lena tells Lillith ''Someone''
Someone says, 'Lena, you no doubt know where is Lillith?'
Lena says, 'Outside, She is unable to enter.'
Lena tells Lillith 'I am gonna be a while, hon... catch up to you later??'
Someone nods.
Lillith tells Lena, 'No problem. Is it Khore?'
Lena tells Lillith 'One would assume so... but I can't see.'
Lillith tells Lena, 'Ask silly!'
Someone says, 'I am arranging to have Lillith brought in.'
Lena tells Lillith 'But that would be rude... Come to his Temple.. He is arranging for your entry into the Temple.'
Mystil has arrived. Someone patiently twiddles his thumbs. Lena bows before her. Mystil smiles at Lena. Someone beams a smile at Mystil. Mystil utters the words, gjwwai . Lillith arrives suddenly. Someone closes the door. Someone locks the door. Mystil grins evilly.
Someone says, 'The name of Khore is still widely whispered. Whispered. Not spoken. Lillith. out of courtesy, I have requested your presence. This is mostly for Lena's benefit.'
Liltith nods. Lena bows deeply and gracefully
Someone says, 'You have read the note?'
Lena says, 'But not understood it fully.'
Note Read 47:
Khore: A fond adieu
Wednesday, July 17, 1996
To: All
There comes a time when life turns down roads untravelled. And so the road must be walked for lack of another way. The Kindred burned brightly, and so some will say too brightly as the candle died young. In the hearts of those who have been taught, there never was aflame so bright or will ever again burn as brightly. Respect. Honor. Pride. The Hunt
In the end, it is only in the peace of darkness that the children of the dark can find solace. And so, The Kindred lord walks down a road that seems familiar and leads him to the oblivion of his childhood home. There is only the wind that rustles through leaves that have died but not yet fallen. And so too do angels hang from heavens, having fallen but not yet died.
The spirit of the Ordinus Nosferatus and the Kindred lives on, That is my desire and my wish. And though I hold none from finding another lord, would that they would keep the tenets of Respect always a part of them. No god can frown upon that...
And so I must walk this path. It leads me back home, but away from this home. Walk well. Hunt well. Live well. The purity of Darkness be with you always.
Khore. Vampyre Lord of the Kindred.
Fallen Angel of Solitude. Patron of Fear. Home at last.
Someone nods, and says, 'I have realized. There is a reason. There is always a reason. Now. I will explain. about to be rejected. However. Some will remain. I name the faithful: Mystil. Saphyre. Deamhan. Bulldog. Lucrezia. Kilter. Kaia. And others.'
Lena says, 'Diabhail?'
Someone sits down and thinks deeply, Someone says, 'Perhaps, perhaps not.'
Lena says, 'He and I have sworn an oath of blood-brotherhood.'
Someone frowns.
Lena says, 'It was he that recommended You to me. He and Deamhan.'
Someone says, 'Your brotherhood and My Kindred are separate.'
Lena nods, saying, 'As you wish, Lord.'
Someone says, 'Now. Listen. Lena, do you still in your heart wish to be of the Kindred?'
Lena nods. Lena bares her throat in submission.
Someone smiles happily and says, 'Not too quickly. There are things you must know. This may be a bit much to ask. If it is... Email addresses are required for practical purposes. Here is mine: Now know this... I will be on sporadically at best. I will assist if available. If not, then I will not. I will actually be on 4-5 days a week at least. Rather often, really. You will likely never see me visible again. FTELL is out of character. Talk like friends. Do you understand?'
Lena says, 'Forgive me, Lord. but I do not.'
Someone says, 'Not too much bloodsucking except for joking. etc. As in 'not in character'.'
Lillith says, 'Its the private gossip channel, Lena.'
Lena is a little slow today...
Someone says, 'what did you want to be forward about?'
Lena says, 'Simply, this: I must say this out of Char, Lord.'
Someone says, 'step out.'
Lena says, 'I join followings to role-play. My roomie says I belong on mushes. Not muds.'
Someone says, 'hahaha. Lena, you haven't let me finish yet. Do you know my ftell is to be out of character?'
Lena says, ''I like to roleplay EVERY aspect of a following... No, don't understand that part. Like I said. I'm slow tonight.'
Someone says, 'Because if you are to speak one word anywhere else, it is to be in character at all times. Still don't like the ftell part?'
Lena says, 'To me. I stay in char at ALL times. It is not a stretch.'
Lillith shakes her head.
Someone says, 'FTELL is your prerogative, however, you must realize some cannot do that, and so, as I require role playing, Ftell is the relief channel.'
Lena says, 'Ah... I see.'
Lillith says, 'We have made comments, dear, that were Out-Of-Character. Only a few admittedly.'
Someone says, 'If you prefer to be in character, no one will harass you.'
Lena says, 'Lillith, this Character has not yet been Dedicated to a following. When I dedicate a character, the out of character stuff goes out the window, generally.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Methinks. Lord, Lena will serve you well.'
Someone chuckles, evidently amused and says, 'I get that feeling as well, Bezil. Otherwise I would not have at approached her.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Yes lord.'
Someone says, 'Bezil, attend me.'
The guardian vampire says. 'My master?'
Someone says, 'Speak to me of Lena. She asks.'
The guardian vampire says, ''My lord, I divine many things of her.
Someone says, 'Your divinations, guardian?'
The guardian vampire says. 'Lena. I know this one. Look at her my lord.'
Someone says, .' I have looked.'
Look Lena:
It's hard to tell just exactly what it is you're looking at... Positively humanoid... definitely female, but somehow more... short golden brown fur covers her body, with black spots in a lovely leopard pattern. Great green eyes gaze back and you from underneath impossibly long lashes.
Her body is clothed in tight bits of leather she has pieced together, which leaves little to the imagination, and her tail slashes back and forth through the air. You scratch your head, wondering what it is you see before you... When suddenly, a word pops into your mind... wemic.
The guardian vampire says, 'Noticed ye not the tail?'
Someone says, 'I have noticed many things. I do not ask you to ask me what I know, I tell you to tell me what you do.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Of course, my liege. Lena is a wemic, a cat woman of great prowess.'
Someone says, 'Where lies her path?'
The guardian vampire says, 'With yours, my lord.'
Someone says, 'What is her nature?'
The guardian vampire says, 'The subversion of nature with her druidic skills,
Someone says, 'What does she need?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Recitation of the Legatus Ordinus Nosferatus.'
Someone says, 'Legatus Ordinus Nosferatus. The Law of the Order Nosferatu.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Yes my lord.'
The room grows still. A fine shimmering mist nestles in from the ceiling.
Someone says, 'The Laws. Who are you, Bezil?'
The guardian vampire says, 'The Keeper of the Law.'
Someone says, 'Speak them.'
The guardian vampire says, 'I will begin. The Kindred history is long.'
Someone says, 'Children, have you have read the plaques?'
Lena nods.
The guardian vampire says, 'Know then the Law of the Gatherer.'
Someone says, 'The first law.'
The guardian vampire says. 'My lord that law is Solidarity. No Kindred shall turn her back on another. To do so, she turns her back on every Kindred, And her Lord.'
Someone says, 'The punishment?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Nay lord, no punishment. One who helps not a Kindred is Kindred no longer. Ours is not to punish those not our own.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'The second Law.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Lord that is Respect. A Kindred respects all thing' Her lord, her brethren Kindred, herself. Her adversaries.'
Someone says, 'When?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Always.'
Someone says, 'At the point of victory?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Always.'
Someone says, 'On the doorstep of death?
The guardian vampire says, 'Always.'
Someone says, 'Dying?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Always.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'You have spoken correctly. Lena have you questions?'
Lena sits down and thinks deeply. Lena says, 'I understand your laws, for they were already graven upon my very nature.'
Khore nods in recognition and says, 'The Third Law, Bezil.'
The guardian vampire says, 'My Lord the law of Selflessness. No Kindred shall keep from another a prize, no matter how valuable, if they have need of it. Likewise and in turn, no Kindred covets the prize of another. Every prize is the Kindreds, As a whole.'
Someone says, 'And then they come across a prize they have not need of, do they sell it?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Never, Lord.'
Someone says, 'what do they do with it?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Use it.'
Someone says, 'If they cannot?
The guardian 'vampire says, 'Give it to their Kindred Brethren.'
Someone says, 'And if none are available that have need?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Give it to you to hold, Lord.'
Someone says, 'And when I am not available?'
The guardian 'vampire says, 'Hold it themselves.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'Selflessness. The Fourth Law.'
The guardian vampire says, 'My Lord, the law of Order.'
Someone says, 'Speak the Order.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Thou shalt not slay.'
Someone says, 'When?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Always is it forbidden for a Gatherer to slay'
Someone says, 'When being attacked?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Then their death is unfortunate. And so because theirs was not intent to slay, they have not stain. '
Someone says, 'But what of Vengeance?'
The guardian vampire says. 'Nay. None shall slay. No excuse.'
Someone says, 'Well spoken. Fifth Law?'
The guardian vampire says, 'None, The Gatherer has but 4 laws.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'The Hunter.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Three laws govern the Hunter.'
Someone says, 'First?'
The guardian vampire says. 'Respect.'
Someone says, 'Like the second Gatherer Law?'
The guardian vampire says. 'Nay. Respect one hundred fold that'
Someone says, 'When the Hunter hunts, will he taunt?'
The guardian vampire says, 'At the cost of his tongue, my lord.'
Someone says, 'His tongue?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Followed by his head for breaking the Hunter code of Respect.'
Someone nods. Lena nods.,
Someone says, 'When he has slain. does he proudly strut?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Never.'
Someone says, 'So what does he do?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Returns that which he does not need. Or returns nothing.'
Someone says, 'Based on?'
The guardian vampire says, 'The respect of the slain.'
Someone says, 'If the slain be noble?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Then shall mercy be shown him.'
Someone says, 'It the slain be common and lowly?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Then he shall know the pain of his disrespect. Nothing shall he booned him.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'When respect?'
The guardian vampire says. 'Always.'
Someone says, 'When he sleeps?'
The guardian vampire says, 'He breathes Respect in his sleep.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'Respect is the Law of the Hunter. It guides him always. And forever. Understand, Lena?'
Lena nods.
Someone says, 'The next law of the Hunter?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Pride.'
Someone says, 'So he shall know conceit?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Never.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Humility is the base of all true pride.'
Someone says, 'And for whom shall his pride flow?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Himself. His lord, His Brethren. He holds himself above bickering at all times. He is a Hunter. Not a common cur.'
Someone says, 'And the last Law?'
The guardian vampire says. 'Lord, the last law is your dominion. Speak it for them to hear.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'The Hunter shall be always in his nature. Protect. Avenge. Hunt. A Hunter will die to guard the life of another Kindred. And die again to make the first death less painful. A Hunter deals in death, he fears it not. And he knows it comes for everyone but he will protect always. Protect. Avenge. Enforce. The Third law is the law of Nature. The Nature of the Hunter. To Protect, Avenge, Enforce. Those are the Laws. Enter, And that is the prize. The Prize of faith. And the Knowledge that behind you stands also the same that hold that faith.'
Lena nods.
Someone says, 'So knowing Lena. Are you prepared?'
Lena nods.
Mystil smiles at Lena.
Lillith smiles at Lena.
Someone says, 'Hunter or Gatherer?'
Lena sits down and thinks deeply. She says, 'It is in my nature to Hunt.'
Someone nods.
Lena says, 'It is a lesson that I have learned well. Perhaps it is time to learn of other things.'
Someone says, 'Know that once you are a Hunter, never again will you be a Gatherer. You make this choice but once.'
Lena says, 'I would choose to learn the way of the Gatherer.'
Someone nods.

The door opens.
ERLOCK has arrived ERLOCK waves happily.
Someone says, 'begone, Erlock',
Someone says, 'This place is not for you.'
ERLOCK grins neutrally. ERLOCK chuckles, evidently amused, ERLOCK leans back his head and cackles with insane glee! ERLOCK waves happily. ERLOCK says, 'This place is not worth it.' ERLOCK leaves south.
Lillith sighs loudly, Lillith frowns. Bulldog grumbles. Mystil snarls angrily. Lillith shakes her head. Lena sighs.
Lillith says, ''twill be that way with some. There is no avoiding that.'
Someone says, 'It will be that way with many.'
Lena says, 'Instinct calls for a certain response. But I shall have to learn others.'
Lillith nods.
Someone says, 'Not our concern. Remember. A Gatherer can don the cloak of the Hunter, but once the cloak Is donned, never again shall he be a Gatherer.'
Lena nods.
Someone says, 'So you wish to be a Gatherer?'
Lena nods.
Someone says, 'Lena.'
Lena stands.
Silence falls over the room. An image shimmers in the air.
Dracul appears before you. Regal. Strong.
The Image shimmers, fades.
Lena bows deeply.
Vlad appears before you. Ancient. powerful.
Lena bows deeply.
A voice intones, 'This is Khore, the Son of Vlad.'
The door opens. Deamhan has arrived. Deamhan closes the door and smiles happily as he bows deeply. Deamhan says, 'Greetings, Bezil.'
Lena nods.
The guardian vampire says. 'There is only silence in this room, my voice alone will speak.' Deamhan blushes.
The Image shimmers again. Vlad turns towards Lena. His mouth moves.
A Voice says, 'Lena. Do you accept this mantle?'
Lena bows her head, and nods.
The door opens.
A Voice says, 'Worship your Lord Khore.'
Khore says, 'Do so now.'
Lena now worships Khore!
Someone says, 'Step south.'
stand / South
Eastern Avenue (Exits: north east west)
You stand on the marble walkway that makes up Eastern Avenue, Although many feet have crossed this ground the marble is not worn in the least. Khore's temple lies to the north.
The sky is cloudless and a warm southerly breeze blows.
<l25hp(125) 132 ma(132) 155mv (7389) >
Someone's vampiric touch MUTILATES you!
That really did HURT!
You lose 36 hit points
Someone tells Lena, 'Return .'
The Cave of Khore [Exits: South]
Someone ftells 'Welcome Lena.
Mystil ftells 'welcome.' Mystil hugs Lena.
Bulldog ftells 'Welcome Lena!' Bulldog bows before the wemic. Bulldog grins evilly and hugs Lena.
Lillith cheers Lena on, confident that she will win. Someone closes the coffin.
Deamhan ftells 'Welcome, Lena.' Deamhan hugs Lena.
Lena ftells, 'Thank you, brothers and sisters all!'
Lena hugs Deamhan
Bulldog begins to stomp his feet in excitement. Mystil pats Bulldog on his back.
Lena would hug Khore, but can't find him... him being invisible and all...
Deamhan laughs
Lillith tells Lena, 'Is the ceremony done?
Mystil gets a Magic Mushroom, Mystil eats a Magic Mushroom.
Mystil gets a Magic Mushroom, Mystil eats a Magic Mushroom.
Lena shudders as the elation of her joining is overwhelmed by the shock of the Vampire's Touch.
Someone smiles happily
Lena tells Lillith 'Not sure...'
Mystil makes several mushrooms.
Deamhan drools on the mushrooms, and Mystil ruffles his hair playfully.
Lillith says, 'I hope I m not being rude, but this is finished, is it not?'
Lena gets a fancy handkerchief from a chest. Lena gives a fancy handkerchief to Deamhan.
Deamhan chuckles at Lena's joke.
Someone says, 'The ceremony is complete.'
Deamhan says, 'Thanks Lena'
Lillith says, 'Then I should leave. Will I be able?'
Someone nods in recognition to Lillith.
Lena says, 'Lord, do you require any particular form of title?'
Lillith says, 'It goes without saying that I know none of this, and if anyone asks, I was in the Mutant Zone tonight.'
Someone says, 'Not from Gatherers except for 'Kindred''
Lena ftells 'Of course, Lillith is always in the Mutant Zone.'
Bulldog says, 'Give Chandroi my best. Preferably with the sharper end of my best.'
Lillith says, 'I am with the Left Hand of the Jhereg, so I will personally never have to cross paths with any of the Kindred.'
Lena says, 'Well, Lady Lorna will be disappointed in my choice, but I am not.'
Deamhan grins evilly at Lena.. Someone smiles at Lena. Bulldog chuckles, evidently amused.
Mystil says, 'We are happy to have you, love. Mystil hugs Lena.
Someone smirks.
Bulldog says, 'The tigers have little honor.'
Lillith says, 'It will be a good home for you, Lena.
Someone says, 'lorna will miss the likes of you.'
Lena ftells 'You just love me for my emotes, Mystil! *grin*
Deamhan ftells 'heh Lena..'
Mystil ftells 'How did ya guess?'
Lena ftells 'The golden cup...'
Mystil smiles happily.
Someone says, 'We have no quarrel with the house of Jhereg.'
Lillith says, 'Nor should you, I'm sure.'
Mystil ftells '*nod* I remember.' Mystil smiles at Lena.
Lena says, 'I hope to accompany you, Lillith, once more. Your company has been welcome.'
Lillith says, 'Yes, and with you as well.'
Bulldog ftells 'I know nothing of this Jhereg (other than the books - Vlad is COOL!)'
Lillith says, 'If House Jhereg crosses paths with the Kindred it will be on a strictly professional level. We do not random PK.'
Lena ftells 'Yup. ..from what I understand, Ozmo is going whole hog... doing it fully, and doing it right by the books.'
Bulldog says, 'What are these Jhereg?'
Deamhan says, 'The followers of Lord Ozmo, Bulldog.'
Bulldog nods. Bulldog suddenly realizes his mistake and slaps himself,
Mystil smiles happily.
Lillith says, 'We are a kind of.. business conglomerate.'
Bulldog says, 'So Ozmo finally went and immorted, eh?'
Lillith grins evilly,
Deamhan nods in recognition to Bulldog.
Bulldog nods. Mystil grins evilly, Bulldog chuckles, evidently amused,
Someone says, 'The Lord Ozino is less for the idealisms of the Kindred.'
Lillith grins evilly. Lillith says, 'He's a pragmatist.
Someone says, 'His is the practicality of mercantile exchange.'
Deamhan chuckles. evidently amused. Lillith laughs. Mystil snickers softly. Bulldog raises an eyebrow and snickers.
Someone says, 'And the exchange of services. We may have need to purchase them. We will see.'
Mystil grins evilly.
Lillith says, 'But I don t think he'll have any problem with associating with Nosteratu.'
Someone says, 'Forget not. He is a Nashite.'
Deamhan nods. Mystil nods. Lillith shrugs.
Someone says, 'We are not and never will be Nashites.'
Deamhan nods, and ftells, 'Hear, hear.'
Someone says, 'Not while my blood is my own.'
Lillith says, 'It is not as important to him as many think.'
Bulldog grumbles.
Bulldog says, 'Nashites?'
Lillith says, 'It just means he wilt not go against the Conclave.'
Someone ftells 'For retiring I sure have a mess of followers. '
Lillith shrugs.
Deamhan ftells '*snicker*' Bulldog ftells 'Heh.' Mystil ftells *grin*
Deamhan ftells 'Mess? Geez, thanks...'
Lena ftells 'Only the best, sir, only the best.'
Someone says, 'Lillith .'
Lillith says, 'Yes?'
Mystil tries to comb her tangled hair Bulldog reaches above his head and assist Mystil. Mystil thanks Bulldog heartily.
Someone says, 'Inform Ozmo that the Kindred extends warm wishes of welcome.'
Lillith bows respectfully, saying, 'Thank you, Lord. I'm sure he will welcome that news.'
Someone nods in recognition to Lillith.
Lillith says, 'I should leave.'

Lena ftells 'I happen to know this big old shaman Maybe you could nab him...?'
Deamhan tells Lena, 'Oooooh, now there's an idea...'
Someone ftells 'Him being?'
Lena ftells 'Well, with Thaygar's Ascention to God, many in his following are lost...'
Lena ftells 'There are similiarities in the demands for Honor within the Ebon Hand, and the Kindred...'
Lillith waves happily. Lillith stands up. Lillith leaves south.
Someone ftells 'If you speak of Master Typhon, a place could be made for him.'
Lena ftells 'I hear that Typhon is not sure if he is capable of giving fealty to another at this point... but I'll speak with him.'
Someone nods and says, 'His is the confusion of loss. The pain of change...I will not
promise to ease it one whit.'
Deamhan says, 'Nor would he thank you if you did.'
Lena nods in recognition to Deamhan.
Someone says, 'But what I do promise is the rewards that come from the purification by pain.'
Lena says, 'Many of the items I bear are his gifts...'
Someone says, 'Master Typhon has walked long roads. When I was but a chyldling lost before my heritage was known to me, Typhon was Already Master.'
Bulldog whispers with a blush, 'Who did Lord Khore just induct?'
Someone says, 'Lena is the wemic vampyre.'
Deamhan whispers (in whisper) 'Lena.'
Mystil says, 'Lena, silly'
Bulldog suddenly realizes his mistake and slaps himself. Mystil smiles happily. Bulldog blushes, Mystil pokes Bulldog in the ribs, Bulldog thanks Mystil heartily. Mystil smiles happily. Bulldog gives Lena a beltpouch.
Someone says, 'No longer shall me and mine number like the stars, But the few will outshine the sun itself.'
Deamhan says, 'Lord, you do us honor with your faith in us.'
Bulldog says, 'Welcome to the Kindred, Lena.'
Lena says, 'Thank you'
Deamhan ftells 'Lena ...silly question, but what is a wemic?:)'
Lena ftells 'Loooooooooong story Kitty-cat critter in IFGS (a live action role playing game). Take a look at my description... It pretty much says, it all...'
Mystil looks at Lena. Bulldog looks at Lena. Deanhan looks at Lena. Lena bows deeply.
Someone smiles happily, and ftells 'She has a great description.'
Deamhan ftells 'I did look. It didn't help.'
Bulldog chuckles. evidently amused.
Someone says, 'And Now., know the tale'
The guardian vampire says, '0h lord, they are not yet ready.
Someone ftells 'Who's got time for a short quest?'
Lena listens attentively and raises her hand.
Deamhan ftells 'mememe :)'
Bulldog ftells 'A small bit of time *sigh*'
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord I implore you..'
Someone says, 'Bezil, be silent.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Nay lord, I am their guardian as much as you are their master. '
Someone growls.
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord.'
Someone says, 'SILENCE!'
Lena winces.
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Bezil...'
The guardian vampire says, 'Vlad?'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Aye Bezil. Would you dishonor my son and your wards, Bezil?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Never, but...'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Then Listen to him. His voice is mine.'
Someone says, 'Father.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Khore. be still.'
Someone says, 'Aye.'
The guardian vampire says, 'I know what asks, Vlad. I cannot allow it.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Bezil.' The voice is gentle.
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord?'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'When have I failed you?'
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord in all your days in life and death, never once have you failed one ounce of my faith.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Then why do you doubt me now?'
Someone says, 'Bezil.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Be still, Khore.'
Someone nods.
The guardian vampire says, 'I do not... yet...'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Yet?'
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord you have been gone long.'
The voice of Vlad intones, Death does not hold me from my wards. My spirit is with you still.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Begging your pardon, Lord Khore.'
Someone says, 'You have no need to beg it.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Aye Bezil, speak your piece. You have been with the Darkness since time immemorial. Your voice is welcome, even with it when carries it the seed of Doubt.'
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord. Khore is not you.'
Someone smiles happily. Someone says, 'Nor do I wish to be.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Bezil, .' There is a soft chuckling.
The voice of Vlad intones, 'In front of the children of the Kindred, you tell all my son is less than I?'
The guardian vampire says, 'That was not my intent.'
Someone smiles happily. Someone says, 'I never claimed to be you, father.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'And you never will be me, Khore, You are You. Less than me.
Diabhail ftells 'Hiya Kindred.'
Someone ftells 'Silence.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'You pause, Bezil?'
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord, I am thinking.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'You think?'
Who Kindred:
Half-Elf . . . [Mage 10] . . . Diabhail: Seireann se Slan! <H o K>
Human . . . .[Shaman 10]. . Lena, Chyld of Ybarra, Kindred
Human. . . . [Wa: 7 CS: 9] Thunderbolt: The crawling chaos <H o K>
Human. . . [Cleric 13] . . . Mystil: Little Cleric Girl, Drinking Blood <HoK>
Half-Elf . . . [Cleric 11]. . . Deamhan An-Shalach. Kindred. Always.
Human . . . [Cleric 14]. . . Sage is of the Kindred
The voice of Vlad intones, 'And you do not think it wise.'
The guardian vampire says, 'No my lord, I do not.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Do you trust me?'
The door opens. Diabhail enters and closes the door then rests. Deamhan gives quiet greeting to his brother.
The guardian vampire says, 'If you tell me the sun is a fruit to be eaten, I will seek it out and feed from it.'
Someone smiles happily,
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Bezil. I have watched. Bezil. I have seen. You serve the darkness. but you have never given your trust to your lord Khore.'
The guardian vampire says, 'But..'
The guardian vampire says, 'But...
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Be still, my friend.'
The guardian vampire says, 'yes.'
The voice of Vlad intones 'Listen to what I have to say.'
The guardian vampire says, 'I will.'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'It is time, My spirit stirs. Khore knows the signs You would take my trust from him.'
The guardian vampire says, 'NEVER!'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Nonetheless, you do so as we speak. Your heart is pure, Bezil. But long ages in waiting have dulled your senses.'
The guardian vampire says, 'How can..?'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Nothing will change that.'
The guardian vampire says, 'Nothing, Lord?'
The voice of Vlad intones, 'Nothing except for time. I grow weak, Such events tax me greatly to speak with a voice the young ones can hear. One final request.'
The voice grows faint.
The guardian vampire says, 'Anything, Liege'
The voice is a whisper. The voice of Vlad intones. He is my son. My heir. Trust him.' A great wind blows through the room. When it leaves, you feel the departing of a spirit.
Someone says, 'What say you, Bezil?'
The guardian vampire says, 'I know not, Lord Khore. Until this day, I would have thought that I trusted you without reservation. Lord Vlad shows me the error of my judgment.'
Someone nods. Someone says, 'And so?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Time, lord. I seek time.'
Someone says, 'And the truth?'
The guardian vampire says, 'Speak it. Vlad willed it. You feel it to be appropriate. And I begin to understand why.'
Someone nods, Someone says, 'I would have without your consent.'
The guardian vampire says, ' I know.'
Someone says, 'Nonetheless, my heart rests easier to know that it has been given me.'
The guardian vampire says, 'My lord, I take my leave.'
Someone nods, Someone says, 'Go in peace, old friend.'
Deamhan bows deeply. Lena bows deeply before the Guardian. Mystil bows deeply. Diabbail bows deeply.
The guardian vampire flies upwards and away into the darkness.
Someone says, 'The darkness grows stronger. Bezil fears the coming of the chaos that nears with it. That is his fear. His heart lies in the safety of the Kindred. And so, his judgement was to keep silent. Know this, young ones, Far across the sea. The Darkness reemerges.'
Bulldog gasps in astonishment, Deamhan shivers uncomfortably, Diabbail shivers uncomfortably.
Someone says, 'Whispered words say that Sanguinna fades from the ward of Protection even as we speak. Vlad has sensed the return of the Purity in the Kindred. The spell is lifting. Far too faint for Bezil's eyes. Far too faint for even my own, and certainly not visible to you. But Vlad exists on a different plane. He has seen. Even there, it is faint. But it comes.'
Bulldog says, 'What shall we do Lord?'
Someone says, 'This night? You would drown upon the shores of darkness even at the doorsteps, for you will not find it while the wards enguard it still. And so I bid you this: Step lightly. My name in whispered words. The darkness encroaches. We must be ready to embrace it' Someone hugs Lena. Someone says, 'Together.'
All Kindred nod. Deamhan says, 'kindred, Lord, Always.'
Someone says, 'Vivo et morior pro gloria ordinus nosferatus!'
Mystil Says 'Hail!'
Someone says, 'Repeat the vow.' Someone points south.
look south: There is a metal plaque embedded in the wall of the cave atop the massive iron door:
The door is closed.
Mystil says, 'Vivo et morior pro gloria ordinus nosferatus!'
Diabhail says, 'Vivo et morior pro gloria ordinus nosferatus!'
Deninban says, 'Vivo et morior pro gloria ordinus nosferatus'
Lena says, 'Vivo et morior pro gloria ordinus nosferatus!'
Someone says, 'Bezil walks the dark shores now, He is lost in thought. He has the feeling of failure about him. When he next returns, let him know that you appreciate him.'
(End Scene)

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