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Kisses Sweeter Than Wine...

Background: Cordir, at this point an 16th level mage, had been somewhat accidentally slain in the Arch-Lich's office during a bit of role-playing. Her corpse lay upon the floor when Murphy's Law struck - the mud crashed. Her body and possessions were lost. One of the lost items was a restring that she had won in a Bardic Contest - an Amulet of True Seeing, that had been restrung as A Vampire's Kiss, in recognition of the occasion of being bitten by Khore (but not Embraced into the Kindred.).

While this scene contains no earthshattering role-play, or terribly important event, it was one of those moments that illustrated that folks on TFC are cool people, who are all here just enjoying the same game.
It is 11 o'clock pm, Day of the Moon, 35th the Month of Winter.
TFC started up at Sun Jul 28 00:03:58 1996. The system time is Wed Jul 31 23:46:12 1996

The Cave of Khore: [Exits: south]

You have entered what appears to be a subterranean cave. All around, the sounds of dripping water echo and reecho. The bounds of the cave are not readily visible; the walls disappear into the darkness. Flames, barely visible amidst the almost tangible darkness, hang suspended in the air flanking a wide sandy walkway to the apparent center of the cave. There you see rock formations jutting from wall and floor and ceiling at impossible angles, all crackling with a red lightning that leaps back and forth. The rocks form a circular enclosure around a raised section on the floor. Five great stone pillars of the gothic style melt into the floor and ceiling encircling the raised section. Each pillar has a black plaque embedded in it, glowing with blood red letters. In the center of all this, an eerie red light emanates from an ornate wooden coffin.
Fear grips you as doubts about your self worth begin to tear at your soul. Internal conflict rages nearly suffocating you... and then, there is only a dark flooding peace which overwhelms you. A voice intones, 'The Lord of this cave is the Lord of Fear. He who shall enter his chamber shall fear nothing but him.' The presence of the Vampyre Lord Khore is overwhelming here... strangely terrifying yet calming you with a foreboding and silent stillness. High above you, the ceiling seems to writhe and move...
(Red Aura) An ornate wooden box pulsates with a dim red glow.
(Red Aura) Deamhan is here.
Deamhan smiles happily. Deamhan bows deeply.
Someone smiles happily.
Cordir bows deeply.
Someone says 'stepping OOC for awhile.'
Deamhan hugs Cordir.
Cordir says, 'Greetings, Huntbrother.'
Deamhan says 'Greetings, milady...ok, ooc.'
Someone closes the door.
Cordir bows deeply before Deamhan.
Someone says 'mind getting locked in for a little bit?'
Deamhan grins evilly.
Cordir says, 'Eeek.'
Someone says 'ill behave.' Someone smirks.
Cordir says, 'Since we're ooc...'
Cordir says, 'Trapped...Helpless.... eek!'
Someone locks the door.
Deamhan says 'be careful what you answer, he's been known to sexchange unwary innocent little ones before.'
Cordir blushes and smiles happily. 'Yes, Milord?'
Someone says 'yes dear?'
Deamhan snickers softly.
Someone says 'gonna be out of town for about 2 weeks, starting Friday.'
Cordir says, 'I came to apologize.'
Someone says 'apologize for what?'
Cordir says, 'Loosing your Kiss.'
Someone smiles happily and gives Cordir a kiss.
Deamhan is sure he'll give you another.
Cordir faints.
Someone says 'there's another one.'
Deamhan grins evilly.
Someone says 'hey. You want a new restring?'
Cordir says, 'That would not be fair, now would it? I was clumsy enough to die and loose the first.' She smiles sadly.
Someone says 'it wasn't your fault. I can arrange for you to have one to remember me by while I am gone.'
Cordir says, 'My first, too... I would like that, but...I am concerned about "special treatment". The gods were MOST kind to me when I died... Nayr and The Lich both.. Many mortals aided me, too. I feel rather guilty about it all.'
Someone says 'And Why don't I get to help you as well?'
Cordir blushes. 'Because I do not follow you, Lord. And it was not your "fault" I died.'
Someone glares icily at you, you feel cold to your bones. Someone says 'And? Do you follow Molo?'
Cordir says, 'NO, but it was vaguely His responsibility...'
Someone sits down and thinks deeply.
Cordir says, 'I died during a conversation we were having. He assured me of the safety of my corpse. But..It was lost. Not really his fault.'
Someone says 'Cordir, you mistake 'special treatment' for me being kind to those I like.'
Cordir says, 'Mostly mine.'
Someone says 'For instance.'
Cordir ponders this for a moment.
Someone says 'Look what I made for deamhan.'
Look Deamhan:
Deamhan is a slightly scruffy-looking half-elf...though you might well ask what the other half is...his teeth seem to be a bit more, umm, pointed than is the norm among half-elves. His eyes, too, are a bit unusual, being a deep red, slightly glowing color. On the whole, he seems a rather nice, harmless young half-elf, though his habit of muttering, "Blood! Blood!" from time to time can be a bit disconcerting.
Deamhan is in perfect health.
Deamhan is using:
<used as light> (Magical) (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> (Magical) (Glowing) the antique blue quartz ring
<worn on finger> (Magical) the shattered zircon ring
<worn around neck> (Magical) (Humming) the dull sardonyx amulet
<worn around neck> (Magical) the Amulet of Blocking
<worn on body> (Magical) a suit of plate
<worn on head> a braincell
<worn on legs> golden leggings
<worn on feet> (Magical) a pair of bronze plate boots
<worn on hands> (Magical) a pair of plate gloves
<worn on arms> (Magical) a pair of padded leather sleeves
<worn as shield> (Magical) a wooden tower shield
<worn about body> a white fur cloak
<worn about waist> (Magical) a studded leather girth
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the pale titanium bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Magical) a plate bracer
<wielded> a mace
<held> (Magical) a mud school diploma
<worn with pride> (Red Aura) the black Cape of the Ordinus Nosferatus
Someone gives a tight fitting, black leather vampire's dress to Deamhan.
Deamhan snickers softly.
Someone smirks.
Deamhan says 'Milord, tell the truth now.'
Someone says 'Oh very well.'
Deamhan says 'Nalya made that for _you_.'
Someone nods and sighs loudly.
Deamhan stops using a suit of plate. Deamhan wears a tight fitting, black leather vampire's dress on his body.
Khore stops using (Pink Aura) Khore's Pink Bunny Slippers.
Deamhan looks better in it tho.
Khore wears (Pink Aura) Khore's Pink Bunny Slippers on his feet.
Cordir blinks in surprise at the Bunny Slippers.
Deamhan says 'even male.' He snickers softly.
Khore says 'Im gonna be vis for Ahwile.'
Deamhan gasps in astonishment.
You gasp in astonishment.
Khore smirks.
Cordir says, 'Jinx.'
Deamhan rests. Deamhan checks Khore's forehead for fever...vis??
Khore sits down and thinks deeply.
Someone says 'You're right. Now gimme back my dress.'
Cordir wistfully wonders how she would look in tight-fitting Vampire garb..
Deamhan grins evilly.
Someone smiles at Cordir.
Cordir blushes.
Someone says 'You, my dear, are Mad.'
Deamhan likes his/her dress.
Cordir flees the room in embarrassment. (she tries to leave south, but finds the door locked, of course...)
Cordir bounces against the door.
Deamhan sniffs sadly, but removes a tight fitting, black leather vampire's dress, and puts his armor back on.
Someone smirks.
Deamhan pats his/her dress goodbye.
Cordir pats her aching nose and blushes.
Deamhan comforts Cordir.
Someone gives a chocolate bunny to Deamhan. Someone says 'give it to the lady.'
Deamhan eats a chocolate bunny.
Someone says 'or... eat it.'
Deamhan blushes.
Cordir is too embarrassed to stay.
Someone gives a chocolate bunny to Deamhan.
Deamhan is a slobbering slavering demon and madly devours chocolate bunnies.
Someone says 'Cordir, if you want out, ASK me.'
Deamhan will try not to devour this one. He gives Cordir a chocolate bunny.
Cordir blushes.
Someone smiles happily and comforts Cordir. 'Now eat your bunny and be quiet.'
Deamhan smiles happily. Deamhan snickers softly.
Cordir bows to the One who give her the bunny, then eats a chocolate bunny.
Someone will try to talk about leaving IN CHARACTER to appease the mad one.
Cordir blushes.
Deamhan licks bits of chocolate bunny off his fangs.
Someone says 'Very well, Cordir.'
Cordir says, 'Yes, Lord?'
Someone says 'In two moonrises time, the land Sanguinna calls me back. I will be absent. I fear for the needs of my children. But Also have I faith in them.'
Cordir nods. 'They would not be Thy Chosen, otherwise..'
<Some of this conversation has been editted, as it discusses another character played by Cordir>
Someone says 'Take care of yourself while I am gone. If you can.'
Cordir nods. 'Yes Lord.'
Someone says 'take care of what you need.'
Cordir says, 'That may be impossible, Lord.... taking care of myself, that is.'
Someone says 'bleah.' Someone sits down and thinks deeply. 'Then be patient? I wouldn't leave if i had a choice.'
Cordir nods.
Someone says 'but its imperative.'
Cordir says, 'I have learned that skill. My madness stems from much... But the greatest thing from which it stemms... is the tantalizing close-yet-far-ness of the Lord Thaygar.'
Someone nods.
Cordir says, 'There, yet unreachable. Gone, yet here. Maddening. I can locate an item he wears, but not speak with him.'
Someone unlocks the door.
Cordir says, 'Not touch him, or bow to him. Or sing His praises.'
Someone nods. Someone comforts Cordir.
Deamhan hugs Cordir.
Cordir says, 'The only thing I can do is try to hope. Try to hang on. But my strength ebbs.'
Someone has to go.
Cordir says, 'My will sweeps out with the tide.'
Someone hugs Cordir.
Cordir bows deeply.
Someone hugs Deamhan.
Deamhan says 'and if ya gotta go.'
Cordir says, 'Understood, Lord.'
Someone says 'Cordir, i HATE to do that to you.'
Someone sniffs sadly.
Cordir says, 'I'll check Email.'
Cordir says, 'Understood.'
Someone says 'Im REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry.'
Cordir says, 'Lord... sir... it is ok. I have been rejected before.'
Someone says 'NON NO.'
Cordir says, 'One get's used to it.'
Someone says 'not rejected.' Someone sighs loudly.
Cordir grins evilly.
Someone says 'CUt it out cordir.'
Someone kisses Cordir.
Cordir says, 'I know, Lord.'
Someone waves happily.
Cordir faints.
Deamhan smiles happily.
Someone says 'god. You're almost as bad as Athera.'
Deamhan snickers softly.
Someone smirks. Someone says 'deamhan fill her in.' Someone waves happily.
Cordir says, 'ATHERA.' Cordir growls.
Deamhan snickers softly.
Khore says 'kill her.' Khore waves happily. Khore has left the game.
Cordir says, 'Watch it buddy.'
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'OK, dearling, what are you filling me in on?'
Deamhan says 'Milady, my Lord was only joking.'
Cordir says, 'Or was his last order directed at you, towards me???'
Deamhan says 'I'm not sure, I thought he meant telling you about Athera. I guess you know who she was.'
Cordir says, 'I have heard that Athera is one who tries -- Endlessly -- to seduce the Lord of Vampires. I would not have that said of me.'
Deamhan nods.
Cordir says, 'I do not seduce. Or beguile. Others might. *I* would not.'
Deamhan nods.
Cordir blushes. 'There is another held dear in my heart. There is no room for another.' Cordir blushes. 'Although...'
Deamhan says 'The Lord Thaygar? Or do you mean you love a mortal?'
Cordir says, 'I think I shall allow him to kiss me, if it pleases him to do so.'
Deamhan says 'or I should say someone besides Thaygar.'
Cordir blushes and nods. 'Well...'
Deamhan pats you on your back.
Cordir says, 'It is sort of one and the same, but different as well. The Lord Thaygar is my God. My Lord.'
Deamhan nods.
Cordir says, 'he has my worship. My devotion. But he does not have my love...'
Cordir blushes.
Deamhan says 'I understand.'
Cordir says, 'That..'
Deamhan says 'And that is as I thought it to be.'
Cordir says, 'That I may possibly.. Perhaps.. Have for another.' Cordir blushes.
Deamhan smiles at her. 'It is no shame, friend, don't blush.'
Cordir unbinds her hair, to allow it to fall over her face. Cordir hides behind the silken curtain of her hair.
Deamhan says 'Or hide behind your hair, lovely though it is.' He pokes her in the ribs.
Cordir is filled with hunger, and asks the vampire for some mushrooms. He creates some, and offers them. Cordir savors them one by one, until her hunger abates, then thanks him, commenting on their delicious taste.
Deamhan says, 'I've heard they're good sautéed with steak, though I wouldn't know. I don't eat meat.'
Cordir says, 'YOU are a vegetarian?' She blinks in surprise.
Deamhan says 'But Keller once made a dish of mushrooms over steak in a wine sauce which was much praised.'
Deamhan says 'My brother Diabhail and I are both vegetarians.'
Cordir says, 'Then why do you drink blood and devour flesh during combat?'
Deamhan says 'We take only the blood of living creatures.'
Cordir says, 'Your brother, Diabhail, is an interesting creature...' She smiles happily then blushes. 'But so are you, Lord Deamhan.'
Deamhan says 'It is the holiest part of the living creature to us, and we do not sully ourselves with lesser bits such as the flesh...' He blushes. 'Thank you, milady.'
Cordir says, 'You're welcome.' She grins evilly. 'The hour grows most late.'
who thief
13 players.
Elf [ Th: 7. .. .. .. . ] Saric.. .. .. .. .. .. . [Jhereg]
Min [ Th: 6 Wa:17. .. . ] Zippy Mirthfully loves Coleman.
Elf [ Th: 1. .. .. .. . ] Reorx the Elf
Gno [ Th: 1. .. .. .. . ] Moby the Gnome Crone
Hum [ Th: 8. .. .. .. . ] Persia.
Elf [ Wa:10 Ma:15 Th:20 ] Marisa the Enchanted
Gno [ Wa: 6 Th:11 Sh:30 ] Santu the patient Tiger
Hum [ Th: 6. .. .. .. . ] Taffron Alkosian
Min [ Th: 2 Sh:25. .. . ] Europe The BattleMaster
Hum [ Wa: 1 Ma:30 Th:10 ] Vecna thinks he can, he thinks he can
Hel [ Th:12. .. .. .. . ] Edge wishes to speak with Lorna
Elf [ Th: 3. .. .. .. . ] Corsair the Elf
Hel [ Th: 9 Ma:21 Ra:10 ] Talen is not a Loony! ...well maybe he is. IPS/HV

Cordir says, 'I don't know what doto do about the Vampire's Kiss... I really want it back..'
Deamhan says 'ah.' Deamhan nods. He sits down and thinks deeply.
Cordir says, 'But I don't want to be a Thunderbird Whiner.'
Deamhan says 'well, a couple thoughts for you.'
Cordir says, 'hmm....'
Cordir says, 'And I HAVE gotten a lot of aid... unexpected immortal aid.'
Deamhan says 'one, i don't think you are being a whiner at all--khore offered to you, and you did not hint or ask.' Deamhan nods.
Cordir nods.
Deamhan says 'and two, the corpse-loss was not your fault, so if people want to help your out, it's their own choice.' Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'Yes, but..'
Deamhan says 'and you're not getting unfair help.'
Cordir says, 'I feel funny about it.'
Deamhan says 'i know.'
Cordir says, 'A restring redone? That's kinda.. special! Above and beyond..'
Deamhan says 'yeah...i do understand why you feel weird.'
Cordir says, 'I don't want anyone to be accused of "favorites". But It was my very first..' She scuffs her toes in the dirt. 'I don't know what to do.' She grumbles. 'I want it, but don't feel right in accepting it.'
Deamhan says 'I think that overall, if the vampire lord who gave you your first kiss wishes to have it replaced for you, it's ok to take it.'
Cordir blushes.
Taffron bows before Cordir.
Cordir says, 'The Kiss was a reward from Nalya.'
Taffron can't see it.
Cordir bows deeply.
Deamhan nods.
Cordir gives a leather collar to Taffron. Cordir smiles happily.
Taffron bows before Deamhan. Taffron wears a leather collar around his neck.
Cordir says, 'Taffron, this is Deamhan.'
Deamhan smiles happily.
Taffron waves happily.
Deamhan waves happily.
Cordir says, 'An honored one of the Kindred.'
Taffron nods in recognition to Deamhan.
Deamhan says 'Pleased to meet you, Taffron.'
Taffron says 'I've heard of you and your partner.'
Deamhan grins evilly.
Cordir says, 'His reputation preceeds him.'
Cordir says, 'So does his drool.'
Deamhan snickers softly.
Cordir gets a hanky.
Deamhan pokes Cordir in the ribs.
Cordir gives deamhan a hanky.
Cordir giggles.
Deamhan says 'ahem.'
Deamhan has not drooled lately.
Taffron waves happily.
Cordir nods.
Deamhan waves happily.
Cordir waves.
Deamhan says 'not...much...anyway.'
Cordir giggles.
Deamhan drools a little bit, then starts, blushes, and wipes his chin, hoping no one noticed.

who 30
4 players.
Hum [ Wa:30 Cl:30. .. . ] Sohcahtoa<HoK>(Hunter of Knowledge) hehehehehe
Gno [ Wa: 6 Th:11 Sh:30 ] Santu the patient Tiger
Hum [ Wa: 1 Ma:30 Th:10 ] Vecna thinks he can, he thinks he can
Hum [ Sh: 1 Ra:30. .. . ] Viceroy.
Cordir tells Vecna 'you can do it! go go go.....'
Cordir says, 'Anyway, The Kiss...'
Deamhan nods.
Cordir says, 'I shant have to worry about it, as Khore will be gone for two weeks.'
Deamhan nods.
Vecna tells Cordir 'thanks. ;).'
Cordir says, 'And I won't be able to log on tomorrow, most likely, until rather late.'
Deamhan nods.
Cordir tells Vecna '*bow*.'
Cordir says, 'So..... I think the point is moot.'
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused. Deamhan says 'prolly.'
Cordir nods. Cordir is nodding off at the keyboard.
Someone got put on hold. Someone hates getting put on hold. Someone is surprised that you are both still here.
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir is surprised that Someone is here.
Cordir blushes.
Deamhan says 'cordir is about to nod off at the keyboard.'
Someone comforts Cordir. 'Better get some sleep, hon.'
Someone says 'BTW: 'Kill her' was directed toward Athera.'
Cordir says, 'I do not do such.'
Someone says 'and not you.'
Cordir says, 'I cannot. I am forbidden.'
Deamhan says 'Ah, good.'
Someone says 'Deamhan, actally. If you see Athera, do kill her.'
Cordir says, 'I am gladdened to hear that it was not a command for Deamhan to kill me.'
Someone says 'I want to see the novel I get for that.'
Cordir says, 'I thought Deamhan was a gatherer.'
Someone snickers softly.
Deamhan says 'Athera's several levels below me range :).'
Deamhan says 'No, Cordir.'
Someone says 'Deamhan is a bloodthirsty little killer.'
Deamhan grins evilly. Deamhan drools on himself.
Someone says 'Just the way i like him/her.'
Deamhan says 'Blood!.'
Cordir says, 'Ah...' She nods.'I see...'
Deamhan surreptitiously wipes off the drool.
Cordir edges warily away from Deamhan.
Deamhan says 'I don't kill my friends, Cordir.'
Cordir says, 'I know, Lord Deamhan.'
Someone says 'I'd kill him for doing it.'
Deamhan says 'Unless of course they wish it.' Deamhan grins evilly.
Someone says 'And don't you dare refer to him as Lord in my presence.'
Cordir says, 'Though why you call me friend, I do not know.'
Someone says 'Prince/Princess if fine.'
Deamhan laughs.
Cordir says, 'I do not know why I have gained that honor.'
Deamhan says 'Prince at the moment I believe.'
Someone pokes Deamhan in the ribs.
Cordir says, 'Lord Khore, with all respect...'
Someone says 'Prince at the moment.'
Cordir says, 'I will address Lord Deamhan with respect as well.'
Someone says 'Go ahead?'
Someone licks someone.
Someone chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'Lord is a generic for respect.'
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'Not specific to Immortals.'
Someone utters the words, 'change sex.'
Someone pokes Deamhan in the ribs.
Deamhan says 'Lady Cordir, you honor go to bed.'
Cordir raises her eyebrow inquiringly.
Someone says 'Very well, but when it is a she, you are to call her 'Lady Deamhan.'.'
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'Was that an order?' Cordir grins wickedly.
Deamhan laughs.
Someone says (in elven) 'Prolly.'
Deamhan says 'ooh boy Lady Deamhan, that'll be funny.'
Someone snickers softly.
Someone says (in elven) 'Hiya :).'
Deamhan says 'hiya.'
Deamhan yawns.
Cordir says, 'Greetings, invisible one.'
Someone says 'Another is in the room.'
Deamhan grins evilly.
Someone says 'Speaking the Elven Tongue.'
Someone says 'So you can distinguish thusly.'
Cordir nods.
Someone says (in elven) 'You have shown great ability in guessing who I am already, Lady Cordir.' Someone grins evilly.
Deamhan grins evilly.
Cordir bows to the Invisible Elven speaking one.
Someone smiles happily.
Someone nods in recognition to someone.
Someone grins evilly.
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir raises her eyebrow inquiringly.
Cordir says, 'Forgive me, for my wits are slowed.'
Someone says 'You are mad, it is allowed.'
Someone grins evilly.
Deamhan says 'By repeated crashing of the forehead into the keyboard.'
Cordir says, 'I know not who honors me thus.'
Someone tells Cordir 'this is khore, are you SURE you dont want that restrung?'
You poke it in the ribs.
Someone chuckles at Deamhan's joke.
Deamhan grins evilly at you.
Someone says (in elven) 'Tis Nayr :).'
Cordir tells someone 'Of course I do, but don't think it's fair.'
Someone tells Cordir 'tough.'
Cordir bows to Nayr.
Someone nods in recognition to you.
Cordir tells someone 'BUT...'
Someone tells Cordir ':) It'll be done on my behalf.'
Cordir tells someone 'REALLY... it isn't fair.. I don't want any finger pointing..'
Someone tells Cordir 'I didnt see anything.'
Cordir bites her lip in worry.
Someone sits down and thinks deeply.
Someone says (in elven) '?'
Cordir wails, "YES I want it, but NO I don't think I should have it!"
Someone says '*nice* dress.'
Deamhan comforts Cordir.
Someone says (in elven) '?'
Someone says 'Sounds like Athera to me.'
Deamhan says 'Khore knows.'
Deamhan frowns.
Cordir blushes.
Someone says 'The restring.'
Deamhan says 'Milord, do not insult Lady Cordir that way.'
Someone grins evilly.
Someone says 'I think she is referring to the kiss.'
Deamhan nods.
Someone says (in elven) 'Restring?'
Someone looks at Cordir.
Cordir says, 'The Vampire's Kiss was lost when I died in Molo's Crypt. I deeply regret its loss.'
Someone says 'She's worried about favoritism.'
Cordir says, 'But fear that getting the item redone would be favoritism.'
Someone says 'I'll cut to the quick for you.'
Cordir says, 'Others do not gain their restrings back.' She bites her lip in indecision, trying to be fair.
Someone grins evilly. Someone pats you on your back. Someone says 'Sweet huh? No whining either. Just the opposite.'
Cordir says, 'I am NOT a thunderbird..'
Deamhan mutters "toldja" to Cordir.
Someone smiles at Cordir.
You poke it in the ribs.
Deamhan pokes Cordir in the ribs.
Cordir glares icily at Deamhan.
Deamhan grins evilly at Cordir.
Cordir bows to Nayr and the Vampire Lord.
rem true
You do not have that item.
You are using:
<used as light>. . a bright red ball of light
<worn around neck> (Magical) the Amulet of Blocking
<worn around neck> (Magical) a Vampire's Kiss
<worn on body>. .. .a red dress
<worn on head>. .. .(Magical) a small helmet
<worn on legs>. .. .(Magical) a pair of leather leggings
<worn on feet>. .. .a pair of fur boots
<worn about body>. .a white fur cloak
<worn about waist> a studded leather girth
<wielded>. .. .. . a raven's claw
<held>. .. .. .. . an Aegis' Talon
Someone nods in recognition to you.
Cordir blushes.
Cordir says, 'OH!@.'
Someone gotta run again.
Cordir says, 'umm..'
Someone grins evilly.
Cordir gulps.
Deamhan smiles happily.
Deamhan waves happily.
Cordir smiles happily.
Someone kisses Cordir.
Your effective level is 16
Version 2.76n of TFC was introduced on 06/30/96
Someone grins evilly. Someone says 'Ok. You guys take care.'
Cordir faints.
Someone waves goodbye to someone.
Deamhan says 'See ya.'
Someone says 'I will probably not see you until tomorrow.'
Cordir nods.
Someone nods. 'Cordir, try to get a hold of me.'
Cordir says, 'Sweet dreams.'
Someone waves happily. Someone nods.
Cordir nods.
Someone says 'Got a final tomorrow morning.'
Cordir nods.
Deamhan says 'ewwww.'
Cordir says, 'Good luck.'
Someone nods.
Someone waves happily.
Cordir says, 'In what?'
Khore waves happily.
Someone says (in elven) 'Luck :).'
Someone waves happily.
Khore says 'trig.'
Khore kisses you.
Khore has left the game.
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir smiles happily.
Someone chuckles, evidently amused. Someone says (in elven) 'He's gone.'
Cordir glows from within, she is so filled with joy.
Someone smiles at Cordir.
Deamhan says 'I think it is clear that my Lord wishes you to have your kiss back, milady.'
Deamhan grins evilly.
Cordir smiles tearily.
Cordir says, 'I do not know what I have done to earn such an honor, but shall endeavor to be worthy.' Cordir blushes and smiles happily. 'And YOU, Lord Nayr, are a nimblefingered thief!.'
Someone laughs.
Cordir smiles happily.
Deamhan blinks.
Cordir bounces happily.
Deamhan snickers softly.
Someone says (in elven) 'Indeed I am.'
Deamhan is so excited that it cheers just for the hell of it. 'Indeed he is.'
Cordir says, 'I noticed it not...'
Deamhan grins evilly.
Someone grins evilly.
Cordir says, 'I tried to remove the True seeing, to turn it over. And couldn't find it!.'
Deamhan pats the nimblefingered thief on the back.
Someone snickers softly.
Cordir says, 'It was then I noticed..' She blushes. 'OK, so sometimes I'm not too observant.' Cordir blushes.
Deamhan chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir says, 'But DANG! That was good@.'
Someone says (in elven) 'There was nothing to observe :).'
Deamhan grins evilly.
(End Scene)

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